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You’re Never Too Old

There are some things in life I hope I never outgrow. Here are a few of my favorites: trying a new hobby, meeting a new friend, eating a bit of chocolate and sitting on Santa’s lap. If I get to indulge in all of these things in some form on the same day, well, it makes me feel 10 years younger!

And yesterday was the day! It started early, really early, with a 5:00 AM wake-up call. Off to the airport to meet my magazine cohort, Denise Holguin, and board a plane for Nashville to visit SVP Worldwide, Singer, Viking and Pfaff.

But it wasn’t just a visit – it was to watch SVP Worldwide’s U.S. Dealer Marketing Manager delve into the world of embroidery. What’s the big deal, you wonder? Well, Cherrie Hughes has NEVER sewn in her life! But she’s been really excited about learning the hobby that SVP Worldwide’s customers are so wildly passionate about. Hmm…that’s a big undertaking for an executive whose main responsibilities are overseeing the marketing of three distinct brands. Her job really has nothing to do with thread selection, stabilizer choices and fabric characteristics. After all, there are thread, stabilizer and fabric experts already on staff at SVP Worldwide!

But trooper that she is, Cherrie wanted to make – yes, make – some gifts for a dear friend about to celebrate a milestone birthday. Lucky for Cherrie she was armed with great guidance from Kim Novak, Education and Training at SVP Worldwide; a wonderful tool, her Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby and a basket of chocolate from her new friends here at Designs.

Okay, so she had Kim – a known sewing and embroidery expert. But Kim taught, enlightened and encouraged, she DID NOT touch the machine, thread the needle or hoop the fabric. I was very impressed with that – hard to not do it for a newbie! But Kim gently guided Cherrie through the Designer Ruby’s editing screens. She rotated and moved the design in Design Positioning to achieve perfect placement and Cherrie nailed it! She got the silk shantung hooped and embroidered for two gorgeous designs from the Majestic Cutwork Collection 212.

Off we went to lunch to learn a little bit more about Cherrie. She’s been everything from the Director of Marketing for the Elvis Presley Enterprises to the Director of Marketing for Gaylord Attractions, – yep, Opryland to the Country Music Hall of Fame. So it’s no wonder she brings such enthusiasm for her new position and the company’s products. It seems her life has been full of enthusiasm – which makes you feel like you’ve known her for years. She’s easy to talk to, loves raspberry-filled dark chocolate candy (can’t go wrong there!) and now has a new hobby! Way to go, Cherrie, we can’t wait to see the finished pillow! We’ll be checking in with Cherrie throughout the year to see what other goodies she’s embroidered.

After such a fun day, what could top this? Only one thing – Santa! In all his natural white-bearded goodness and red velvet wonder, here he was, atop his throne in Gate C6 in Nashville International…Airport. Are you kidding? In the airport? Really? And there’s no line? I’m in – I love Santa! And so apparently does Denise (okay, well, she had to be bribed, coaxed and persuaded to sit on his lap). Gallant traveling comrade that she is, she obliged my juvenile longing. Oh it was fun – and it was free! Made me feel like a kid again – just like meeting a new friend, starting a new hobby or enjoying a bit of raspberry-filled dark chocolate makes you feel!

This week we’re giving away a wonderful little thread and needle set!  The Robison-Anton thread set includes Wine, Cranberry, Very Red, Mistletoe, China Blue and Cinder perfect for those last minute holiday projects.  We’re also including 100 embroidery needles from Organ Needles!     

What colors are you decorating with this holiday season? Traditional red/green? Or perhaps gold / silver? Something bold like purple?  Simply leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win the thread and needle set!

Last week to win a Stabilizer pack, we wanted to know what you were working for the holidays.  The winner is… Greta Kanegae !

“I am making stockings this year for all the kids in the extended family, plus a few friends. I do the embroidery before I cut the stocking out to minimize push and pull issues. There are mostly boys and I had fun picking out the designs. Two are getting nutcracker hockey player designs, another is getting a skateboarding design, one train, one ninja, two of the girls are getting princesses, my youngest daughter wants a polar bear, and for my oldest daughter a horse. I have 10 to do so had better get cracking!!”

Congratulations, Greta!




  • Beverley Hilton

    What a wonderful gift this would be to win! And it would help replace the many empty spools that have left gaping holes in my spool racks! Thanks for the opportunity, and for the fun info. Bev Hilton

  • Bev Passwaters

    This year am keeping things very simple. Just went out and found the cutest live 2 foot Noble Christmas Tree for 10 bucks. Course living here in Oregon where Noble trees are abundant and my favorite tree I was very pleased at my find. I basically decorate with the old fashioned red and green but because one of my loves are sea shells I decorate my tree with sea shells that have been embelished with all kinds of pretty Christmasy decorations. I also us a lot of silk poionsettias and pinecones and Christmas baskets around my home. My decorations are probably considered antiques now but I love them all.
    Bev Passwaters

  • Pat

    What a fun event!

    Santa was at the airport looking to hitch a ride to the North Pole to get back to work, of course!

