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It’s Cookie Time!

Hey, hey! A big shout out to DigiStitches! Our friends at DigiStitches have donated two huge gift cards for this week’s giveaway! Can you believe it? Two $100 shopping sprees…two winners! I’m very impressed by their generosity but I have to tell you, I have always been impressed by their creativity. Wow – their designs are to-die-for and Jennilee’s (the lady behind the creativity at DigiStitches) twist on play food is well, quite playful! We published a very popular how-to on stitching no-cal sugar cookies and thought we’d share it with you. Play food is not just for kids, you know, they make great ornaments for a kitchen Christmas tree.

Click here to download the free project.

Of course, at this time of year, many of you are in your kitchens baking up a storm. And many of us here at Designs are wishing we were home making cookies. But deadlines loom (and there never seems to be a lack of deadlines!) so we haven’t been able to play hookie. Instead, we decided to do some baking here! And what fun we had. We learned quite a few things.

1. You don’t need a lot of fancy kitchen equipment to bake cookies. We only have a toaster oven in the breakroom.

2. Teamwork spreads out the workload. Some brought dough, others equipment and others contributed icing and sprinkles.

3. Its best to provide a detailed list of what to bring to those who are currently residing on cloud 9. One of our officemates, Stephanie Stubbs, wore her shiny, brand new engagement ring because she thought we said ‘sparkles’, not sprinkles.

4. Those who you least expect to excel at decorating cookies, absolutely shine if you give them some icing and a small sugary canvas. We were blown away by our IT project manager, Roy Garland. Here’s a few of his creations

5. Baking really spreads the holiday cheer. If you’ve got some holiday blues, mix some flour, sugar and butter and then bake! It’ll lift your spirits in no time. Here’s our web czar – she’s an avid baker, chef and soapmaker! And she’s sharing her no-fail sugar cookie recipe. Click here to download.

You can view the rest of the photos on Facebook!

I know you’re running your embroidery machines on full throttle but how about the oven? Are you firing it up – baking for the holidays? If so, what cookie do you bake (oh, ok, buy) every year? Is there just one that makes your holiday? Let us know and you’ll be entered to win one of those two shopping sprees from DigiStitches!  Two gift certificates double your chance to win!

Last week we asked what colors you were decorating with for the Holidays!  The winner of the thread and needle set is… Debra Wilson!

“I love using Christmas Red and green but of course have to use some metallic wth them for the shine an the “OH” factor.”

Congratulations, Debra!




  • Karin

    Oooooh, pretty sparkles, Stephanie – Congratulations! And what a cute ornament (and soooo low-cal to boot!!)

    My machines are both just humming & singing, so there’s been little time for baking in my camper so far, but, eventually, there’ll be time.

    When my kids were home, heck, even after they moved out, they requested my homemade coconut macaroon clusters…oooooh…they’re good. Now that time is so limited, I find shortcut turtles are always a favorite – you know, you put down a mini-pretzel (or vanilla wafer, flat side up), then an unwrapped Rollo, melt a bit in your warm oven, then mash a pecan half onto it! MMMMM, tasty, and they always disappear quickly!

    I’d LOVE to win one of those gift cards – just like fabric, you can never have too many designs! Thanks for the fun giveaway and for sharing your baking session!

  • Judy Parker

    I just finished baking Orange Meltaways Dipped in Chocolate. 12 dozen of them. I am also making brownie bites, Hummingbird Sweet Cake, and Angel Kisses. All of that today for a friends Christmas party tomorrow. And of all things, I am on a diet…ouch that hurts..God give me the will power not to sample… dh is doing the sampling for me…blessings to you all

    • Denise Holguin

      Orange Meltaways dipped in chocolate sound so amazing! I think you should sample one on my behalf. I’ll do the exercising for you! Hope the party goes well tomorrow.


  • Mary Eunice Weinkauf

    I made Grandma’s molasses cookies and Chocolate chip pecan pie bars. I intend to make sugar cookies and sopapillas soon.

  • Betsy

    What’s Christmas without cut-out frosted sugar cookies? I’ll be trying your web czar’s recipe with the almond flavoring. It sounds yummy. I also like sugar cookies with a bit of anise flavoring, my fave! Making and decorating holiday cookies with a group of friends sounds like great fun! I think I’ll see if I can round up some gals this weekend for baking and sharing project ideas.

