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How to insert zippers!

A few weeks ago, over 60% of you told me that inserting zippers is your biggest challenge. I understand how you could struggle with that task so I thought I would post this tutorial on how to use your embroidery machine to insert a zipper into two pieces of fabric.  Click here to download these instructions.  Then go to step 1 below to download two zipper designs, one for 7” zippers and one for 9” zippers. These designs can be lengthened to accommodate any size zipper you can fit in your hoop. Just make sure when you resize, you only increase the length of the design, not the width!

Take a look at how simple (with perfect results!) this task can be.

    1. Download the design and send it to your embroidery machine.
    2. Prepare your fabric. Cut the fabric pieces what ever width you need. Cut the length 10”. Fold ½” and press one edge. Repeat for the other piece of fabric.
    3. Hoop water soluble stabilizer (the cloth type, not the film). Stitch color 1. Color 1 includes the outline of the zipper tape, a center line for positioning the coil and two hash marks, top and bottom of the zipper.
    4. Center the zipper on the outline, placing the zipper tab above the box and hash marks. Tape the top of the zipper to the stabilizer.
    5. Position the zipper on the center line, matching the coil to the stitched line.
    6. Tape the lower edge, outside of the box.
    7. Place one piece of fabric along the coil, folded edge right next to the coil.
    8. Repeat for the other piece of fabric. Tape the fabrics to the coil. Place another piece of tape at the bottom of the design (lift the fabric to see the location of the hash marks) straddling the coil. Do this so the embroidery foot doesn’t catch the second piece of fabric as it travels around the coil.
    9. Stitch color 2.

    1. There’s your zipper! Perfectly installed and ready for a back of a pillow or small cosmetic case.

  1. If you want to install a zipper into a skirt or top, just cut the fabric as instructed from the pattern instructions. Seam the two pieces to the bottom of the zipper as marked on the pattern. Press the seam allowance open, extending the pressing (and fold) beyond the end of the stitching. When adding the fabric to the zipper in Step 7, just place the end of the seam at the bottom hash marks. Proceed as outlined above.

Here’s your assignment this week:

Who wants a free subscription to Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine? Just leave a comment telling us what you’re making for holiday gifts this year. Do you have a regular go-to gift or does everyone receive something different?

Here’s your ongoing assignment through October:

Go visit the Designs in Machine Embroidery Facebook page. Then post a photo of your smiling face with your favorite issue of the magazine! Be sure to check out the photos already posted!  (You’ll need Explorer V9 or better or the latest Google Chrome, Firefox, etc to view)



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  • Sandy Smith

    I just finished a set of zoo puppets for my grandchildren. I made a set for each family.

    • Cindy McCarty

      I am making a t-shirt for each family member (17 in all) using the North Pole 9 to 5 from Emblibrary ( There are 13 different designs that give Christmas “jobs” (reindeer trainer, fruitcake taster, etc.) to each person so I have to go into the software and make up 4 more “jobs.” I think it will make a really cute Christmas picture for the extended family. Don’t you?

      • Eileen Roche

        Absolutely! Please share photos on facebook when you can!

    • maryanne fox

      I found the white plastic coffee cups at the dollar store so i think i will make the wrap around monogram hot holder to put around each one.

  • Gail Beam

    I just finished some pillows for my grandson and granddaughter as they just redid their bedrooms.

  • Gail Beam

    Eileen, OMG, I forgot to thank you for the wonderful zipper and tutorial design!!I am sure all of us will love it, and it will make putting in a zipper a snap!

  • Rebecca

    Eileen, this is why we love you so much. Amazing Zipper file!!

    • Eileen Roche

      Oh, Rebecca – you’re so sweet!