    Machine Embroidery is the easiest thing to get hooked on and the hardest thing to put down when you need to do other things. I love it!

    I love your blog and especially your terrific magazine, keep up the good work.


  • Laurel Turner

    I would love the threads. Never have used them nor the color. Thanks for the opportunity. Laurel

  • carroll

    I never seem to get all my Christmas projects done. I trying to get things done for my little grandson and make some things for my grandbaby due in March. As soon as I get one thing done I start on another and I feel like I’m never gonna get caught up.

  • Bernie Webre

    I love gold, silver and crystal for the holidays and a spash of red for punch!

  • Meadowlark

    Like Bev, I live in Oregon, but I think I’m on the “other side” from her… we have a bunch o’ juniper and I’m not decorating with those!!! 🙂

    Traditional red and green, with the occasional snowflake. It’s our first year without anybody at home, we almost didn’t decorate. YIKES!!! 🙂

    • eileen

      I don’t have anybody at home now either, Meadowlark and I can’t quite get myself to go up in the attic and pull all the holiday decorations out. But my kds will be home in a few days from college so I better get in the mood soon!

  • linda cobine

    I am doing a traditional holly green and red colour scheme for decorations as well as wrapping papers for presents. But, I am adding Gingerbread Brown in the form of a home made Gingerbread cottage that I hope will not fall apart before Christmas. I vow to make next year’s gingerbread house out of embroidered fabric on my sewing machine !

  • edie

    Copper and purple. Very lovely combo!


  • Kathy Stoessner

    I love thread…LOL. It is becoming a problem since I am constantly rearranging them. Thanks for such a cute picture of Santa and his two favorite elves.


  • Mary Parker

    Hi Eileen,
    So far I’m not brave enough to go with the purple, but maybe next year I will try it. As for now I am doing the traditional red, green and gold, maybe a lot more gold. I am making hot pads for gifts, they are in blues and browns, coffee theme so they can be used all year long!

  • Karin

    We live in an RV, so there’s not a lot of room for decorations – I prefer to use what little room I have for thread & fabric, and lots of it! I hung a Santa-head ornament on our one door “handle” and a Santa Ho-Ho-Ho towel on the oven handle. That’s about it for us, now back to embroidery! I usually make free standing lace angels & snowflakes to give out here at the campground, and I’m waaaay behind already this year!!

    Santa’s helpers look like they’re having fun!

  • Barb Stickle

    We went with lime green added to our tradition burgundy. The lime is just bright enough to add some fun to our decorations on the tree and throughout the house. Coordinating wrapping and bows just make it that much better.

  • Rosemary Axtell

    I am embroidering with red and a little black and white. I am making in the hoop Santa ornaments for all 14 of my grandchildren and if I am fast enough one for each adult in my big family too! love love love your magazine…

  • Betsy

    I’ve been making quilted table runners as Christmas presents in a variety of colors: blues/white/silver, neutrals/gold, reds/greens/golds/rusts/browns/blues from Christmas charm packs, reds/white, and of course the traditional red/green. I’m still working on more and am only limited by my stash. The variety in colors and patterns keeps me interested. Everyone on my list will receive one. I just hope there’s enough time for the person at the bottom of the list…me!

  • Re

    Hi Eileen,

    We are decorating with the traditional red and green….BUT…we are using gold, silver, red and white for the gifts (blankets) we are embroidering. For the grandkids we are making scarves in wild orange, gold, etc.
    I have my threads organized in colors, all reds, greens, etc. I sure would love to have more thread to add to my three racks hanging on the wall. Robinson Anton thread is the greatest!

    Thanks for the chance to win some of the woderfl thread.

  • Jennifer Mead

    My colors are all about gold, purple, red and green this year. I am crazy about gold, and added the new colors just this year.

  • Mitzi

    since our outside world here in Alaska is pretty monochrome this time of year, I love warming things up with lots of deep reds and golds.

  • Rachel Topper

    I am an avid collector of antique and vintage ornaments an have been collecting for years, so I have hundreds of them and it usually takes days to decorate. Well, this year I’m taking a lazier approach as our daughter gave birth to our first grandchild, Benjamin, on November 30, and I’ve been helping her out after a difficult C-section! Oh, I’m not complaining!! So, I chose a smaller tree and am decorating with just silver and red, with new strands of a acrylic beads and twisted wire which served as my inspiration. It’s gorgeous! Laziness has payed off!

    • eileen

      Next year when you pull out the antique ornaments – they’ll feel brand new! Congrats on your first grandchild!

  • Alice M

    Decorating with bright colors, love anything that is bright and vibrant. I remember sitting on Santa Claus lap a few weeks ago, my grandchildren wouldn’t sit on his lap until memaw did it. Now they are no longer scared of Santa. Sitting on Santa’s lap takes you back to being a kid yourself and enjoying the holidays that much more.

  • Danyl

    This season we will decorate with red, green, and blue.

    • eileen

      That’s how I decorate my home – red, green and a splash of blue!

