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An Early Christmas Present

Last week, I gave myself an early Christmas present – the gift of time to focus on one of Designs’ valued partners. I have to admit, it had been way too long since I had the opportunity to spend such quality time with my friends at BERNINA. They invited me – along with some other very lucky embroiderers, quilters and sewists – to learn new techniques from the BERNINA sewing wizards at their new BERNINA Creative Center.

Upon arrival, we were asked to give a 2-minute speech on who we were, where we lived and what we were currently working on. I have to tell you, it’s a humbling experience. The talent in the room is breathtaking. Just to name a few (and I’m leaving out many) – Charlotte War Anderson, Georgia Bonesteel, Kaye England, Mary Mashuta, Melody Crust, Pat Bravo and Robbie Joy Eklow. As one attendee said, “It’s like visiting with your bookshelf.”  I couldn’t agree more.

I was delighted to spend time with Lisa Archer, Pickle Pie Designs – my shuttle bus seatmate; and Angie Steveson of Lunch Box Quilts –my stitching compadre.


Every single artist/teacher was gracious and warm, all of us excited to be there.  The next morning, we couldn’t wait to get started. A heart-touching presentation from Ricky Tims set the tone for the two-day hands-on seminar.  Tims-1

After we broke into smaller groups and marched to our classrooms, I thought of a conversation I had with my daughter before departing for the event. She asked if I had any concerns about the event. I responded, “Yes, I’m worried I won’t be able to behave like a good student!”

I needn’t have worried. BERNINA kept us entertained and busy. It was fascinating to quilt with BERNINA’s 820 under the tutelage of Debra Rutledge in the QuiltMotion class. Amazing how the movement of the 820 was controlled by a tablet! So easy to design right at the quilt and then watch it stitch. We worked on a huge canvas and stitched all morning.  After a relaxing lunch, we headed to the next classroom to work on the new 780.

Jeannine Cook-Delpit led us on a fun in-the-hoop eyeglass case. An excellent teacher, Jeannine gave us an overview of the 780 and steered us around its editing screen.  We selected a design, added custom stitches and a monogram.  Then we switched out the needle with the cutwork tool and voila! Our peeper case was cut to precision.  It didn’t quite seem complete until we added the custom crystals. Ingenious!  Jeannine thought through every detail of the design so that all students finished without a hiccup.

Peeper-1Peeper2-1I had fun playing with the cutwork tool.  If you know anything about today’s cutwork, you know that the cutting is done by a blade inserted into the fabric at four different angles. Cutwork systems have four different needles requiring the user to insert the correct blade at the proper color sequence. BERNINA’s is quite different as it has one blade that rotates when needed. You stitch color 1 with the blade at position 1 and then spin the dial to rotate the blade for color 2 and so on. In future posts, I’ll be telling you more about the cutting tool and some other goodies I brought home with me.   After all, it is Christmas!  Cutwork-1

Stop back next week and I’ll fill you in on the second half of the seminar.  In the meantime, take a look at our assignment and special prizes for next week.


Here’s your assignment this week:

Leave a comment below about what sewing tool you hope Santa puts under your tree. Six comments will be chosen to receive a one month membership to the Silver Threads Golden Needle Club courtesy of OregonPatchWorks. Good luck!

The winner of last week’s assignment:

So how is your holiday stitching coming along? Are you stressed? Are you going to make your deadlines? Let us know how it’s going and we’ll pick a random winner to receive a fold flat stocking, perfect for personalization.

And the lucky winner is Elisa T.

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  • Kathy Meyer

    I would love to see Sarah vedeler Go dies under my tree! I was ent rallied with an appliqué quilt that was machine embroidered almost like a layer cake at a quilt show in Washington state. I purchased a Go cutter to help with cutting out pieces and cannot wait to try the designs.

  • Jacque

    I would love to have a gift certificate to my sewing store – B-Sew Inn so that I could go and purchase things I need/want and not have to worry about cost.

