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Look! Nancy Zieman is doing her best John Hancock imitation!

Nancy takes a moment to autograph a copy of her book Sewing A - Z for this week's blog winner! Read on to discover the lucky winner!

Nancy and I were in St. Louis teaching Baby Lock dealers embroidery and sewing techniques. Baby Lock has introduced some wonderful products that are going to make our stitching so much easier – and creative! Click here ( to see what’s new from Baby Lock.

Twenty-four dealers mastered my Stipple! technique with the Lady Liberty quilt block featured in my book Machine Embroidered Quilting and Applique. What fun they had – learning this out-of-the-box technique and completing four blocks, piecing them with my reversible piecing technique and even binding the four blocks!

The Baby Lock dealers learned how value is more important than color in this traditional quilt block. Some swapped fabrics to achieve their creative vision. All were thrilled with the results of their efforts. The Stipple! process is an amazing journey. You start with a quilt sandwich, layer pieces of fabric in the proper sequence and then take them out of the hoop. At that point, the blocks look rather silly. After a few snips of the scissors, the magic underneath is revealed!

Here are some examples of finished pieces.

Here’s your assignment this week:

Have you tried quilting with your embroidery machine? Let us know if you’ve ventured into this wonderful territory by posting a comment. A comment will be randomly chosen to win a copy of Stipple! Butterflies!

The winner of last week’s assignment answered the question:
Tell us what sewing step has been a challenge for you by posting a comment on my blog. You know, something like mitering corners, zippers, buttonholes, etc.

“I’ve always wanted to sew a perfectly mitered corner.  I’m slowly getting the hang of it, but I need more practice!  Thanks for the give away!”  – Valerie
Congratulations Valerie! You are the very lucky winner of an autographed copy of Nancy Zieman’s new book, Sewing A to Z.

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  • Carol Seavitt

    I feel as though I’m taking my first baby steps … I sure want to try quilting on my embroidery machine but just a little unsure of myself. Soon very soon:)

  • Charlene Wiggins

    Can not wait to venture out into this quilting with my embroidery machine I have several patterns for it just the nuddge needed to get started. I love the look and the feel of it when it is finished have been to several classes and done samples so soon will be doing it myself.


    i have a new embroidery machine i have not used enough to feel comfortable yet. i NEED to get going on it. it has just been too hot this summer to go upstairs to work on it. cooling off now, so should be able to get started. have the programs for quilting even.

  • Gail Beam

    I have attempted some quilting banners, but other than that, I have not ventured into making a quilt, except for a quilt top, but that is as far as that quilt ever got! lol

  • Anne Marie Reilly

    I have completed two wall quilts that have embroidered motifs in some of their blocks. I have also tried stipple quilting by machine on smaller things like purses. So far, I haven’t gotten the courage up to do stippling on the quilts, which are larger than a clutch purse.

  • Deane

    I haven’t gotten to use my embroidery machine for quilting yet. I so want to but just haven’t found the time because I know once I start I wont be able to leave the machine. Hoping that I can free up some space in my schedule this weekend.

  • Katrina H

    I’ve done it a couple times to tack the layers through a baby quilt. But not since then. I’d like to try more.

  • Barbara Cummings

    I love to quilt on my emb machine !! I haven’t complete a large quilt BUT I have quilted numerous vests–for seasons and holidays. My emb machine really makes it so easy to “quilt-embroider” the blocks. ( Is that the correct term??)

  • Barb Miller

    Last year I just the Hoop Sister group at my local Quality Sewing and Vaccum. I spent an entire year sewing 5X5 squares into a quilt blocks. It was a challenge and I completed my project on time and completed for our final quilt party. I had changed to way I connected the squares together. It seemed to be a hit as several other at the party said they would finish their’s the same.

  • Greta

    I made a quilted wall hanging that turned out spectacularly even if I do say so myself, lol! I have been eying the stipple blocks but haven’t tried them yet.


  • Debbie

    I tried the Stipple Butterflies but didn’t like the results for the stipple portion. I feel my machine may need a layer of stablizer between the batting and material layers.

    I’ve done some blocks for another product that have turned out good when I had a large enough piece of material to cover portions of the bottom. Its a UFO.

    I have done a beautiful wall hanging from Anita Goodesign Embroidery, fall leaves, Diamond Club special done in different quarters or was it eigths?

  • Carol

    I have tried quilting in the hoop and love the results, who would have guessed an embroidery machine could be so much fun.
    I would love to win your Stipple! Butterflies!