  • Kathy Schmidt

    Love your blog, keeps me thinking. What colors am I embroidering for Xmas…….every color under the rainbow and then some. I am trying to do some Free Standing Lace Ornaments…..1st try & they are great! So now I ask all my friends & family what their favorite colour of ornaments is so I can make at least 1 for them…….don’t know if there are going to be enough hours for me to make as many as I want, plus all the other embroideries I want to make & give for presents. Anyone know how to make 24 hours become about 48?
    Happy embroidering to All

    • eileen

      The only way to turn 24 hours into 48 is with a second embroidery machine!

  • Gail Beam

    I just stitched out an FSL angel with a light purple robe and a gold belt. She turned out great! I am going to give it to my sister who loves angels!! This weeks prize looks great! I am sure anyone who wins it will love it!

  • Dianne J

    I bought my first embroidery machine in July and absolutely was hooked.Then I realized just how outdated my 30 year old sewing machine was.So, 2 weeks ago I bought a combo sewing and embroidery machine.The Brother Quattro and it is awesome.I have sewed stockings for the family and gifts for a lot of my friends.I had forgotten how much fun sewing was.I would realy like to win the Robison-Anton thread set as I am really getting low on threads with all this fun I am having with my new hobby and career.

    • eileen

      Oh, that Quattro is a beauty! It simplifies challenging embroidery tasks and runs like a workhorse.

  • Clara Chandler

    Lime green and a deep red are the decorating colors that caught my eye this year because I fell in love with a snowman and presents fabric the lime green would complement.

    I’m making a Christmas stocking with crinkle fabric for the cuff and a tablerunner with the snowman print.

    Love to read the blog and all the posts–it’s inspiration!

  • Karen Isham

    I decorate in traditional red & green but have gone more to cranberry & green. I even found very dark poinsettias this year.
    Last year I embroidered lots of free standing lace snowflakes for my country Charlie Brown twiggy tree in my dining room. I only use white lights ( even tho my DH prefers colored bulbs, 🙂 I also use strings little cranberry wooden beads. A few yrs ago I found little miniature canning jars that you put on your light strand & put a bulb into the jar. I love my little 4ft tree. I have a 6 ft Charlie Brown twiggy tree in my family room with white lights, plaid bows & mostly homemade ornaments. Once my trees re done I wish I could leave them up all year. I love the warmth & love they add to my home.

  • Linda Bryson Carter

    I love RA thread as it runs like a dream in my Pfaff and has such a nice sheen.
    We don’t do much decorating for holidays, but I must decorate my mantle with a lovely embroidered cardinal and holly.
    I love home made ornaments and fsl.
    I am making some “antique embroidered stockings”. I have a cross stitch old world santa to finish too. Many plans, not enough time.

  • Geraldine Carlisle

    Great picture of Santa, one you will treasure.
    No color scheme this year, just everything we love. 3 new great grandbabies born this year. And we are so blessed to have the 6 month old baby girl living very close to us. Such fun to decorate with our mental eyes imagining the reactions of this wonderful new life. Blessings all, Gerrie

    • eileen

      Three new grandbabies! Congrats!

  • Alma Lou

    First off, I see you are wearing the pretty jacket with the embroidered flowers on the collar! Lovely!

    My colors for the season, as usual are turquoise with either silver or gold My favorite designs are snowflakes and angels, both of which look lovely in that color scheme. The only variations I might make are to use a deeper teal with gold.

    Happy Holidays.

    • eileen

      Alma Lou,
      Love your color combinations! And thanks for noticing the jacket – I love that jacket and can’t wait to share the instructions – and the free designs. You’ll see it posted on the website soon – before the New Year.

  • Kathi Miller

    Red and green are the most prevalent in my home at Christmas. More country shades though as I’m a country gal. Lots of quilted pieces are part of my decorations – quilted tree skirt, cover on dining table, runner on coffee table and several quilts on the walls. It’s a shame our Christmas things have such a short time to be enjoyed.


    • eileen

      Yes, it is a shame the Christmas decorations (especially the handmade ones) are enjoyed for such a short time. But I tell myself that this will actually extend their life because I look forward to passing those stitched decorations down to my children.

  • Carol

    I love the Santa experience. I love Santa, too.

    Reds and greens, but mostly reds are throughout my house this year. For many years the living room was mauve and I just couldn’t bring my self to do much red. Now that it is terra cotta, the red is fine. I have even wrapped all of the packages under the tree in different kinds of red foil paper. And in those boxes are all kinds of monogrammed towels, sheets, tote bags, and shirts for the guys. My last project is a t-shirt quilt for my little sister and it is not wrapped and uner the tree yet.


    • eileen

      Oh – a tee-shirt quilt! That’s on my list for my daughter’s college graduation this spring. Of course, I’m already done the easy part – the hoarding and hiding of the tee-shirts! Now, I just have to cut, piece, quilt and bind it. Hmm…wonder if that will happen!

  • Donna G.

    I have years worth of decorations, so the colors vary, but generally I prefer the traditional red and green. This year I used some of my embroidery test sew outs to make tags for packages. I cut them to size, backed with cardstock, added a ribbon loop, sewed the edges and wrote names on the back.