      • Maureen

        Hi Eileen,
        I’m having trouble downloading the zipper file and I really, really want this one… I have a bernina aurora 440 Q&E, using Embroidery software Art design. Any suggestions? I’m using windows 7. Please help…
        Thanks Maureen

  • Lori

    You didn’t mention what holiday so I thought I’d start with halloween. I plan on making some screen mesh trick or treat bags this year for a friends grandson’s. I made some a few years back for some friends and they turned out really cute. For Christmas, I may make some pillow cases and simple backpacks for friends children & grandchildren. I’d like to make some embroidered towels or placemats for my mother-in-law too. I have 3 red quilted blank tablerunners I may embroider for gifts also. I’d like to start a stash of FSL angels as mine are all gone now and I need to replenish the stock. A friend also had a baby girl in July and I need to make her a first Christmas stocking/ornament. I use design that Tina from Tina’s Cross Stitch Designs gave free every year until she closed her site. I’m made dozens of her free stocking through the years and personalized them at the top. After that, we’ll see what I have time for. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I never would have thought to use my embroidery hoop to insert a zipper that is really neat.

    As far as holiday gifts, I am making a couple of different halloween baby quilts for some friends. Both couples love halloween and are very non-traditional. It has been a lot of fun to see it come together. I am thinking about doing a table runner for my husband’s aunt for Christmas. I hope it all works out.

  • Beth

    I usually make embroidered tree ornaments to give away!

  • Jill Rust

    I am making purses and place mats and shirts with my new embroidery machine. I am so excited to hear about this way of putting in a zipper – can’t wait to give it a try!

    • Eileen Roche

      Jill – practice on scrap fabric first to master the technique. You can always take the stitches our and reuse the zipper. Have fun!

  • Nedra

    Thanks for the innovative way to do a zipper. Never would have thought of doing that myself. I am going to make my mother a fleece cardigan and do so embroidery that I designed. I can hardly wait to begin.

    • Eileen Roche

      Nedra, I haven’t tried this technique on fleece so I suggest doing a practice run first! The loftiness of the fleece sort of worries me so consider using extra tape to hold don the fleece.

      • Dany

        Sure hope those babies arrive soon, Becky! How exeictd you must be! Love your hearts, I really would love to try my hand at making some. Thanks for hosting another party!!

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  • Vicki

    I am making aprons with Halloween embroidery on them for daughter in laws.
    And I am starting a sweat shirt with embroidery on it for a lady at a nursing home that I go visit.

  • Judie

    Thank you for the zipper instructions and download. Great idea for inserting zippers w/o worry. Can’t wait to try a pillow cover. Love Designs in Machine Embroidery.

  • Marge

    No Real Holiday was mentioned, sooo the holiday I am working on right now is a Birthday. I am making golf ball covers and a golg towel. After this Christmas and I do try to make most of my gifts. the main thing I’m planing to do for friends are tissue box covers, Christmas decorated.

  • Anne Marie Reilly

    Thanks for the zipper instructions. I know this will be a huge help to me and inspire me to try some things that I have shied away from. I am making 3D flowers for my daughter, mom, and friend that I will turn into pins, holiday towels, and looking for small projects and inspiration in your magazine in the coming months.

  • Nancy Nebeker

    Love the zipper tutorial!!
    I am making an embroidered SPLISH SPLASH mesh bag to hold bath toys for a 1 year old friend,and 50 reunion favors of embroidered cup sleeves,nook bags with zippers, travel back packs, and travel coin holders of serged leather and felt. My closest friends will get pieced and embroidered pillows and my daughter in law gets a memory pillow with her mothers recipe and photo printed and then embellished.(I have to temporarily remove these from her house while she is looking the other way- dont tell her)

  • Laurie

    I love this zipper tutorial! I may get back into garment construction because of this!
    I am making most of my Christmas gifts this year, but I have not fully planned it out yet. I guess I’d better get busy!

    Thanks for such a great website, and magazine!


  • Diana

    For Halloween each family menber is getting a placemat. For Christmas the grandchildern will get their own pillow case and a large towel with their name and what they are into this i.e.- camping,flowers,on being a princeness.

    Love your magazine!

  • Maryanne Peaslee

    I quit doing buttonholes anyway but with my embroidery module quite a while ago. I will very likely start putting zippers in clothes again with this process and I have a megahoop and the magnahoop for megahoops that will come in handy for long zippers.

