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A glamorous weekend in the Big D

My Stitching Sister, Marie Zinno, joined me for a ‘glamorous’ weekend here in the Big D. We’re working on our first joint book, Machine Embroidered Monograms for the Home. And Saturday was our photo shoot.

On Thursday, I picked Marie up at DFW – she flew in from her hometown of sunny Canton, OH – and headed to my house for our Show N Tell. We dumped all her bags and mine in the living room and tried to make sense of the embroidered projects. She had worked on the dining room and bath accessories in Ohio while I focused on bedding here in Dallas. We loved what we saw but realized we still had some work to do. So of course, we shopped! We needed just the right color blue fabric, a multitude of napkins for a very cool photo layout, a dust ruffle, some Double Stuf® Oreos – oh maybe they weren’t really a necessity but I had to find a way to keep Marie motivated!

Then we made a list that didn’t seem very long at all until we started working on it. We stitched all day Friday and into the evening and still, an early wake-up call on Saturday was needed. We headed to the studio Saturday morning -right on time, samples, props, embroidery machine (still a design or two to finish!), and threads all packed in the car. My favorite photographer in the world – Steve Woods – generously helped us unload and the day began. One thing nice about monogrammed accessories, there were no models involved so we didn’t have a tight time table. One thing horrible about monogrammed accessories, HOURS and I mean, HOURS, are spent pressing and steaming. Then a click of the camera, an adjustment here and there, another click and then you ‘rip the set.’ Which means, all that pressing and steaming is now ruined! Talk about a glamorous weekend in the Big D.

But she’s coming back for a truly glamorous weekend – this time in Grapevine, when we unveil the Machine Embroidered Monograms for the Home. She’ll be joining Nancy Zieman, Mary Mulari, Deborah Jones and I for the Texas Sew Down. Oh my, are we excited – we have weekly meetings discussing menus, schedules, seminar content, menus, shipping details, travel plans, menus, audio-visual supplies and more menus! Yes, we are going to teach our top techniques – embroidery, sewing and quilting – but we’re making sure everyone gets a true taste of Texas! Ya’ll come down, now ya hear!