    • eileen

      Clever gift tags, Donna! What a great use of stitch-outs.

  • Patricia Phaiah

    I love your blog and magazine. I am decorating in shiny bronze and gold. With sleighs under the Christmas tree holding stuffed animals and stuffed Santas. Embroidered cones hang on the Christmas tree with other decorations.

  • Paule-Marie

    I have a little bit up – all my Christmas stuff is in long term storage – so traditional red and green. No room for a tree so I will be making a little wallhanging this week (I hope)

  • Judy Ward

    Wow the 2nd best thing to fabrics is colors of thread to get your imagination going. Needles is just an extra boost to keep you going! Would love to win this!

  • Myrna Leard

    My husband is the ‘Santa” for an organization in our small town. I love to see him dressed up and it does bring back a lot of memories from my childhood and our kid’s childhood. That magic is still there for us and we have been able to watch our grandchildrens’ faces while sitting on Santa’s knee. Even now with some of the grands in their teens, when Santa comes into the room, their eyes sparkle.

    I hope their memories carry them through the rest of their lives and wish all children the same experience. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • eileen

      Merry Christmas to you and your husband Myrna. I’ve always thought it takes a very special man to dress up as Santa.

  • Shirley R

    What a wonderful Giveaway Gift this week! That’s just like getting a new set of Crayons when we were kids! Way to Go! We are not decorating our home this Christmas because we will be spending the day at our daughter’s home. She is so clever and crafty I can hardly wait to see her home! She can make “something out of nothing” as the saying goes. She comes up with the most clever ideas using unusual items that most people would just throw away. I’m working hard to get her interested in machine embroidering – she doesn’t know what she is missing. A Joyous Christmas to all!

  • Edna Khalifeh

    The thread names sound so cool! This is my first time on your blog, I love it already…I’m off to read every one of your posts! Thank you for being such an inspiration with your magazine, tips, gadgets and enthusiasm. Happy Holidays!

  • Susan Spiers

    My theme this year is gold & white (including clear crystal/glass)!

  • Sharon Goodrich

    Would love to have this thread collection and the Organ needles – love the colors and names selected. Planning to make tree skirts for my kids, grands and siblings for next year. Enjoying your blog so much and look forward to a time I can make it to one of your seminars.

  • Mary Ann Coleman

    We stay at our daughter’s for the holidays, which is in a different state than ours. what ever colors she choses to decorate with are fine with me.

    • eileen

      Mary Ann,
      I think family and friends add the best ‘color’ at Christmas.

  • Susan Weber

    This year I have used a lot of Christmas red and green for towels but have also used a lot of white and gold metallic to make FSL ornaments to put in Christmas cards of friends. I talk so much about my machine and all that this will show them something that I do on it. The threads will come in handy as I would like to start making all my table toppers and tree skirts for next year.

  • LeAnne

    I love to decorate with red and green: garlands of cedar boughs and red poinsettias, glass vases filled with red and green glass ornaments and of course red and green Christmas themed embroidered wallhangings.

  • Susan Wilson

    I decorated my sewing studio with a white tree and I used clear lights, red bead garland, and various sewing related ornaments that I have been given over the years. It certainly keeps me in the Christmas Spirit having it in the room in which I spend sew much of my time!!!

  • Patty Ojeda

    I love to decorate with Red and Green. Garland, candles, and lots of christmas decorations! I would love to win the thread and needles! Thank you for the chance!

  • nannysc

    Red and Green are always included in my Christmas decorating along with accents of gold and bronze. To win the threads and needles would be such a thrill and allow for more fun embroidery! Thanks so much for the opportunity you’re offering and may you enjoy a blessed Merry Christmas.

  • Meg

    I’m using a hot pink boa tree this year.

  • Barbara Basel

    I’m decorating in mainly red, green, gold, and silver. Although I’ll use any color that looks good. This year I’m making aprons for all of the women and children in the family. For the women I’m using towels purchased from the sewing studio. I’m decorating the top with embroidery done with my new Baby Lock Sophia 2. I tuck in the top, add material for the neck and waist. I also add pockets on the bottom half. They’re looking pretty cute. Learning a lot about the embroidery. I’m not perfect yet! I am decorating pre-made aprons for my 4 grandchildren. I could really use those pretty threads and needles! I’m sure they will be put to good use regardless of who wins them.

    Thank you Eileen for your blog and magazine!

  • Marsha

    Hi..Raspberry dark chocolate sounds wonderful. Buy the way I sit on Santa lap and I’m 62. I have decorated this year with silver, red and clear, iridescent, hand blown glass. My tree is 10 feet tall with over a thousand lights. It just glows. Have a merry christmas. Marsha

    • eileen

      See! One is never too old to sit on Santa’s lap! Your tree sounds gorgeous!

  • Kathy Meyers

    This year I have used every color in the book! But the most popular seems to have been purple for some reason. Who knows! hehehe.
    This thread kit looks fabulous! Love your magazine.

