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Look what’s coming on Monday

Word Art in Stitches owners rejoice! When you update your software on Sept. 7, 2015, you’ll find 14 new shapes – dinosaurs, dress forms, fleur de lis and more. After you update, you’ll have a grand total of 598 shapes. That’s enough to keep you busy for year and half! blog4BL

All of those shapes need more than words and letters to make them come alive. That’s where décor designs come in to play. September’s update brings 269 new décor designs.  What are décor designs? Décor designs are the small embellishments that add a little pizzazz to Word Art.  They add style to the lettering and help emphasis thoughts and messages.  Take a look at some of the new designs.blog1BLblog2BLblog3BL

In addition to the ones shown above, you’ll find decors of all 50 states, shoes, leaves, hearts and more.  Oh my, the fun never stops with Word Art in Stitches.

I hope you took advantage of watching Katherine Artines’ webinar last week on Word Art.  If not, you can watch it here on the Inspired by Dime YouTube channel:

It’s time well spent – Katherine does a terrific job of showing you the basics of Word Art and walks you through creating a luggage tag. Watch and learn!




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