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Multi-Needle Monday: Hooping Multiple Name Tags – Part 1

As I write this blog I am preparing for our Stitching Sister cruise that will embark next Sunday from Florida. We have prepared a challenging yet fun list of projects for our 70 students to create while at sea. I have shipped all of my kits except for the name tags and few odd and ends…you know how sewing supplies goes.

Many of you know Eileen and I have taught hands-on events for the past five years across the country. However, this year we decided to take a break from the travel schedule and focus on our other embroidery projects. Last year we were approached to teach an embroidery event on the Allure of the Seas ship and now the time has come and we are thrilled to be teaching and cruising .We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting our fellow embroiderers who have taken the time to come to our classes. The sewing industry has the friendliest, caring and genuine people you will ever meet. How lucky are we that we get to teach people new techniques for their hobby? Our students are incredibly smart and industrious and always willing to try something new. We are excited to be back on the road- I mean water, with our sewing friends next week.

For this special event I wanted to stitch unique name tags. We do not like the lanyard style name tag because you cannot view the name when the student is seated (which is the majority of our class). Yes, I embroidered all 70 with my Stipple! Sea Life collection and purchased canvas name tags that were too cheap to pass up.

The canvas name tags will be attached to the embroidered sea life appliqué badges when we arrive on the ship. The reason for this is we will have to separate our guests into 3 groups: sand dollar, sea turtle and star fish and we would like them to choose what group they will be in and with whom. All groups will embroider and sew the identical projects just on a rotating schedule throughout the cruise.

Simple Steps for Hooping the Purchased Name Tags

Step One: Hoop sticky tear away stabilizer in a 5×7 or larger hoop with the protective paper still attached. Make sure the stabilizer is tight like a drum.tag1BL

Step Two: Score the protective paper with a pin in a cross pattern. Carefully remove the protective paper. This particular step eliminates having sticky residue left on your embroidery hoops.tag2BLtag3BL

Step Three: Position the canvas purchased tags in straight line as close to each other as possible on the sticky tear away. Set up the tags while the hoop is still on your flat work surface. You can easily make the tags yourself but I opted for the easy quick method because they were so cheap.tag6BL

Next week I will share how quickly I embroidered the 70 sea life appliqué designs on my multi-needle machine.

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  • Francine

    Ill see you on the cruise!

  • Cindy Amend

    I can’t wait to see you on the cruise and wear my wonderful name tag! See you soon!

  • Karen

    Can’t wait for the cruise!!

  • Rose-Marie Newcomb

    oh goody goody, will see you on the cruise, yipee

  • Clem

    Sad face…can’t go on the cruise.☹️

  • Marylee

    I have enjoyed the “Stitchin Sisters” in Atlanta, GA and heaven knows I love to cruise! I’m sick with sadness that I wont be able to combine the 2 this year. Here’s hoping everyone has a safe and fun filled cruise!!! Happy stitchin…

  • Joanne

    Can’t wait to see you!

  • marie zinno

    Sounds like everyone is excited and ready for stitching fun in the sun!!

  • Bonnie Sikorski

    Coming to join you from Flatbush Alberta Canada. This will be my first ever cruise. Can hardly wait. So excited

    • marie zinno

      yeah…lots of sun and sewing fun ahead!

  • Marti Morgan

    ONLY 5 more days and WE are excited!!! And anxious to wear our name tags.

  • Bruce

    Hoping for another similar event.