  • Martha Hubbard

    I’m decorating using many colors this year. Of course a bit of red and green, but my large fireplace wreath is decorated in shades of gold to match my living room. Purple is my favorite color and my lavender bathroom gets a special christmas soap pump with lavender soap inside.
    Loved your story “You’re never too old..” I am totally jealous of Cherrie Hughes – I want her job so I can be around all those brands of sewing machines every day! Love the blog and appreciate all that you share.

  • Beverly Miner

    I just decorated my tree with family ornaments and snowmen bells. Hung lacy crocheted snowflakes my mother made for me.

  • Beverly Miner

    I just decorated our tree with family ornaments and snowmen bells. I hung snowflakes that my mother made for me.

  • Melissa

    We are in the process of switching up our traditional red and green and I am slowly converting to red and orange, with bits of pale green and that blue-green color you see a lot in Christmas fabric lately. This new scheme matches the autumn colors in our home.

  • Rita Dougherty

    I bought a beautiful box of Christmas Greetings called “The Meaning of The Snowflake”. I am enclosing an embroidered snowflake to each card that gets mailed out to friends and families.

  • Kitty

    I am basically using the red and greens but have been playing with doing doves and angels (mostly FLS designs) on different types of fabrics, some patterned, some not. I have some really interesting results. The most fun has been with a small patterned blue blouse I got from a garage sale. Each dove is different.

  • VickiT

    It sounds like a fun time you all had.

    Ooh decorating this year for me has been fun. My wonderful husband has once again spoiled me and surprised me by going back to buy my new tree I’d seen and was drooling over. Ok, ok, I pouted a bit too since we really didn’t have th extra money to buy it the day I’d seen it so when we did have money we could spend while driving, he pulled into the parking lot of the store and went in to buy it for me. I was SO excited because it’s the most gorgeous color of purple. I LOVE my new tree. I really miss having real trees but I was converted a few years back because it’s just so much easier and with the very bad knees that I have, dealing with the artificial ones is just a lot easier. Because of my new tree, I’ve been shopping for all new decorations for the tree and have to make a new tree skirt since the old one kinda clashes with the purple. LOL

  • bkinyorkton

    We just did a kitchen reno and painted the walls blue. So the tree in the living room has blue and white decorations on it. Alot of the white deorations are crocheted by my Mother-in-law. I’m going to try some embroidered free standing lace next week. I’m still in awe of the wonderful things my embroidery machine can produce. Thanks for the inspiration… Merry Christmas.

  • Cassie

    I was thinking on doing pastels of the traditional colors red and green not sure yet though hubby won’t allow the tree up this early gggg

  • gail lents

    We have no particular color theme this year, as usual. Our tree is hung with ornaments that we have purchased together, our children/grandchildren have made and dear friends have given to us or made for us. It is an interesting mix, certainly nothing that would be speacial to anyone but us.
    I have been making fleece throws for family and some special members of our community at church.
    Mainly I have taken up the challenge of trying to help with the Meth Coalition of Jefferson County where we live. This summer they came to our church requesting covers for car seats and car seat straps. When they have to take children from home where meth has been made the children’s clothing and toys are contaminated with the chemicals from the drug prodution. I made covers for the seats & straps. Now were are making comfort quilts so these children can have a blanket of their own to take any where they go, it is their property and we hope to help “comfort” them in this small way.

  • Devora OLson

    It’s been a few years since I have decorated for Christmas. Having recently retired, I decided to pull out the old lights and use what I had. I have to admit that I did buy a little Christmas tree and what appeared to be new garland at a garage sale, but since my husband won’t be reading this he doesn’t have to know about that purchase.

    Outside, we put (and yes, I say “we”.) I started putting out the lights and asked for some help and the project was a “we” project. The day turned out to be a fun together project as we ended up with a beautiful multi-colored front yard. I also found a string of chili pepper lights and put that on a silk plant on the front porch.

    My daughter and I decorated my little 3 ft. tree with red and silver little balls and a string of multicolored bulbs. In the kitchen I used a 1 foot tree I’ve had for years and it is all white. The garland went on top of the piano with two two low star-shaped glass candle holders and red votives. It was fun to use lights and goodies that were out in the garage and give them new live. We found that we didn’t have to buy all new Christmas decorations to have a festive yard and house.

  • April

    I always decorate in the traditional red and green with accents of gold. But this year I’ve been making things for my two daughters using deep purple. It feels more wintry than Christmasy, but that’s been more my mood this year.

  • Jean Hollis

    I have lovely blue ribbons to cascade down the tree, but mostly I decorate in early”kid craft” – just try to get away without hanging some of those!

    • eileen

      Early “kid craft”! Love that! Oh how they remember! You are so right – you can’t get away with keeping the glittered pine cones, hung with gnarly acrylic yarn, in the attic.

  • Joyce

    This year the inside of our house really isn’t decorated at all. Hubby put lights outside but that’s it. We’re spending the day with daughter and grandkids and then my sister and her kids and won’t be home much at all before Christmas.