  • Bonnie

    I love this zipper tutorial, but anyone who sews would!!!!! My plans for Christmas gifts usually expand as i get started and then Christmas Eve rolls around and I’m at the embroidery/sewing machine one more time. This year I’m thinking totes and some accessories for my daughters and oldest granddaughter. Then ITH Barbie clothes for two of my younger granddaughters. The youngest baby girl who is two I’m still thinking about. And the new addition who should be here shortly is getting a baby quilt. Now that I’ve written it all down, I think I better get started, or alas another Christmas Eve sewing at the last minute!!!!

  • Jan Gaffney

    Working on a set of quilted banners (one for every month)for my daughter. I’ll be making all of my gifts this year for each family member. Something special for each of them.

    I love the zipper tutorial. I will say though that I would rather sew in a zipper than put in button holes and sew on buttons to match the hole. Yuck!!

  • Dee

    Just finished embroidered travel shoe bags (10) and am working on wine bags with embrodered front panels. Also did purse size tissue holders in the hoop for church committee. Have granddaughters that LOVE any outfit I can come up with for their American Girl dolls. Spoiling myself a little with a Christmas Apron with embroidered front. Love all your tips and tutorials.

  • Anne Stidiford

    I love this! Who would have thought….
    I have been making Origami bags for Christmas that is not too far away.

  • Susan

    Amazing. Thanks so much for sharing. Makes it all so simple!

  • Barbara

    Thank you so much . What a great way to do zippers. I hope you can help me with one more thing I don,t like in sewing . It,s buttonholes. I sometime make tissue box covers for gifts for people in two or more sizes. Tall square or short oblong size. I also make towels for the stove and refreg door to hang on. Could you also do something with these common sizes in buttonholes???????If you could it would be great.
    Thanks happy sewing quilting

    • Eileen Roche

      Love the buttonhole idea, Barb. Look for it in a future tutorial (a bit down the road!).

    • Janet Genrich

      I have seen how to do buttonholes on my Bernina machine, but can’t seem to put my finger on where I saved the instructions. If I can locate them I will post them to Eileens Bloc.

  • Gena Allen

    This year I think I am going to make photo ornaments. I embroider a snow globe design then before I add the clear top, I can add the small photos and a piece of ribbon for the hanger on top of the bottom fabric. Sometimes I add a little clear glitter to make it a little more special! I also stitch the date on the back for a more memorable item.

  • Sonia Klein

    Not sure where to start. I want to finish several quilts that I have started. It’s also fun to make embroidered t-shirts for everyone. Ugh, there is never enough time.

  • Margie B

    I thank you so much for that tutorial. I will save this page so I have it for reference. That is awesome.

    As for gifts. Everyone gets something different. Friends are getting embroidered pictures and some family members are getting knitted beanies. Such fun on the knifty knitter.

    • Eileen Roche

      Please do save it, Margie and feel free to share the link with your friends.

  • Anita Rodgers

    I’m making purses and jackets this year with embroidery designs, of course. The jackets are made with jelly rolls and embroidery on the back and front yokes. Your instructions for putting in zippers with the emb. hoop is genius and just in time to use for some of these gifts, I had been wanting to use zippers on bags and now I know I can do it easily. Thanks

  • Barbara Cummings

    Thanks for the zipper info ! For Christmas, I have already made each family member (including me), a North Pole Elf shirt. I downloaded the design from . We are planning on wearing the shirts for a Christmas picture !!

    • Caroline

      Thnkiing like that is really amazing

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    • Its so funny to read your thoughts we too had all the same ones a year ago this week we were trying to make up our mind keep them dont keep them all the risks and now look at them..

  • Elaine Tabor

    I’m making quilts with embroidery designs for my family.Designs in Machine Embroidery has always been an inspiration to me. Keep up the good idesa Eileen!

    • Eileen Roche

      Thanks for the encouraging words, Elaine.

  • Nancy

    I will be making bags and pillows for Christmas.

  • Jessie

    This will be a great help when installing zippers! Thank you.

  • Jessie

    This will be a great help when installing Zippers. Thank you!

  • camie deHollan

    I don’t usually have a problem inserting zippers, but I’m delighted to try this method.

  • Antoinette

    For Christmas I have chosen to reach out to others. While that’s nothing unusual, this year my immediate family and I are embellishing clothing and making quilts for children in our local orphanage — this includes stuffed toys, blankets and throws, pillow cases, and embellished shirts. Each gift will also include a set of new underwear, along with a gift card.

