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Permission to Play

Now when you open Inspirations’ Perfect Embroidery Pro, you’ll see a new My Today page.  You’ll find an announcement and live link (if you’re connected to the internet) for an informative webinar, Katherine Artines’ “Permission to Play”. The link takes you right to YouTube to watch Katherine give an in depth lesson on blending complex fills, mastering the slice and lasso tools in Perfect Embroidery Pro. Web1BL

Improve your digitizing skills by understanding the blend feature in complex fills. You’ll learn how to change the fill of an existing design to gradient fill, change the angle and direction of complex fills for more realistic and interesting designs.

Katherine also reveals a shortcut for viewing the contents of the design library. At the lower right corner of Perfect Embroidery Pro, click on Library. Web2BL

Select the folder you want to view and right click. Select Show Contents from the drop down menu. Web3BL

If you have folders within in folders, select the one you want. Web4BL

I selected July 2015 and now all of the designs are visible. Web5BL

To bring one into the software, just select the design and drag it to the Perfect Embroidery page.  This eliminates the standard File/Open path. Web6BL

When it comes to improving designs, Katherine is a wiz!  She shares her secrets for splitting applique or complex fill so that you get more control and better results.   And since Katherine’s motto is permission to play, she shows us how to go from a simple built-in applique design.  Web7BL

To this: Web8BL

So log on, click and learn!  It’s time well spent.