    I could sure use this thread lol. I’m using what I have to make stockings for great neice, grandkids, and the kids of friends. Then I have to make potholders with matching towels and hot pads for gifts. Sure going to use up a lot of the thread I now have.

    I love this blog and I’m adding it to my favorites so that I an read it often.

    Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your New Year is the best one ever.


    • eileen

      Merry Christmas to you too, Joyce. Thanks for reading the blog – it’s the readers who make this blog so much fun! Keep coming back!

  • Mary

    I love the colored light on the Christmas tree, So that is what I went with and brought my Snowman collection down. I’m also making a table topper (4 of them -3 are gifts) with a wreath embroidered in the middle. Not sure if it will be red or green, but I have a beautiful blue arrangement that will go on the dining room table. Love the thread colors.

  • Linda Ladd

    I am using traditional reds and greens with Cardinals and Poinsettias in the dining room. My tree is red and green with many gold ornaments that we collected during my husbands 23 year military service. I love RA Thread and if Santa could see her way for me to win these I would be very happy!!!

  • Linda Machado

    Traditional Christmas colors are what I use every year. Always seem to run out of thread so it would be great to win some. I love Santas and snowmen especially. Have some Anita Goodesigns I want to get done for Christmas.

  • Linda Margrave

    I would love to win the needles and thread, it would add to what I am working on at the moment. I am make four advent wreath banners. The words are machine embroideried in “snow white” and a center line of zigzag down the length of the banners. Finished off with hook & loop closers to be able to remove from the wreath and stored away till the next season.

  • Sugar

    I have use red, gold and green for holiday projects. I’d just love to win!

  • Jill Jackson

    I made mini wall hangings for gifts using red, green and gold!

  • Kathy Morse

    This year I am delving into the world of lace. I purchases a kit that includes 22 lace ornaments and have been stitching ever since the download completed. The colors I have chosen to work with are: Xmas Red, Dk Purple,Xmas Green,Royal Blue,Bright White, and Peacock Blue. I have 6 brothers and sisters whom will be the recipients of a set of ornaments this year. I love giving gifts that make them go wheewww and aaaaahhhh. ;o)

  • emeggs

    I would like to win. My holyday decoration is in green and red with little sparkles in gold.
    Erika from Austria

  • Kathryne

    I do love the Robinson Anton thread.

    Am making some pillowcases for my daughter’s camper. She has named it “Moosie.” I was fortunate to locate some moose flannel and and a coordinating print. Plan to embroider some mooses on the cuff of the pillowcase.

    I plan to also make, after Christmas, a rag quilt from the same prints.

    Would love to have the thread


  • Christine

    This year we will be decorating with a soft pink and silver theme. Pink to remind us of friends who are no longer with us having succumbed to cancer and silver to help celebrate not only the birth of Jesus but that my mother will be 80 on that day this year.

  • BillieSews

    I typically go traditional red and green, this year it’s mostly red, but I think next year I’m going to totally step out of the traditional and either do copper or lime green, or a combination of both.

  • Ethel

    This year, in addition to making clothing for our three grandchildren, I am making tree ornaments in gold and silver for the chapel trees at our church. I have elicited the help of my 94-year-old mother who now lives with us and who introduced me to embroidery machines (She is on her third Pfaff). As you can understand, she is my inspiration, and it is my turn to suggest things we can do together.

  • Jolan Dallatore

    This year I’m doing a few different things. The one with the most colors is a Hindi design wall hanging for my daughter’s in-laws for a New Years’ design. The colors are include red, moss green, yellow, tangerine, and peacock blue. Also doing the usual stocking names in red and maybe green-haven’t decided yet. Of course I’m so very late in doing everything!

  • Edith

    I’m working on some calendars from this shows 2010, but I bought the correct year 🙂
    I have been putting the Four Seasons Wheel on them. I have been thrilled with both products!
    (Joyce at the store has been great to work with also!)

  • Dale Fedor

    I’m afraid most of the colors I use are the traditional Christmas colors: red, green, white, gold/yellow. I need to spread my wings & try other things & colors.

  • Deborah Rayman

    This would be a wonderful addition to my collection of threads. I am using mostly red and green for my traditional Christmas.

  • Debby Patz

    This year I am making beaded ornaments and a dress-up set for my 5 year old niece. I am also embroidering knitting motifs to make a quilted bag for my Mom. I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Thanks.

  • Dorothy Bratlien

    I would love to win this beautiful collection of thread. These days I am trying to design some quilt labels for my quilting friends.

  • Cindy Brust

    I love the deep wine colors. I am Making FSL Stars that are light blue,dark blue, and white. I sew and embroider church linens and decorations for our church. This year I am making FSL Stars in gold and silver metallic thread. I just finished four wall hangings on Black Felt for Christmas gifts and 24 napkins in various colors for my best friend.

  • Traci

    I totally agree that you are never too old, my mom LOVES her embroidery machine, a hobby that she is learning more and more about at the “young” age of 59!

  • PJ Helwick

    This year we’re decorating our tree in blue, white, and gold. These colors coordinate with the many hand made and collected ornaments that we’ve enjoyed over the years. Our three year old grandson and 18 month old granddaughter will help us decorate so Santa will know where to leave some of their presents.