  • maria elena

    I would love to have a new machine but I know that won’t be possible, but am getting a two day class plus I think some new pins and a pin magnet. I would love a G cutter too but am not sure hubby would know what to get. I just love anything they give me, sewing or baking related!!!! Am very lucky and grateful for whatever I will get.

  • Maxine Mac Neill

    For me it would be that the less fortunate have a hot meal. I have already made donations but I realize it will not reach them all. I have been so blessed that I really could ask for no more. Except mind you all of Eileen’s products, opps that’s more then one thing. Oh, well. Merry Christmas to all and your families.

  • Cynthia Wentworth

    I have a Janome 11000SE. I love it, but would really, really, really like the new Janome 15000. I know Santa can’t afford it, but I would give a body part to own one. We have a Janome dealer in Dover. Haven’t tried any other brand because the closest dealers are 45 miles away and I don’t drive anymore.

  • Mitzi

    enrollment in a stitching retreat for this coming summer.

  • Madge Mitchell

    I would love for Santa to leave me a small sewing workshop complete with a display room. I would love to have a space other than a spare bedroom for a sewing room. I would want the display room so that I can hold classes and teach others how to sew and create.

  • Maureen Angers

    The best gift I could find under the tree would be sewing machine needles. I can always use them and it would be a great reminder to change my needle!

  • kbo

    Would love to have an Embird type of program so I can actually “see” my designs instead of searching by purchases. Santa be good to me!

  • Elaine Kapalin

    Software for my machine. I need a stitch editor program because the one I have is still on my WindowsXP. I love all the changes they have made with the new programs to make it easier to use. Family usually doesn’t understand that there is so much technology for embroidery. Love all the quick projects that you can make in the hoop.

  • Tracy Payne

    I’d love to have the Bernina Crystal Works, then I could glitz like a professional.

  • Penny wilber

    I would love the scan and cut by Brother.

  • Sylvia

    Santa has been very good to me all year, so he can pass me by.
    He should drop off sewing machines at a Womens Shelter in my home town, instead.
    Love the peepers case, beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. I always find inspiration, in all designers work.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Momma Bea

    I would love to have a new sewing machine!! The man in red could also make me happy by leaving me with some new software and some lessons in machine embroidery digitalizing!!! Ho,HO,Ho/Sew,sew,sew!! Merry Christmas to All!!

  • Darlene K

    Oh how I would love to have the cutwork under my tree. I see the designs that everyone else does and I WANT IT too! such beautiful work you have done. Love the glasses cover.

  • Donna F

    I would like to have the scan and cut or the upgrades for my sewing machine. But I’d be very happy with any of your stipple design sets.

  • Jill Hicks

    I would love to have the cutwork tool and software under my. The educators at Bernina are terrific. I have taken classes from them also.

  • Rita Ramagos

    I would love to have a new machine, can’t decide between the 780′, 830, or 880.

  • beth daniels

    I am hoping for some red clips to put quilt binding on quilts so I do not have to use pins. I am thinking of giving myself a Christmas present of one of your stipple design set. Haven’t decided which one.

  • Judy Blackwood

    I would like to find under my tree a circular hoop to fit my machine.

  • Beverly Walker

    I would love to have a new serger, a BERNINA serger. The one I have now is not a Bernina and is so old. I love my Bernina 780 and want a serger to match!

  • Marianne Solheim

    I would love a set of Magnahoopa from
    Santa. I used then in a class and they would make my life easier!

  • Margie

    I would LOVE to see a mega hoop under my tree. Please, Santa, make it happen!

  • Greta Kanegae

    The sewing tool I would want most is one of the fabric cutters for appliqué, don’t care which one, lol. Right now I prefer doing filled designs because I really don’t like trimming intricate turns or inside corners

  • Lynne Wurzer

    I would love to see a Brother Scan N Cut under my tree. I’ve already thought of a dozen things I can make for the Grandkids!