  • Bobbi Joyner

    I are busy as ever with my Ellisimo humming away. We also are gathering 2 great granddaughters, Katelyn 10 and Carolyn 8 making iced suger cookies and those delicious thumbprint cookies with strawberry red jelly in the center. What fun! Also making for Christmas dessert the ever yummy Pecan Pie from our family recipe.

  • Laurel Turner

    Love the cookies… I really want more… Laurel

  • Meadowlark

    My oven has been busy with chex mix. Although I’ve been making peppermint-lemon creme mixes to give away. That’s as close to cookies as I’ve been. No kids this year, and next year we’ll have our first granddaughter, so I can see things changing!!! 🙂

  • Bernie Webre

    It’s not Christmas without my Great Aunt Jennie’s sand tarts. My mother, who passed away in February, taught all of us how to make them. Even my daughter in law is carrying on the tradition.

  • Carol Anderson

    I just couldn’t have Christmas without my Mom’s Filled cookies. It is like a soft sugar cookie, actually 2 together and filled with a raisin and nut mixture. A bit harder than some cookies to make BUT oh so worth it.

    ALSO I just have to make Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls. Sounds strange but they are heavenly. Made like a rolled up cinnamon roll but the dough has cocoa in it!
    Yum Yum. My mouth is sure watering.

    I hope all of you are looking forward to some of your favorite treats for Christmas that just makes it extra special.

  • Paule-Marie

    I’ll make Noni’s oatmeal raisin cookies cuz my husband loves them and some sugar cookies for him. I found a new cookie that is absolutely awesome for the dark chocolate lover (me!). They are chocolate thumbprint cookies filled with chocolate ganache. Oh my goodness, thought I’d died and gone to chocolate heaven.

  • Janice Murry

    My Christmas this year will be delayed until the week after Christmas Day. It will be well worth the wait because my Dad, Children, and Grandchildren will all be able to spend the week with us. It is the first time in a long time we have ALL been together. The sugar cookie is the one my Grandchildren like the best. It gives us time to be creative and spend a special time together. I am so excited! I can hardly wait!!!

  • Connie

    We have to have chocolate chip cookies. In my fifty-(cough) years we have never had a Christmas without chocolate chip cookies. A newer tradition is cheese braid (sort of like cheese danish). I got the recipe from Southern Living.

  • Edna Khalifeh

    Oatmeal-Raisin cookies (I love, love, love them) for me, Brownies for the chocolate addicts I live with, and Carrot cake with Walnuts for everyone!

  • Casie Williams

    Gotta bake shortbread cookies! I have an easy recipe that makes the best shortbread. I’ve made 8 batches in the last month!

  • tabitha grace

    Always only one – Boterkoek – it’s a dutch butter almond
    bread. The neighbors count on it. I better get busy.

  • Alice M

    Have to have the old fashioned sugar cookies with the sprinkles, and of course the dipped pretzels in white chocolate. My nephew wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t have those.

  • Carol Filbeck

    Butterscotch Sundae Cookies and dates and pecans make me think of my Dad every time. He died 43 years ago but just biting into these cookies makes me smile.

  • Donna G.

    I make date bars, a recipe my mother-in-law had for years. My favorite though, are white chocolate/macadamia nuts cookies.

  • kelly campbell

    Definately mexican wedding cake with a hershey kiss hidden inside.

  • Ellen perry

    DigiStitches is a favorite of mine…I probably have most of her designs..if I have time to bake it would be pralines/snickerdoodles and fudge
    Pick me pls

  • Brenda Kish

    I usually buy my baking from a service club at a farmer’s market in our mall. That way I get an assortment and it’s still homebaked. The service club uses the proceeds to purchase Christmas gifts for children who would otherwise be without.

  • Geraldine Carlisle

    Since I no longer bake my favorite cookie is whatever my loving family brings in the door. They are so good about bringing treats with them when they come to visit. And they are so good to visit even if they can only stay a few minutes.
    Please, everyone who has shut-in family or friends, seeing your face and holding your hands are the best gifts we can recieve. Blessings all, Gerrie

  • Harriet Piper

    My daughter and nephew ask for my No-Roll Sugar Cookies for their Christmas present every year. I only make them for Christmas, so they are a real treat.

  • Enis

    Oh, I’ll be on a baking frenzie next week, but I think my favorite cookie to make are the lemon balls rolled in powdered sugar.