    • eileen

      Hi PJ,
      I remember the Christmas my children were 3 yr. and 1 yr. old (my kids are 23 months apart). Since they were both walking, they redecorated the tree several times a day for the entire time it was up. Of course, they could only reach the lower branches of the tree. Sometimes that area would be completely bare and other times, decorated just right. But most of the time, it was a little helter skelter. What a great memory. Word of caution – put your most treasured, delicate ornaments up high and out of reach!

  • Virginia Nehring

    One year I used all blue & white. Lovely. But didn’t quite feel like Christmas even though there were snow flakes in the blue. So I stick to red & green–which looks fantastic even if not used for Xmas projects. Love, love, love gold–but works best in small accents. I’m running out of projects to make. Once you have the Christmas quilt, tree skirt, stockings, hmmm. Perhaps quilted photo cards?

    • eileen

      You’re running out projects, Virginia? Well, there’s always embroidered soap, toilet paper, doiles, table runners, napkins, placemats, kitchen towels, bath towels, Christmas jammies, Advent wreaths and yes, definitely quilted photo cards!

  • Christine

    This year is bright white, silver and lite blue. I embroidered 39 freestanding lace ornaments in bright white. Now that’s a lot of thread! Some went into my homemade lt blue Christmas cards and some are on the tree.

    • eileen

      39 lace ornaments! Very impressive, Christine! You’re spreading a lot of holiday cheer.

  • Ellen Perry

    I decorate with burgundy/green and gold.
    I have also been embroiderying like crazy…tea towels,towels,diaper holders mostly.
    Please pick me…

  • Lorraine Rankin

    We live full time in our motorhome (along with the sewing/emb machine and serger); the decorating is a conglomeration of small things from our past “life” as well as new additions-it’s mostly red and green. There’s a 2 ft. tree on the dash decorated with tiny red and white socks done years ago on my knitting machine-a table runner in patchwork and embroidery is under it.

  • Valerie Usowicz

    I love RA thread, I have a dozen projects just waiting to be started. I have just retired and am looking forward to many happy hours of embroidery, sewing and quilting. Love the fleece jacket, I want one of those. You are such an inspiration to all of us who are learning to do new things. Thank you.

    • eileen

      Val, congrats on your retirement! I wish you good health for many years to come so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  • Anita Berry

    I too, am in my “Golden Years” but,I’m going to be a great-grandmother (twice) in early spring. So I have been making baby things for next Christmas. I’m using the primary colors red, green and yellow, with a splash of bright blue. This has been such a (do I dare say FOBIA) that it has carried over to the Christmas tree. I have used the same colors to embroidery freestanding ornaments for the tree.

  • Andie

    I’m going very plain this year – wood and ceramic. Felt too lazy to string up lights, or put up other decorations, so about all that is on display is our Nativity set (made of wood & ceramic).

  • Debra Wilson

    I love using Christmas Red and green but of course have to use some metallic wth them for the shine an the “OH” factor.

  • Colleen

    Seeing your with Santa picture made me smile. I’m a flight attendant and have that same picture. Sadly I couldn’t get my coworkers to join me. They worry to much how it would of looked to others passing by. All I saw were smiles. Not often seen in our job through airports.
    If I could just travel with my embroidery machine how happy I would be! I settle now for having time in hotel rooms designing new projects to quilt and embroider on my computer or taking fabric scraps that I cut on the road matching colors to do my new thing of in hoop quilts when I’m home.
    After seeing the fleece jacket designs I can’t wait to get home and cut up some of my kids old sweat shirts from high school (they are all over 30 so I don’t think they are looking for theirs) but then again they might get them back as gifts now.
    This year I made embroidered tea towel sets for all my unmarried neices (6 sets). And self made embroidered pillow cases for the married ones (8 sets). My children got memory wall hangings.
    Thanks so much for all your sugestions and ideas. I’m always eager for ideas.

    • eileen

      Oh Colleen – hopefully I see you in the air someday! It’s disappointing to hear your co-workers wouldn’t join you in a Santa photo! In the past few days, I was travelling through Nashville, Houston and Love Field. Each airport had the same Santa photo op. It was fun to participate but I really enjoyed watching all types of people grab a photo with Santa. There really weren’t many children flying (still in school), so 90% of Santa visitors were adults! What fun! What a wonderful joint promotion by Southwest Airlines, Microsoft, Best Buy and others. Kudos to them for spreading some holiday cheer.

  • Deb Bremer

    Oh I love RA thread it is the one of the first threads I used. They sell it here at People Places an Quilts. I am using a a lot of Pinks, Golds and Silvers right now right now. My Mom loved pink and I always think of her around this time. She passed years ago but so loved Christmas. She passed that down to her kids too. I am also making bagsa for my grandkids friends again this year and am making the Moose Candy Cane cover from San Fansisco Stich and making the grils white reindeer with purple ( my 13 yr ld grandaughters fav color) bridles. I will also bling out the bridles on the girls with HF Crystals. My grandsons will have green bridles since that is his fave.
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday everyone!