  • Linda Turner

    You mentioned meeting with “sew” many neat people in the sewing world! What a neat experience! I would love to have the book on using the Sashiko Machine by Evie Hawkins. I just got a Sashiko and she has done some beautiful projects. Her book is suppose to be awesome with lots of projects and ideas.

  • Cecilia

    I have an Aurora 440QEE and I would love to have the Bernina Embroidery Software. Your glasses case is very pretty.

  • Karen Blancher

    I would love a variety of needles, a gift certificate from a sewing store and most of all people that would love getting thing that are embroidered.

  • Carol Seavitt

    Your Stitching Sisters seminar here in Tucson … buying the gift for mom and me (hee hee hee).

    • eileenroche

      Oh that’s great Carol! Merry Christmas to you and your mom!

  • Darlene

    Hello I would like santa to leave me some needles,cutwork tool.I’m not asking for much. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas.

  • Roberta B

    What sewing tool would I like under the tree, that’s always a tough one. I would really like an upgrade to my Bernina embroidery software.

  • Karin

    I’d like Santa to leave one of his elves under my tree, preferably one that already knows how to sew! I’ve got so many PIGs waiting for me to stitch and my poor little grands always seem to get left out altogether! And hubby’s shorts? 3 pairs!! If only he knew someone that could sew! Definitely the cobbler’s daughter lives here…with her husband who can neither cobble nor sew!

    Love the little case for the peepers, it’s definitely showcasing YOU!

  • Nancy Drake

    I would like to have a go cutter or something similar so I could easily cut appliques to put hospital gowns I sew for children. The cutter would make it quick enough I could spend the time stitching them on to brighten up the hospital gown sets (some are for girls and some for boys). Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Regina

    I would love a 6 or 10 needle embroidery machine.

  • Sherrie Lilly

    I would love to see the 8 x snap hoop under my tree as I just purchased the Babylock Ellissimo Gold 2 one month ago. That hoop would be perfect to make the new Jingle Bells Stipple.

  • Denise Fiorentini

    Wouldn’t I love a machine that had a color display? Yes! But since I’m gonna be a new first time granma in the summer, I would like a subscription to Sew Beautiful or Martha Pullen books that would force me to start thinking about making, for my own grandchildren, a christening gown to replace the gown that my husband’s family has been using for 55 years. About 20 babies have worn it!

  • Connie Chamberlain

    I very much would like a little measuring tape that’s a USB stick,or one that’s a zipper?

  • Lilia O

    Well, I would really like an updated serger, as mine is over 22 years old – would be nice to see what differential feed can actually do 😉

    Thank you and good luck to all!!

  • diane kowal

    a gift card at any of the local quilt stores, would be a great tool. I am always needing something at the last minute, to finish a project.

  • Monica

    I would love some sewing/embroidery thread…FIESTA 🙂

  • Carma

    I would love to find the Bernina Crystal Works Program under my tree!

  • Tammy

    OH, sooo many choices– I would love digitizing software, more designs, new thread, oh the list goes on any of the above I would love!!

  • Lester Ann Jensen

    I would love for Santa to leave me a gathering foot for my Bernina serger.

  • Leanda Mayer

    I would love a mini iron for ‘in the hoop’ quilting projects, the second designer handbag dvd and I would be pretty happy with anything that is associated with sewing if it appeared under my tree 🙂

  • Joanne Tyndall

    I would love to find time to do the things I want to do. I am the main care giver for my 90 yo mother that does not allow me to do much sewing or crafts at this time. I hope one day I can bring out my machines and toys and play again. I miss it so.

  • Cindy Broome

    I would love to be able to do the cutwork that you are showing. I have a Pfaff Creative Sensation, which I’m hoping would be able to do it – guess I need a lesson or two – so my wish is to find lessons on cutwork under the tree for me. And if that’s not possible, than I wish I could find a way to help others less fortunate than me… certainly then need it more than me!