    • Eileen Roche

      Antoinette – what a wonderful holiday experience for your whole family.

  • Beth Shelton

    for Holloween I am making embroidered felt bags for our grandchildren. I haven’t figured out what to do for Thanksgiving and better yet, Christmas. How about some great quick gifts to make!!!

  • Jennie

    thankyou for zipper tutorial I am going to show everyone as i know lots of people who hate putting in zips as well.What a great idea

  • Merrily Abels

    Thank you for the zipper help!! I am making more of the wonderful fabric totes for all my family – now I can put a zippered pocket in them for keeping coupons handy.

  • Babbette Clark

    Thank you so much for the info!!!

  • Beth Rowan

    I always make some FSL ornaments for gifts – make great hostess gifts and even better when I add hot fix crytals for some bling.

  • Cathy Chalk

    Eileen, everytime I read your blog I learn something new! Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us. I made handtowels last year for Christmas, so this year I’m thinking personalized pillow cases. That way they can have sweet dreams every night!

    • Eileen Roche

      Cathy, I learn from you too. Your comments and encouraging words really make this blog a fun place to visit!

  • Georgia

    I am making kitchen angels, the wings are potholders, dress is embroidered tea towel, with a dish scrub brush with a face. they were a big hit last year for the family so making them to sell at craft fair this year.

  • Judy Torphy

    What a great article for the zipper. I would truly appreciate a free subscription. This is my favorite magazine

  • marianne

    thank you for the zipper instructions. I am going to have to definitively try this. Your instructions make it look easy to make. I am a visual person and this will help me tremendously

  • Sara

    I love the idea of inserting a zipper with my emb machine. Somebody is very smart to figure this one out. I love your magazine have been trying t0 get the current copy at the local book store but they have not had it the last two times I have been there, hopefully this week. I was told that it might be in the second week of Sept or later. What a disappointment I cannot wait to get it. I cannot afford to buy a subscription at this time maybe I will get one for Christmas. I plan on making my granddaughters hooded bath towels for Christmas. Sara

  • Peggy

    Thank you for the instructions on inserting zippers!!!

  • Caroline Weber

    Zippers are always so intimidating – awesome tutorial!!

  • Valli Lopez

    Can’t beleive we are thinking of holiday sewing already. I plan on making pillowcases in hoilday flannels and a fleece throws with each grandchilds name on them. I have 10 to make so I better get started.Thanks for the push!!

  • Paule-Marie

    I have a very bad habit and yait ot the last minute. I am thinking about table runners but haven’t decided

  • Mary Anne

    Thank you, thank you for the zipper tutorial! I plan on using it at every opportunity.

    Holiday gifts? Is it time to think about that? Actually I’m making what I planned on making last year and never quite got “round tuit”, I’m making ‘tater bakers and tortilla warmers, good useful gifts.

  • Tara Rose

    Thank you so much for the zipper template!!

    For Christmas I am making appliqued shirts for the nieces and nephews and lanyard for the ladies at the office!

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  • Katrina H

    Wow thanks for the zipper files! A great tutorial as well. Christmas I made one blanket as a gift, some tea towels and usually embroidered towel sets for all the nieces and nephews.

  • Shirley R

    I will be making some more FSL covers for round Xmas balls. Over the past year I have been collecting the balls in lots of colors and finishes so have quite a stash of these. Will be fun to decorate them with hanging beads and hot-fix crystals for extra bling. Also plan on making some wall hangings, table toppers.

  • Sue Brockus

    I have some new dog toy designs that I will be incorporating your zipper files in to make some small bags. The bags to be sold as fundraiser for the next Love of Labs Indiana ( a labrador retriever rescue that I volunteer with. Thanks!

  • Barbara

    I had planned to do little zippered bags — and was a little nervous because the designs I have, while stunning, take a lot of time. With your zipper instructions, I can think of MANY ways to save time on the projects and give them my own personal touches. Thanks for being such a source of inspiration!

    • Eileen Roche

      Barbara, don’t forget to practice the technique at least once before applying the zipper to an embroidery bag. Once you try it, you’ll nail it every time!