  • Shirley R

    I’ve done a “Welcome” wallhanging with the large alphabet contained in both the Esante and Ellegante embroidery machines. This was a Babylock project that was current when I purchased my Esante ese2 back in 2001. I had never tried this until last year when I needed a housewarming gift for dear friends. “Welcome” was spelled out in 7″ blocks with this wonderful alphabet which contains delicate flowers and leaves entwined around the letters. At that time I just used the stitch-in-the-ditch technique around the blocks which was sufficient at the time. I’ve got a lot of projects lined up for the Holidays and I plan on venturing into the technique FMQ on those. (Wish me luck, LOL!)

  • Bonnie

    I did several Christmas gifts – table runners using individual letters in each block to make up Merry Christmas for my 3 daughters tables. I also made my grandchildren, all five their names in banners for their rooms. I love the finished look of these and I join them together very much like you do!!!! Everyone liked them alot, which made me feel just great.

  • sharon

    I just got back into quilting after a long (20 year) hiatus. I also just bought my first embroidery machine and can’t wait to combine my 2 passions.

    • eileen

      Good for you Sharon – enjoy the journey!

  • Sue Anderson

    I have just finished a wall hanging digitized by someone other than you. I love the hanging but I found that the digitizing can make the process frustrating. In this project, there were a lot of jump,stitches to trim and wasted fabric and batting. I look forward to doing one of yours to see if it will be easier than the last one turned out to be.

  • Joyce Ensey

    My embroidery machine is the only machine I use. I do stipple, stitch in the ditch and of course make quilt blocks. I also do embroidered quilt blocks. I am so into quilting right now.

  • Margaret

    I got Eileen and Nancys new book Machine Embroidered Quiting and Appligue. It is GREAT and easy to follow. I have made Lady Liberty,My Favorite Bag and Basket of Flowers all turned out wonderful. I love this method!!Can’t wait to start a new project.

    • eileen

      Oh Margaret – how exciting! I would love to see photos of your projects. Isn’t Basket of Flowers just too cute?

  • Beth Rowan

    I quilted a Christmas stocking – challenging and fun!

  • Debbie

    I have done some quilting on my embroidery machine. It makes you look like a real pro. Every design turns out perfect.

  • Kathy

    I have used redworkand quilting designs to quilt tablerunners and wall-hangings. I love to try new things and purchased this book to try over the winter.

  • Vicki

    Yes, but I have not always been successful. Sometimes I have made the quilt sandwich too thick.
    If I make a quilt with an alternating plain block and then a block with an embroidery design, I like to use only the outline of the design I have used on the alternating blocks and use that as the quilting design.

  • Cindy McCord

    Hi Eileen. I just finished a table top quilt that I made using the “Ohio Star” block from your new book “Machine Embroidered Quilting and Applique”. The “Ohio Star” block was the only block I used and I added sashing between all of the blocks. It turned out beautiful!! This is the first quilt I’ve made using the “embroidery in the hoop” technique for all blocks. Keep the great products coming!!

    • eileen

      Thanks Cindy! Glad to hear the Ohio Star blocks worked for you. I love the feather quilting on the stars…one of my favorite blocks in the book.

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    I’ve got Nancy’s “Machine Embroidered Quilting and Applique” book and DVD but have not ventured there yet. Plan to do it soon. Have been using my test stitchouts to make a quilt top. Eventually my kingsize bed will have a decent quilt…hopefully.

  • Betty I.

    I have tried your Autumn Leaves Stipple designs. I really like quilting this way, as I’m not really good at doing free hand stippling. Would love to win the Stipple Butterflies. Thanks so much for making everything easy to understand. I’ve been subscribing to Designs In Machine Embroidery for years and years.

  • Michelle H

    I have a new sewing embroidery machine that I am not totally comfortable with yet. I want to try the stipple quilt technique and would love to win this prize. I love your magazine and have subscribed for several years

  • Marilyn Mason

    I embroider on almost everything I do now. I contracted MRSR in January 2008, so afer three years of rehab, I was ready, so a good friend with the same model Brother came over to use it while hers was getting a tune up. I watched and it did not take long until I was going to town again. I have made 4 wall hanging size using stippling (practicing) and they turned out great. All my auilting supplies are over 4 years old, this means books, too, so a new technique to learn would really be good for my “brain exercing! Love the magazine, I find different things each time I go back and read and old issueI also love making lace bookmarks for friend.

  • Marcia W.

    I just finished my first quilt on our new machine where used an embroidery in the hoop design for quilting the sandwich. It was denser threadwork than I wanted, and tough to align the designs with the patchwork. Still, for the first ever time have done this, think it turned out well. Now, need to find out how to resolve some of these issues, including tension, and try it again. Would love to win your book! This was a huge jump from handquilting to using machine embroidery in the hoop for quilting. So, need all the help can get.