  • Susan J

    I am very fortunate and there really isn’t anything I need this Christmas. I did get one of my long-time wishes in November when I learned that Stitching Sisters are bringing their seminar to Bradenton when I am there in January. I am registered and looking forward to the event! See you then!

  • Judy Anderson

    If I am going to dream, I might as well dream big. I sure would love the Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e from Brother. I have been swooning over the machine since it came out.

  • Melanie Leigh

    I would love a cover stitch machine under the tree.

  • Shirley Clark

    About the only thing I might possibly get under the tree that would be related to sewing would be a gift card to the fabric store. 🙂 I can’t complain because my husband did surprise me with a new embroidery machine on our 40th anniversary 2 years ago. I love any kind of sewing notions so a gift card would be good.

  • Sue Winnie

    I asked for stork scissors. I’d love any of Debbie Jones workbooks,CDs.

  • Frances Powell

    Fast frames. Maybe it would help me to get more embroidery done and not spend so much time hooping.

  • Karen Roop

    I would love the Scan & Cut from Brother (I wonder if it is as easy to use as it looks)? Thanks for all of your inspiration.
    Karen Roop

  • Sherrie

    I am getting the Cutwork tool for Christmas so I will be ready to make a quilt this spring!

  • Nancy

    I would love a 10 needle embroidery machine with photo eye for placement. I don’t think it will happen but a girl can dream right?!!!!

  • Gail Beam

    I would love for Santa to bring me a snap hoop or magna hoop for my D1.


    Bernina 880…wishing…..

  • Valerie Brown

    I really hope Santa checks my wish list and leaves me the set of Omnigrid ruler 4 pack. Or at least he could leave me a 9″ and a 15″ square ruler. I’d be the happiest quilter on the block. (My next door neighbor wins quilt show awards.)

  • Shirley Hemphill

    I’m saving up for a Quilt Mate Plus IV, I love making quilts and I can’t get down on the floor to put them together, I can get down and just barley make it back up again. Wishing everyone the very best Holiday Season ever………Happy stitching everyone!!!!

  • Cheryl

    I would love a beginners hands on quilting and embroidery class! I still have so much learn! Also, thank you Eileen for all you do for everybody. Have a blessed holiday.

  • Kelly Jackson

    I would love for Santa to leave me a Bernina 830 smack dab under my tree. I know I would run screaming though the house for sure.


  • Fran Wiest

    In my dreams I would love to receive the Bernina Cutwork tool, how fascinating it must have been to try it out! Merry Christmas

  • Donna G.

    Can Santa deliver “more time”? If not, then my second choice would be some Accuquilt dies I have my eye on. These are making my quilting life so much easier! Maybe I can get that “more time” after all!

  • Naomi Foley

    I would like time with a Brother’s educator to explain all the features of the Scan & Cut I got for my birthday.

  • Pam

    Santa, I would love to attend classes to educate and inspire me.

  • Maxine Macal

    Would like the new quilting software, that makes any art work into stitches

  • Barbara McKenzie

    I’m so excited – Santa already gave me my Christmas present (for this year and several years to come, I suspect…) – a Juki 2200QVP longarm quilting system. Now if I can just contain my excitement until it’s actually here….

  • Sandy

    I would be thrilled if u found the cutwork program under my tree. I would live to try my hand at the cute eye glass case you have told us about.

  • Karen Poole

    Oh I would LOVE for SANTA to leave that new (sort of new) set of equipment that matchs up embroidery designs with crystals and places the crystals on the designs in the right place, I don’t remember what it’s called but I saw a demo of it not long ago and it was above my price list but oh so cool!!

  • Carol K.

    I have been blessed with so much! I am thankful for everything! It would be fun however to try out the Brother scan and cut machine. I have seen it demonstrated at our Bernina dealership. It sounds like a fun tool to use for sewing projects.
    I’m so glad you had the opportunity to attend the Bernina event. Bernina products are just great!!!!

  • Wanda leffingwell

    I have been Blessed with my Sewing room! I would love to have the Scan and cut! I have quite a few Quilts to make for Family members!