  • Gail Beam

    I always made wedding cookies, chocolate mint brownies, and German Chocolate cookies for Christmas. My kids loved them, and so did I! How nice of Jenilee to offer two great gift certificates to purchase designs on her site. Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  • LeAnne

    I’ll be baking spritz, filled mincemeat cookies, and iced sugar cookies, along with fudge and filbert toffee.

  • carroll

    I started this year to make decorated sugar cookies with my 2 year old grandson. I guess it will be a traditional cookie for us in the future.

  • Shirley R

    Amid finishing embroidered Xmas gifts, I will be making Oatmeal Carmelites to take to our family Xmas party. They are very easy to make and they are delicious, with a combo of chocolate chips and carmel ice cream topping sandwiched in between an oatmeal-brown sugar crust and crumb topping of the same ingredients as the crust.

  • Dale Fedor

    The grandkids always sell cookie dough for some fund raiser at school, so I always make chocolate chip cookies. I was never able to learn how to roll out dough, so drop cookies it is. I enjoy eating cookies but don’t like making them as it ties me to the kitchen & can’t get my last minute gifts done.

  • Marcia Fette

    My favorite cookies to bake are called nut rolls, made with ground walnuts rolled inside cookie dough. They are baked and then rolled in confectioners sugar.

  • VickiT

    What great looking cookies and from a little toaster oven too. That’s dedication to wanting to make cookies. LOL

    Jenilee has great designs and wow, what a great prize too. Thanks Jenilee!

    The one cookie I MUST make every holiday season are the Rosettes. I just love how delicate and cripsy they are. Those are my favorite aside from Sugar Cookies.

    • Denise Holguin

      This was a childhood favorite of mine! I forgot all about those cookies until now. I’m going to have to remind dear mom to reintroduce them into our holiday tradition. In the meantime– please eat one for me!


  • Kathi Miller

    The favorite at my house is oatmeal cookies with Craisins (dried cranberries) and white chocolate chips. They’re always moist and ohhhh so good. Russian Tea Cakes (AKA Mexican Wedding Cakes) are always a favorite too. They are rolled in powdered sugar and I always end up with powdered sugar from one end of my kitchen to the other. I am not a neat cook!

  • jeannie morris

    I am making sugar cookies and candy. My 2 grandkids (3 & 5 ) are helping me this year. They had so much fun. Big mess, but we had fun.

    • Denise Holguin

      What wonderful memories you are creating for yourself and your grandchildren! Thank you for sharing!


  • SJ

    Having all 7 gluten allergies, there is no baking at my house, just embroidering and sewing. I do remember the fun making cut-out cookies with my Mom as a kid. If Rudolph’s leg happen to break off, we had to eat him without decorating. The cookies were so good that we didn’t even care if they were decorated.

  • Mitzi

    We usually make Springerles at our house, from my grandma’s old country German recipe. These are the little square cookies that are pressed with a wooden form that has carved motifs of trees, owls, stars, etc. It’s a two-day process, so the whole house is warm with the aroma of anisette as the cookies dry overnight and then bake the next day.

  • Marsha

    I have been making gingerbread men for the last 40 years. It’s not Christmas without them. My children used to decorate them and now we have a party and my grandchildren decorate them. They always look forward to it. The kids each get tubes of frosting and decorations and they get to do what ever they like. I love the creativity. We are doing it tonight. Can’t wait. I also make cookies that my nana and mom used to make. You roll cookie dough in a ball then put a chocolate wafer in the middle and cover it with the dough. Put a walnut on top and bake. So yummy. Merry Christmas and a creative new year to you and all your elves.

  • Pam Pike

    I make Snowball cookies every Christmas. I ‘ll be baking up several batches this week. They remind me of wedding cookies but taste much better. I’ll also make my 3 day coconut cake that everyone looks forward to. I have to make two of these. One for each of the gatherings that we will host and/or attend. I love Digistitches designs (I have many) and would love to win one of the awesome gift certificates!

  • Sheryl Jones

    Every year my grandmother used to make kolachky (a Slovakian cookie) with a cream cheese dough and fruit or nut filling, so I try to do these each year. Of course, mine never taste as good as hers did. Your sugar cookies looked great and I look forward to trying the recipe. That’s one of my favorite cookies.