  • JoAnn Shipp

    I hate installing zippers. You make it sound so easy. Think I’ll try to put it in a pillow that I embroidered.

  • Kathy Bettner

    This seems so easy! I’ve been know to leave out zippers and just close with a hook and eye. Will be trying this out real soon.
    Kathy in B-town 🙂

    • Tessie

      Ewa, att vänsterhänta kvinnor använder högerhanden hjälper föga dÃ¥ hälsning bland annat sker med högerhanden. Bättre är att det finns plasthandskar pÃ¥ damtoaletterna som enkelt kasseras i saÃepetstn¥sin.

  • Linda

    Love the zipper tutorial. I am embroidering shirts and t shirts for christmas. Also towels – have to cut down on some of my stash.

  • Sandi Cunningham

    I am making kitchen towels for my sister/mom’s new house.
    Mom LOVES snowmen, so I am making Months of the year Snowmen, so she can have them all year long!

  • Debby Gallagher

    How clever and smart are you!!! Why didn’t I think of that? Zippered pillows…here I come!

    • Eileen Roche

      I didn’t invent this technique – many in-the-hoop designs feature zippers. I just thought it would be a great lesson for a stand-alone zipper.

  • Carol Seavitt

    Slippers are on my list of things to make for the family. I’ve found a pattern and now it is … off to the material store to get some cool fabric and fleece for the lining. Can’t wait!

  • Kathi

    Love the zipper tutorial!

    I’m working on a machine-embroidered redwork Christmas quilt that will go to a special niece for Christmas. Making in-the-hoop bags for ladies I quilt with.

  • carol

    thank you for the demo and design

  • Kathy Myers

    I know that I should of been thinking about the holidays, but have not even started, but with all of your help,I have a “million” ideas floating around my head. Thanks for all the ideas.

    • Eileen Roche

      Get to it Kathy, or you’ll be like me and find yourself stitching on Christmas Eve!

  • Lesley Charlton

    I will be doing my machine embroidery cards for all my family and friends again this year, with school holidays in 10 working days here in the Australian Capital Territory (and I work in a school), I will be starting them then for Christmas. 🙂

  • Judith Carlon

    I’m making hot pads for the ladies, caps for the guys and grandchildren all with designs suiting their interests.

  • karin

    Thanks for such a clever zipper installation!! I’m one of those 60%, so I was glad to see I was in good company! You have any tricks for those purse-top zips? Especially when the purse has a lining, too?? I’ve got the side extensions down, and I can get the “top” where the zip tape is in 2 pieces, but I really have trouble getting the “bottom” of the zip into the top of the purse without making puckers on the outside fabric. UGH – just thinking about it makes me jumpy!

    Gifts – oh, where do I start? Of course, I’m still at it with the panels for children’s charities, that’s a give. They are really great ways to practice free motion quilting! I’d love to get back to free standing lace, and maybe some towels, and bottle aprons too! And I’ve just engineered a child’s growth chart – there’s a Velcro strip to stick a little stuffie on for the height, a measuring tape sewn to ribbon to make sure the height is accurate, and I’ve added 5 vinyl windows for pictures as the child grows. I made one as a prototype, and within a couple of days, I have orders for FOUR!!

  • Linda Hedelund

    This will be my first year for xmas gifts with my embroidery machine. I hardly know where to begin.

  • Kathy Hutchins

    Making lots of things for our first grandchild this winter. Also making Christmas stockings out of military pants for the holidays. Made a set for my sons family last year and they turned out awesome.

    Also going to be making some embroidered kitchen towels for gifts this year.

    • Eileen Roche

      We would love to see the stockings from military pants!

  • Nancy

    Thanks for the zipper template, Eileen. That will come in handy for a couple sewing projects.

    Holiday gifts are a coordinated effort this year. My husband is canning chili and I’m embroidering small squares of fabric to cover the jar lids.

    • Mina

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    • So sorry to hear that happened to you… I agree, if you have nothing to hide, it can only help. Yes, there’s always inspiration from everything to write more stories

  • Judy S

    Thanks so much for direction to put a zipper in with the embroidery machine. I have never bought a project with a zipper because I wasn’t sure how to do it. But now I want to buy a pattern & try it out. thanks again.