  • Wanda leffingwell

    I have been Blessed with my Sewing room! I would love to have the Scan and cut and Quilting machine! ! I have quite a few Quilts to make for Family members!

  • Karen

    My girlfriend and I have wanted to go to Sisters quilt show for many years and have never made it! Wouldn’t it be great if Santa could waive his magic wand and get us there!

  • Judy G

    I’d love a Snap Hoop Monster for my Brother Quattro 6700d. I can’t decide on which size to get first though and can’t afford to get all the sizes at one time.

  • Maga

    I would like Santa to bring me a bottle of something that could unravel the knots I have tied in my brain trying to figure out which machine I should choose to replace my old embroidery machine. The choice is overwhelming and I have no dealer to go to to try any of them. Embroidery is not something people do in my area. Blogs like this is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing not only your ideas but also your enthusiasm.

  • Madeline Lester

    How I would love to have the cut work software to make the BEAUTIFUL cut work designs on my machine!

  • Marthie

    As a Bernina owner I would like to have the cutwork tool from Bernina. That would be a very welcome gift

  • karen

    I would love a gift certificate for fabric and classes at the new quilt shop that opened nearby.

  • Odette

    I would love a subscription to embroidery magazines and books!

  • Rosalie Sharps

    I have a Viking Diamond Sewing/Embroidery machine…I would like Santa to bring me the Large hoop for my machine….think he will hear me????

  • Carole Baker

    I want more hoops from my Brother PR1000e.

  • Tamra Botkin

    I would love to have embroidery software under the tree. I have a teaser program that came with my machine, but I can not digitize and create like I would like to do. I have torn pages out of magazines…for projects I want to make one day.

  • Sandi Cunningham

    Of course the best notion is a supply of needles in every size and type! That being said, my lifelong dream of a top-of-the-line machine came true this year, so I really don’t need anything for a good long while. As soon as I finish paying her off, I am going to take classes. Again, very blessed and very thankful. Maybe next year I will feel as though I can wish for more…

  • Carol Coleman

    Good Morning, I would like to see Santa bring me another opportunity to see the Stitchin Sisters again next year. Had a great time when I met them in Kentucky.

  • Nancy Weber

    Not exactly a sewing tool, but I need a new computer-a MAC to be specific. I prefer to do all my designing and manipulating of embroidery designs on the computer as opposed to on the machine, so a new, faster computer would be the best tool ever! Merry Christmas

  • Pam

    Just got the version 7 bernina software and would love Santa to leave an educator under the tree. reading your blog gives me inspiration to try the cutwork tool. Have had that for 2 years and Santa could leave some courage for that tool also!!!!

  • Adeline Brill

    I actually teach the DesignWorks software class at our local sewing store and I have to admit that the CrystalWorks tool is my favorite! I can add “bling” to just about anything-even my scrapbook pages!

  • Eileen Bulger

    I would like the BERNINA binding attachment. It would help me with the baptism bibs I’m making.

  • Bonnie Gray

    I would love to have a Snap hoop for my Bernina artista 630. A designated room for sewing would be great also, but then I would need a bigger house! Happy Holidays to all!

  • Jennifer Padden

    I would love to have Embird or Essentials under my tree. I have soooo many designs in my design library and really no way to see what I’ve got. If I need something now, I usually purchase new just so I can see what I’ve got. Embroidery software would be the BEST!

  • Barbara

    I have so much stuff in my sewing room — I need the gift of time to re-organize and the good sense to recognize which items could make someone else’s life better. Thanks for creating this blog — it’s like a little Christmas gift every week!

  • Judy@GrandparentsPlus2

    I would like to get a Tshirt transformation ruler so I could make my son-in-law a quilt with his many marathon race tshirts.

  • Brenda Melahn

    Gingher scissors … have dreamed of them for years

  • Kristi Dennis

    I would love the ScanNcut so I could have my Mom and Daughter come over and we could all make a beautiful applique quilt that we all would like to make.

