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Every embroiderer has the best intentions. We all want to create something beautiful to enjoy or to share with someone else. Maybe we want to make a gift to pass on to a loved one to remember us by. Whatever the end goal, there is a fair amount of planning involved and sometimes that can take the fun out! But, you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

How would you like to have access to tools that take the guesswork out of placement? Would you be interested in learning how to create perfect lettering and stunning applique with just a few simple clicks? Are you ready to learn expert tips on hooping, placement, quilting, stitching and more while enjoying the company of your embroidery friends? You can have all of this and much more at an Inspiration Social – just like this group did with Scott Goodman and educator Ashley Jones at Sewing Machine Warehouse.

Scott Goodman & Ashley Jones

Scott Goodman & Ashley Jones

Just look at what some attendees from this DiME Inspiration Social event had to say.

“A great 4 hours of learning – 5 stars”

“I enjoyed this DIME conference and it was well worth the money. There was a lot of great information given. The information on hooping will make my embroidery much easier in the future.”  – Elanie

DIME Social – 5 stars”

“Excellent information about the products available. Good explanations about how to use them. Because it was so good, I did purchase a number of items.”  – Susan P.

I really enjoyed yesterday’s event. Ashley is a hoot and I got very excited about the software. Cheers”  – Bloom


Let us inspire you to create embroidery like you never thought possible at an Inspiration Social! To find an Inspiration Social near you contact your local Inspiration dealer or visit the Inspired by DIME website to locate a dealer near you.





  • Karen Poole

    I keep checking the website for dealers near me about these inspiration workshops but there isn’t any that are near me!! The closest to me is about 55 miles away which, due to back problems is way to far. And the next closest are all out o state!!!!! Will you be having any of these workshops in the Riverside County area in California????

  • Cheryl Streeter

    Any being held in Minneapolis area? Thank you. Love your blog.


    I attended the workshop at the Sewing Machine Warehouse and Ashley was amazing!!!!! I learned so much in that 4 hours; Ashley was very thorough in explaining how the software works, she took time out to answer all questions and very funny.

  • Cynthia Ewer

    I attended a DIME Inspiration social and bought the software bundle in December–but many of my items haven’t been delivered yet. Do you have a time estimate for us to get the thread, stabilizers and so on that we purchased?

  • Ida Boyce

    Just a note to say I was really looking forward to the Social at Magical Threads in Macon on Jan 24. Unfortunately my friend called the dealer on Tuesday of this week, only to learn that the Social has been rescheduled for March due to lack of interest. The upsetting part was that the dealer had not contacted us to let us know about the date change. If we had not thought to check, we would have driven the 90 miles for nothing and that is a lot of miles. I would suggest that the dealer needs to be reminded about customer service. We signed up and paid as soon as the Seminar appeared on their web site. Thank you. We are still looking forward to attending in March.

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