  • Evelyn Gonzalez

    My very first (and as yet, unfinished) quilting project is a set of eight placements. They were supposed to be done in time for Easter 2011, so now my new target date is Easter 2012. They are lovely with yellows and blues and spring-like colors. Just like the Stipple Butterflies I’d so love to win!

    Thank you!

  • Jane Anderson

    Embroidery quilting motifs, stippling, meandering, and stitch-in-the-ditch are all part of my quilting arsenal. Sometimes I use one technique or several techniques to finish a quilt. My biggest challenge is keeping the amount of stitching even throughout the piece so it will hang straight.

  • Betsy

    I haven’t tried quilting with my embroidery machine but it has been on my list of things to do ever since I first saw Stipple! Butterflies on your blog. I love love love it…hope to try it soon.

  • Carolyn Rollberg

    I was one of the participants at Babylock Tech and I LOVE the Lady Liberty quilt block we made. It was easy and fun! Thanks again for the fun class!

  • Eileen Roche

    Hi Carolyn! Great having you in class. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  • karin

    Oh, gosh, yes…I’ve loaded up quilt runs and hooped the quilt, and away we went! Results were way better than when I try free-motion quilting on my own! It turns our right, every time. I’ve not used any of your stipple patterns, yet, but I read every one of your email announcements when they come out, and am always intrigued!

  • Barb Stickle

    Just received your new book “Machine Embroidered Quilting and Appique” and can’t wait to start the project. I would like to make every one of them.

  • Eileen Roche

    Hi Barb! I hope you enjoy working through the projects. I want to bring one misprint to your attention. The instructions for the color sequence on page 49 are incorrect (they skip a color). Refer to the color sequence file on the accompanying CD. The directions there tell you to stitch the first color on stabilizer only. Do that and you’ll be fine. Enjoy!

  • Wendy

    I am slowly making my way into “Quilt World”, LOL! I’ve always wanted to do a quilt but felt intimidated so I purchased the Holiday Stipple kit and so far have cut all the pieces and done the necessary prep work. I just bought the Snap Hoop so barring any more distractions I should have my first quilt by the Holidays!

  • Meg

    I’ve never thought of myself as a quilter, however am square in the middle of quilting country. Am currently working on a baby quilt and will give the stippling a try.

  • Martha Hubbard

    As others have said, quilting with my emb machine is on my “to do” list. I do mostly home dec items like cushion covers, curtains, and towels. I have read about stipple and want to try it- seems like a great technique. Thanks for all your support.

  • Barbara

    I’ve done a few in-the-hoop quilting projects. The results are amazing! The first thing I learned is that making each square is a breeze, but getting those squares just right is harder than I expected. Guess it makes us feel like we’re earning all those compliments we get on the finished project!

  • Mitzi

    I just did my first fully machine-assisted quilting project, a 5 x 7 quilt. Used the embroidery machine and software to design a flowing overall design. It’s a learning process, could have gotten the motifs a little more evenly spaced, but overall I’m happy with it!

  • Sharon Duffy

    I have not quilted on my machine as of yet. Have been on a break since moving, but am ready to “do something new”!!!! My Grandson (and his wife) had a “butterfly” wedding in Alabama, and released live butterflies during the wedding. This would make a great anniversary gift for them. Thanks for your site!!!!!!!

  • KitCapra

    Keep up the wonderful work, I read few posts on this internet site and I believe that your web blog is very interesting and contains circles of excellent information.

  • Erma

    I have this book. I can’t quit stitching the coasters. I’ve stitched them on linen and also burlap.
    Everyone loves them:) The Lady Liberty quilt takes my breath away, it is so beautiful. What in
    the world would we do without ladies like Eileen Roche and Nancy Zieman???

  • Leora B

    i have only tried one, I made a small design from Anita Goodesign that was made in the hoop and you can make it a card or photo holder, turned out nicely.

  • Dottie Schluessler

    I purchased the magizine with DVD Machine Embroidered Quilting & Applique by Eileen Roche with DVD hosted by Nancy Zieman. I have completed the “Basket of Blooms” (turn our beautiful), “My Favorite Purse” and now in process of making “Trapunto Table Runner” which is also going smoothly. I love this magazine, instructions are good and DVD designs are accurate. I wish I could find more of these DVD and patterns. Great magazine.

  • Rueben

    Hey there! I’ve been following your website for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work!