  • tammy wright

    I would love the Bernina V7 upgrade, the Bernina 880, and a spot at the Bernina Creative Center for 2 different classes in 2014.

  • Darlene Gerber

    I’m hoping my PAL will arrive by Christmas!!

  • Paule-Marie

    I would love to receive an AccuQuilt Studio cutter and geometric dies along with more fabric and concentration to make more Quilts of Valor.

  • Shelley Williams

    I hope that Santa leaves me new OESD Embroidery Software that I asked for, and also some from LunchBox designs, More Thread, and oh yes, time to complete my new projects for 2014!

  • Loraine

    Hi, I hope Santa leaves me any magazine subscription for sewing and or embroidery. Anything else would be nice, material, any sewing gadgets.
    Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Chris

    I would love to have a sit-down long arm machine. But I’m always happy with more thread and fabric too!

  • Darlene

    I’m hoping for a 6 or 10 needle embroidery machine under my tree! On a lesser note, I’d like more table top space…There’s never enough tables!

  • Janet Neff

    Lessons to learn to use the Brother 650 that was used by my daughter, Holly, who passed away from breast cancer in January 2012. She could really make it talk and always tried to get me to learn it, something I regret every day.

  • glenda

    I would love to get a long arm quilting machine.i would buy one but on my income there isn,t any thing left.

  • Cy Swendsen

    I would love to find the new larger throat BabyLock serger under my tree. We just moved form Florida to Texas, so it most likely won’t be there, bit I can dream!

  • Debbue

    I would like, would love, to have Santa bring me a group of ladies to quilt with. To learn from and have a good time with! I can buy a lot of what I need, if I can afford it, and do without the rest, but the group of ladies, priceless!!!! Yea!

  • Margaret Bailey

    I’m hoping for Bernina Paintworks software and tools. I already enjoy Cutwork and Crystal Works.

  • Terry Senko

    On the realistic list, I’m hoping for a ruffler foot. On the wild fantasy list, I’d love the Brother PR1000E. Merry Christmas!

  • Barbara Ward

    A rowenta steamer:)

  • Perri

    I’d love Santa to leave me a new sewing machine as good as the one I wore out a few years back. My old Bernina 1230. I have a machine now and it’s not near the machine that my Bernina was. I miss that machine!! It was the best sewing machine I’ve ever had.

  • Carolyn morgan

    I would love to find my 5D Extra upgraded to 5D Professional.

  • CathyE.

    Any new tool to use in the embroidry artwork is welcome…not enough time in the day to play!

  • Clara Chandler

    The new tool I’ve been eyeing is an upgrade to my Bernina software from version 5.o to version 7.0. The changes are amazing–one helpful option is to suggest what stabilizer is needed for the fabric and design. That would be a solution to a few of my stitching problems when I embroider.

    Thanks for the overview on the classes you attended, Eileen.

  • Mary

    There are too many things that is being stated “I want” Mine would be to be content with what I have and make the best of all the tools that are in the sewing room. Merry Christmas to all involved in your giveaway.

  • Pati

    I am in month 8 recovering from ” bottom” surgery with some complications. I use my embroidery machine alot as there is little sitting, However sewing requires sitting. I’m able to sit comfortably for about an hour on a soft pillow. If a wish were granted a set of Magnetic Hoops would be more than helpful to move from the hooping process to the actual embroidering process so I would get more accomplished. God has blessed me with the ability to continue with life during this slow healing process and for that I am more than grateful. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Janet Monahan

    Rather than wishing for something under the tree, I would wish for time. Time with my friends, family and time to sew!Merry Christmas to all 🙂

  • Judith Dawkins

    I would wish for a larger desk to have room for hooping next to the machine. I, too, would love the gift of time & better eyesight (lol). Merry Christmas to all.

  • Jane Ruhl

    I’d love to see a cover stitch machine under the tree. Or a maid and organizing expert to bring cleanliness and order to my sewing room.

