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Software Saturday – November Update to Perfect Embroidery Pro

The latest updates for DIME’s Perfect Embroidery Pro are so exciting there’s only one way to show them to you – by video! Click on of the four short videos to see what’s coming your way on Monday November 3, 2014. All you have to do is click on Update when prompted by Perfect Embroidery Pro.

Reflection Template

Scatter Template


Enhance Repeat Features

Don’t forget to update on Monday to enjoy these new features and November’s free embroidery designs! Enjoy!

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  • Sandy Shammas

    I still have not received access to the software. Who should I call?

    • Dori

      Hi Sandy,
      Go to the helpdesk at and be sure to give them your Zipcode…..

  • becky3580

    I have NOT received my link to the PEP software either!

    • Dori

      Hi Becky,
      Go to the helpdesk at and be sure to give them your Zipcode…..

  • J Coxsey

    Is it my laptop, or is the sound on these videos really hard to hear? Can’t wait for the updates!

    • barb


      • barb

        try using ear buds…helped a lot….

  • NancyR

    If you have not received your dealer link, please contact the Support Desk at

    If you wish to locate the nearest dealer to you to purchase the software, contact the support desk as well; for the Serial number on the form, use NEW.

  • Sue Reifschneider

    I also have not received the PEP link.

  • Royce Zook

    Ok, it’s happening again. I try to sign in to Dzgns but either my User Name or password is being rejected. When I ask for email password help I get response on the site that my email address is incorrect or not listed. The four videos will not load or play. What is going on?

  • NancyR

    I am able to view the videos on Google Chrome as well as Internet Explorer. You may wish to try one of these. Also, I did not have to sign in to view the videos. Eileen has a very soft and gentle voice and she is difficult to hear on some of the videos. Hopefully in the future she can adjust her mic or recording volume.

  • Karen

    The updates look like they will be great to play with.Now can you find a way to create time for me.(LOL)

  • Sandy

    I am not able to get the videos to play this time or last time they were posted. Perhaps someone can look into this.

  • Diana Duggin

    I have the PEP. I have download all the updates. Is that a different in Suite and Pro. If will not do the 3D effect. What going on.

    • NancyR

      3D Effect is only available in Perfect Embroidery Pro, not the Suite program.

  • Cindy Masek

    I’ve tried IE, Firefox and Chrome, with and without earbuds, and I still can’t hear what is being said – just a whisper. But even just the pictures are interesting!

    • NancyR

      Probably a silly question, but did you check your volume controls on your computer?

  • Diana Duggin

    How can I upgrade? to PRO

    • D

      Go to the helpdesk at and be sure to give them your Zipcode…..

  • Little Maddie

    I CAN”T HEAR!!!!! Is it me or the video???????

    • D

      Hi Maddie,
      there are 2 audio controls… on the video in the lower right area of the screen and the one on your computer. I had my computer set up really high…no luck but then I found the volume control on the youtube and voila….it was a miracle!

  • Jesse Grillo

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