  • Dianna M

    I normally would be stitching up lots of last minute gifts but not this year. My Duetta (over 12 million stchs) decided she was tired & locked up just before my last craft show. With the high cost of repair & very low craft shows & funds, it will have to wait to be fixed. I do not bake or cook much anymore & no family really close but I will still have to make my Mother’s date bars. Really not a Christmas cookie but they have become a tradition & I usually triple the batch & still run out. We all think of her laughing with powdered sugar everywhere while we used to sneak one, or two. A few yrs. ago I had a “memories” Christmas dinner. Each dish was a special recipe of a deceased family member! No one really had noticed so I had to tell about each one. Not many dry eyes around the table that yr. Nor mine right now! Merry Christmas every one!!!

    • eileen

      The memories Christmas dinner sounds delightful. What a wonderful experience for your family. Hope you get to do it again. Merry Christmas, Dianna.

  • Kathy Myers

    I really love to make mexican wedding cakes! The more powder suger the better. Wait, I hear one calling me…..

  • Jill

    We all love the peanut blossoms, they have a Hersheys’s Kiss on top!!!!

  • stacey hollenshead

    Christmas cookie time. We have always gotten together at my Dad’s and baked tons of every kind of holiday cookie there is. This year was special. Daddy actually asked for all of us to come, even though he was watching the game, he loves to see all us girls in the kitchen baking. We baked sugar cookies, spritz cookies, and we even went as far as pulling taffy and got him involved. This will sadly probably be my Dad’s last Christmas with us as he is very ill so we wanted to make it extra special, so I taught the grandkids how to make taffy. It was a sight. tasted pretty good too. We even wrcut it up and wrapped it to bring to the church to go inthe Christmas Baskets. My favorite recipe of all time,well there are 2, one is a chocolate and orange pinwheel and I always have to make Russian Rocks, it just has the flavors of the season with the cinnamon and nutmeg, it calls for chopped dates, pecans and raisins but I changed it up a little this year and substituted the raisins for cranberry’s. oh they were so good. Also instead of mailing Christms cards and buying gifts, (did I mention my husband is laid off work), we are going to hand deliver our cards with a little bag of cookies to our special friends. I think tis is going to be my most memorable Christmas, and I’ll treasure every minute.
    To say the least, I could use a gift card….

    • eileen

      It’s a heartwarming story, Stacey. I’m glad you and your family recognized how important it is to cherish and create family memories. Merry Christmas to you.

  • Kathy Meyers

    Every year I have to buy Pfefferneuse’s for my son! He loves them. He is the only one in the house that will eat them. I have never found a good recipe for them. But as for baking, I bake peanut butter cookies every year and put chocolate chips, m and m’s or some other little candy goodie in them to spruce them up for the holidays!

    I love Digistitches designs! They stitch out perfectly and her instructions are fab!!

  • Bonnie

    I plan to bake with grand kids this week. I have a new receipe for gingerbread men I am going to try. There are 5 children with ages from 2 to 13, wish me luck!

    • eileen

      Good luck, Bonnie! You’ll have a blast!

  • Gracia Borchard

    We love to have Condensed milk chocolate cookies. They are made of condensed milk and coconut with a scrumptious chocolate base…very tasty AND economical too! A.k.a vanishing cookies!!! 🙂 I WONDER WHY!

  • Carol Seavitt

    With so many designs, there is not much time to bake! So, our tradition is to let Pillsbury make the batter and my daughter Brooke and I bake our favorite chocolate chip cookies for our guests. We make sure we save some cookies for our favorite Santa with his 1% glass of milk (Santa is watching his waist). Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Linda Bryson Carter

    Looks Yummy and what a fun idea. Thank you

  • Lori Hatch

    Well…I have to make several different kinds of Christmas cookies each year since recipes have been passed down through the family for years. Out of all of the family recipes, my favorite cookie to make is the simple sugar cookie. My husband and children love to frost them. They hardly let them cool before they snag them up and start decorating them. It is so much fun doing this as a family. I intend to pass down the recipes to both my son and daughter so they can continue the tradition!

    • Denise Holguin

      It’s especially touching that your husband takes part in the cookie decorating. What wonderful memories for you and the entire family!

      Merry Christmas!

  • Gwen

    I love to make sugar cookies with a special recipe, but this year we moved and I can’t find the recipe!! I’ll have to get it from my daughter!!

  • Debra Wilson

    WOW!! I just read I won the thread and needles from last Blog. What a great early Christmas present.

  • Peggy

    Every year I decorate cut out cookies with my grandchildren. These are very special cookies and I so enjoy the children picking out and eating their very favorite decorated cookie…… but we always have chocolate chip cookies, a tradition for my family!