  • Jill

    I would love to win the thread. I have been having so much fun doing embroidery. It is addicting.

  • I love the colors red and green for Christmas,Instead of cards I made “little* socks for mine family and was fun to do so

  • Karen Trott

    I love metalic threads. I use every color, pastels, primary, gold, silver, bronze, copper, if it glitters, I’ve tried it.

    I would love to win some new threads.

  • Linda Kwolek

    Colors I am using are Civil War blue for the quilt I made for my fathers Christmas present, and herb colors for the kitchen towel set I’m making for my sister.

  • Melinda

    Normally we decorate our house and Christmas Tree with the traditional red and green theme. This year, for some reason I’m not sure of yet, we opted to put blue and clear lights on the Christmas tree with silver and blue ornaments. We put clear light strings on the roof line and sides of the house. When it’s dark and foggy and we’ve got the Christmas lights on, I can see my house from several blocks away! (Haven’t had any complaints from our neighbors yet 🙂

  • Ann Richardson

    I use RA threads all the time. A set of what I call Victorian colors, would be a great collection to have with what I already have.

    I like blues, silver, gold and red and green for Christmas. I like to see bright colors in my decor. This year I’ve added green & blue to my Christmas decorations.

    As far as being too old to learn, I think your friend starting out with Shantung silk is very brave. I’ve used it a couple of times myself. I’m 55. Though I love the look when the project is done, it can be very difficult to work with.
    I don’t think anyone is too old to learn, if they set their mind to it. I’ve enjoyed my husqvarna machine. Some day I’ll have the money to buy the Ruby. I’m sewing on the old Designer 1– With the floppy disks in the machine.

  • Casie Williams

    We’re decorating our new house this year! Put up our first tree in nearly 20 years, with a train running around the bottom. It was really a trip down memory lane as I chose each of the hand-made ornaments to hang. Keeping it simple with red and green colors. I’ve been learning to digitize this year. The wall hangings, table runner and this year’s ornament all include designs I digitized myself.

  • Enis

    This year I’m decorating in gold, pink and mauve/burgundy. White lites on the tree with pink and white lights on my wreathes and fireplace. Just beautiful!

  • Cassandra

    I haven’t usedmy BMP6 in more than a year. I relocated to Florida to assist with the care of my mom, a very challenging year I might add. But, thankfully she’s beginning to regain a bit of her independence. So I dusted off my big bruiser and threaded it with the regular Christmas colors by Robinson Anton and started creating some samll gifts. I experimented with some metallics and everything turned out great. A year long break didn’t stop my excitement and enthusiasm for learning and doing machine embroidery. I feel like its Christmas every time I get something done. I know I’m not too old to learn.

  • janice thompson

    I’m working on coffee cup wraps this year. I’m using dark shades for the embroidery.

  • Janet Wallis

    I am decorating with red and green and TEDDY BEARS.
    Lots of bears under the tree, in the tree, (even an angel teddy bear at the top) and all over the house. Can you tell I like teddy bears!!?!

  • debj

    oh, decorating with reds and greens and silver this year… looks really nice with evergreens, etc…

  • Coni

    I love Robison Anton thread. I have never had a problem with this thread. I have too many projects on my to do list, slowly but surely starting to cross off a few

  • Debbi

    Got the threads I won.:) The color are beautiful. Might have to start Christmas stitiching really really early next year.

  • Mark

    Being Jewish, I used the “traditional” white and blue!

    But I did choose a very deep red to embroider a name on a Christmas stocking for my boss – she bought it too late to have the store do it. It was velvet and lined with a batting sandwiched between and on the edge. A bit of a challenge to hoop! Wish I’d had the magna hoops then (mine just arrived today).

  • Dolores

    Had the most scarey experience. Finished a Pebble quilt top for my granddaughter Jacey that she wanted. When I showed it to her, she was so upset cause I had left out the design of Pebbles kissing Bam Bam! (She is only 6!) So since it wasn’t quilted yet, I figured it would be easy to add the design.

    It should have been! Have been looking in 3 houses for the CD and it has disappeared! ok, I can get another! Ha! Ha! It is no longer on the market!!!! So I net searched and net searched and finally found one!

    Sure would have hated to disappoint of wonderful Jacey Dawn! Now on to finishing!

  • Jan

    Just stumbled across this website. Very Interesting. I embroider on a Husqvarna Ruby. Retired – Sew every day! Life is GOOD

  • Carolyn H

    Haven’t been able to sew or embroider since early May due to catract surgery on each eye. Some new threads would sure brighten my day when I get new glasses in 3 weeks & can spend hours in my sewing room catching up.

  • Barbara Giamportone

    When all the cards are done I just might get to do some more embroidery for all the DDIL’s. One of them does a lot of embroidery so I’ll have to think of something different for her. Maybe we’ll use red & gold to decorate the tree & the house. Very festive. I’ve done a lot of porcelain ornaments but will do some FSL this year.