  • Carla

    I am late getting started, but I am working on knitting scarves and caps for my 2 grandsons, plan on making hair wraps from towels and printed fabric for my 2 DIL. One son is getting a custom framed copy of Great-grandmother’s Chicken and Dumplings recipe so he can make them himself. And last but not least I am making new Christmas stockings for everyone with special embroidery designs that fit their personality.

  • Veronica

    I’m planning to make free standing lace bookmarks as stocking stuffers, for sure. Everything else is still up in the air!

  • Jeanne

    love the tutorial!
    I have been making the embroidered candy cane holders from Embroidery library ( Each year I make a different one. I think all the ‘grands’ expect them now!

  • Betty Smith

    I’m making my 2nd “Old World Paisley” table runner for my sister. She fell in love with mine. Volume 48, pg.54 The wool felt is hard to find but managed.

    • Eileen Roche

      Betty, Old World Paisley table runner is one of my top ten favorite projects! Absolutely gorgeous! Here’s a terrific website for hand-dyed wool:

  • Ashta

    I’m still trying to decide! But, your wonderful magazine will help me with that!

  • Jane Anderson

    For sure, I will use your zipper technique. Thank you!!!

    I make 19 gifts that are alike for the “family”. It was personalized laptop bags last year and Christmas stockings the year before that. This year it may be denim shirts for everyone. I am also making storybook panel quilts for the greatgrands and terrycloth aprons. The married family will receive matching personalized pillowcases with initials. The 20-minute table runners are also on the list. My embroidery machine will be humming from now until Christmas!

  • Carolyn Rollberg

    Thank you SEW MUCH!

  • Debbie Douville

    Have just seen your tut on Zipperss. Fantastic, I will have to try it on some pillow covers. I agree with a few of the other ladies, I HATE BUTTONHOLES!! will use anything else, hook & eye, Velcro even try zippers.
    Thank you for the excellent instructions.

    • Eileen Roche

      Look for tomorrow’s post on…machine embroidered buttons!

  • Marie Cutler

    Zippers are a things these days, cannot wait to do the Little Black T. Wonderful way to put the sections together. I just ordered the magazine with CD. I am in emb. Heaven.

  • Kati Villien

    Thanks for the great way to put in a zipper! You explained it very well. I’m working on making lace ornaments on my embroidery machine. I’ve also made several baby blankets recently with matching bibs or burp cloths. I always have to start Christmas gifts early!

  • Barbara

    Since everyone seems to be going “green” and also the fact that I hate getting my groceries in all of those “plastic bags” which are bad for the landfills/environment, I am making grocery bags. Our local grocery store puts out a paper bag with handles which I use as the pattern. With a few adjustments to the pattern, they are fast to make when you use your serger. They make great stocking stuffers.

  • Suzie Sheffield

    I found a bag of handmade dolly pegs at a thrift store and I am making lacy angels for trees, I have also designed a draught excluder to give as family gifts. I also plan to NOT be stitching on Christmas Eve this year!

  • Judy

    I am making pillow cases for everyone with their name or initial embroidered on the cuff. I am also using fabric that pertains to their hobbies or college.

  • Evelyn Gonzalez

    I am stitching hand puppets for all my nieces and nephews and grandchildren!

  • Liz Fox

    I am making embroidered water-bottle holders for ladies in my Bible Fellowship Group. They will be lined with reflective material to keep the bottle cold and plastic to keep the wet bottles from getting anything else wet. I will have a drawstring at the top.

    • Denise Holguin

      That’s a great idea! I take a half-frozen water bottle to the gym and one of the hazards is getting everything wet as it thaws out.

      I’m sure your friends will put the water bottle holders to good use!

      – Denise

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  • Liz Fox

    I didn’t realize the contest was for LAST year. LOL

    • Denise Holguin

      Ah, but we still like your comments!

      – Denise

  • Gail Beam

    Eileen, Your zipper tutorial is AWESOME!! Love it!! I just made a pencil case for my granddaughter and this design would have been perfect!! I haven’t thought about what to make for presents, as I usually make things that my grandchildren request since they are teenagers and have definite ideas of their own!!