    • eileen

      Yes, a tradition in my family also.

  • Janet Wallis

    There are several recipes that I tend to make again and again but the very best is my Grandma’s Sugar Cookie cutouts. Grandma lived to be 104 and had a very large family. She lived alone for 70 years or so and always made these cookies for the holiday gathering. It has been a tradition handed down and now my children and grandchildren use the same recipe! Such good memories.

  • Nadine Morrison

    I’m very lucky, my 82 year old Mom has always baked for me at Christmas. I work, so she bakes. I take whatever she makes and believe me, she does an incredible job. I retired this year and was going to do the baking but she would not let me, that is her job she says. She was in the process of finishing up and had a heart attack and we are away from home in hospital. Should be able to go home today or tomorrow and be there for Christmas. This year will be less baking, but no one cares, as long as Grandma is coming home. She makes fantastic sugar cookies, shortbread and all kinds of squares. We love them all and we especially love her

    • Denise Holguin

      Thank goodness your Mom is alright! Hope you have a very blessed Christmas.


  • Myrna Leard

    I have been making a cherry refrigerator cookie since I moved away from home. My mom and my grandma always made this cookie only at Christmas time too. Now, my daughter who won’t be able to come home for Christmas, is making the same one and carrying on the tradition with her children. I have the rolls in the refrigerator; I made up the dough last night and will be slicing and baking it this morning. Thanks for the sugar cookie recipe.

    • eileen

      The only way to preserve family history is to pass it down – both in traditions and writing. Sounds like your clan is doing a great job of preserving your holiday recipes.

  • Emily Munn

    I’m baking our family favorites – Pecan Crispies and Pecan Sandies. We picked up the pecans and cracked them at Thanksgiving. The cookies are going to be a yummy, once-a-year treat!!

  • Linda Kwolek

    Sugar Cookies are a must. We start out making a batch for 5 dozen, 4 dozen make it into the oven, 3 dozen make it to the cooling rack, 2 dozen make it to the decorating table and 1 dozen make it to the cookie plate. Whaaa happened to the cookies, where did they go?

  • Sarah

    Frosted sugar cookies are a must! I have also made cake bites and caramel rolls. My husband brought the caramel rolls into work for all of the guys, and they loved them. This was the last time I will be making them for his work, as he will be retiring after 25 years of military service. We keep all of our service members in our prayers!

  • Angela Caldwell

    Every year we get together for a day of baking. Our family enjoys making pecan balls, we mix, we roll them up and bake them. Then when they are ready we roll them in powdered sugar. Everyone has a special desert of choice. For the past 3 years we have done GranK’s cookie bake with my mom. She wanted to get all the Grandkids together and bake, then decorate cookies. It has turned into a big deal. I monogrammed the aprons for each child last year and we are adding to the baking attire each year. I love the holidays.

  • Marci Milus

    No cookies but my grandmother’s spice cake – a great recipe that the entire family loves. My DD got a wild hair last week and tried her hand at cake pops – they were a real hit at my office party but it looked like a candy bomb had exploded in my kitchen for DAYS!

  • Cheryl

    I always make Scottish shortbread just for me. I have an authentic recipe given me by a co-worker that was handed down from his Scots grandmother. It’s yummy and well worth the calories. I also make chocolate snowballs for my husband and daughter. Cream cheese, chocolate chips and cookie crumbs all rolled in powdered sugar. Super easy and hard to beat. This year I’m going to try some using dark chocolate chips. Healthier, you know . . . .

  • Susan Spiers

    Absolutely, Chocolate Chip Pecan cookies! Fabulous!

  • Jill

    I love to make peanut butter blossom cookies with the Hershey’s kiss in the middle. My sons both love them as well.

  • Cathy

    BUCKEYES!! Yummy!! Family and friends LOVE to get their little box or bag of them!

  • Terrie Pagel

    When my kids were little we had a tradition of making decorated sugar cookies. The kids had a great time cutting out shapes, baking and then frosting their cookies. We pulled out all the stops and made “Christmas Rabbits,” Christmas Hearts,” and all sorts of “Christmas” shapes along with the traditional candy cane, trees, bells, angels, etc. Baking traditional Christmas cookies was one project I could get the entire family (including hubby) involved in. My children are grown now and have passed on the tradition to their children.

    So many memories….

  • sue

    Sugar cookies were always the family favorite–they are grown but they are still the favorite of the kids and now the grandkids

  • Linda Kwolek

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