  • Judy Elkins

    For me it would be a tutor for 5D software since I havent used my machine in quite a while. Weno longer have a dealer to go to unless I travel 70 miles. The desire to learn this software is geat; I just need a right hand woman at my side. That would be a wonderful thing!!!

  • Karen T

    Hmmmm, what would it be? My husband just got me a new serger, so maybe just time to get all my projects done. Dreaming Wild: maybe a sit down quilting machine.

  • Enis

    I would love to find a decorator/organizer under the tree this Christmas — someone who could create a great plan for a lovely sewing room and execute said plan! Merry Christmas to me!

  • Denice

    I would love an embroidery design and edit program. If we are going to wish we may as well wish big. To be able to tweek designs would be great. I have one that is 0.25 too big for my biggest hoop all I would need to do is shorten the tail a smidge.

  • Vicky Brown

    I hope my husband gets me the new 5×7 Magna Hoop for Christmas.

  • Berenice

    Santa knows that I broke my 5 X 7 hoop, but has no clue where the elves hid the replacement… maybe someone can give him directions to the Viking dealer?? While he is there I hope he looks at the accessories and sees something else that will fit under the tree also! A couple of hours from the elves helping with cleaning and organizing would be lovely also!!

  • Vicki B.

    I would love an open toed foot. My hubby knows, so we’ll see. 😉

  • Barbara

    I would love a PAL or a set of magna hoops to go with my baby lock.

  • Westaussie

    I would love Santa to give me someone who will teach me how to digitise with 5D or share my learning experiences.

  • donna altieri

    I would love some accuquilt dies to go with the cutter santa is leaving under the tree. also, a personal teacher to come to my home and give me lessons on how to use the embroidery part of my machine!

  • gma pamela

    I would love feet for my Janome sewing machine and serger–have “hinted” about a gift certificate from Martelli’s!! What I want most is a healthly husband.

  • Doreen

    I would love the BabyLock 10 needle under my tree. I would really like a 15 or 16 needle machine but I don’t want to appear greedy. I have a 6 needle but it’s pretty old. When I bought it I was advised that designs rarely use more then 6 colors by the dealership. The first design I chose was a tiny hummingbird with 13 colors. I wasn’t happy. At the time I could have purchased a bigger machine and now it’s not in my future.

  • Pam

    Isn’t Angie great? I love my 780, but would love the cut work tool.

  • Terri Willner

    Santa left a wonderful early present – a Bernina 780! He forgot the personal tutor to help me learn the machine, so I’ve been plugging away at that on my own. Grateful for the Series7 Yahoo group and their quick replies to my distress calls.

  • Dee Collins

    I wish for Santa is a Bernina Stitch Regulator…. to be used on my 180 Bernina. My 1130 work horse is still going strong, but the fancy work is done on the 180.
    So hopefully Santa will choose my name and put the Stitch Regulator in my Christmas stocking.

  • Beth R

    I want a new hoop!

  • Sandi Clawson

    I. Would love a new pair of embroidery scissors.

  • Chris Bowyer

    I would like to have 5 seconds of quiet! No telephones, no tv’s, no chores waiting to be done! And then a set of earphones so I can listen to some YouTube videos without making noise for anyone else!

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    I would really like to have a Viking ruffler. The one where you can designate the width of the ruffles. I almost got one on Ebay but while I was trying to buy she had just sold her last one. I have a category 7 machine and I really would like the official Viking part.

  • MJ

    Please ask Santa to bring me a set of large snap hoops
    so that I can do continuous quilting on my embroidery
    machine. I can’t wait to try it! I love your Blog and tutorials.

  • kathy

    I wish Santa would bring me a gift certificate for my local sewing store. Extra money to play with.

  • Jennifer Pumphrey

    Any chance Santa will release a snap hoop in the Jumbo size for the Bernina 830/880? That would be delightful!

  • adam wayne

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