  • Susie Lohmann

    I drive a school bus so I have almost 80 students that I make something for. I am thinking this year that I may make them each an embroidered FSL or applique Christmas ornament with their names on. Guess I better get a move on. 🙂 Thanks for the great zipper tutorial.

    • Denise Holguin

      That is so thoughtful and I’m sure something they will treasure. I still have all my ornaments from childhood- and they bring back fond memories. And yes, probably a good idea to start stitching soon! 🙂

      – Denise
      Managing Editor

  • ConiMoore

    I plan on making table runners and napkins this xmas maybe some fsl ornament covers

  • Angela Brady

    I am unable to download the zipper file or the instructions. My computer closes the Interned Explorer window saying that the file is dangerous to my computer. Anyone else have a problem? I printed the PDF, but it won’t allow a save.
    I enjoy your blog and thank you for sharing.

  • jayme

    i just got my first embroidery machine janome 300E just practicing now made a carousal but it was so pretty i decided to keep it for myself i can use a subscription to the magazine not sure if i am ready to do zippers yet

  • Debra

    I am making appliqued sweatshirts for me & my significant other and some headbands for the girls in our family. I am also making a lap quilt.

  • Cheyenne Cardell

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    Making a baby blanket for new granddaughter.

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  • Betty-Jane Pettit

    I’m learning to quilt and started on embroidered quilts for family membersfor Christmas. This is fun!

  • Alice

    Thanks foe the helpful zipper tutorial.
    Currently I am making a monogrammed pillow case for a HS grad.
    Every year I give free standing ornaments as gifts.
    My favorite is snowflakes.
    Anyone have a free standing snowflake that you love?

  • faith

    Free standing lace ornaments are so easy to slip into a holiday card and don’t normally require extra postage. Some of the same holiday designs can be made in Christmas colors or Hannukah colors, for example snowflake designs. For those closer to home it’s generally sweatshirts or hoodies with huge designs on the back. I may change it up this year and just do small designs on the front left chest.

    • Alice

      Do you have a favorite freestanding snowflake design?

      Kreations by Kara has some pretty ornaments that I have stitched out

      • Alice

        I have stitched Kreations by Kara out also. Her designs are beautiful!

        I have been coveting a FSL snowflake from OESD that the price was reduced on and it is gorgeous stitched out. A very long stitch out and lots, did I say lots of thread.

        Thanks for sharing!



  • Monique DiVarco

    I am a flamenco dancer. All my flamenco dancer friends will be getting personalized castanet cases or shoe bags.

  • Phyllis Hiles

    Eileen, thank you so much for zipper tutorial and design. Right now I am working on a baby quilt for grandson that was born Thursday. I plan to do some embroidered dish towels and maybe some microwave bowl covers for Christmas presents.

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  • Paula

    I am making paper dolls and towels for the grandchildren.

  • Jane

    I am making free standing lace ornaments and I have two hooded towels in the process for a friends grandsons. Got my first issue of Machine Embroidery and love it.

  • diane

    My tradition is to make each of my 5 granddaughters a fancy Christmas dress each year. They are ages 11 to 4,and sometimes I have made them all matching. I am also making Christmas mug rugs for gifts this year.

  • Janice

    Instead of buying gifts for everyone, we make gifts for everyone. This year I am making corner bookmarks for everyone with their initials. All done in the hoop. I will make a few extras in case the kids extend late invitations for dinner. This way everyone goes home with a gift.

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  • Sharon

    I am embroidering plush blankets with everyone’s name on them. So soft and cuddley.

  • Deb Fischer

    I am making all our kids (5 families) and our closest 2 friends each an embroidered dishtowel and potholders set. The designs and fabrics will be different for each though.

  • Carmina Mcdaris

    I am new to blogging. What website is good for blogging for a summer reading book assignment?

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  • Sarah

    Thank you for the ITH zipper tutorial & design files. I have been looking for just this thing.

  • Mary Esser

    For my daughters birthdays, wine pattern aprons. For Christmas, 2 pillows each for their living rooms. I did this once before years ago, and they have been asking for more.

  • Ana martin

    Thank you for answering a question that I was wondering about but hadn’t asked yet!

  • JosephJes

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