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Alignment and Placement

Laser Precision

How do you regularly experience laser precision for perfect alignment, continuous embroidery, lines of text, and more on your embroidery projects? So glad you asked. Let’s discuss the tools and tips for laser precision embroidery.

The most helpful tool for laser precision is the Perfect Alignment Laser. PAL3 is the newest addition to the Perfect Alignment Laser family. Let’s look at the features: an adjustable lamp head, a swivel tip allows for proper aiming of the laser crosshair, an adjustable clamp fits table surfaces up to 2 ¼” thick, a 28″ arm with flexible neck, an adjustable height, and a USB power adaptor included. It also features bright, crisp, non-Gaussian lines showing uniform brightness across the entire length of the beam.

You can use the PAL3 with your Snap Hoop Monster or Sticky Hoop to quickly locate the center of quilt blocks, pockets, plackets, bags, and more; connect continuous embroidery designs; verify design placement on large items such as jacket backs, banners, pants, and more; and assist in letter positioning.

For connecting continuous embroidery, use the PAL3 for lining the placement marks on the fabric to keep it straight while adding a printed adhesive template.  And then use the beam to line up the fabric on your embroidery hoop.

Another use of the PAL3 is to aid in positioning letters on ribbon or other projects when the lettering needs to be split to fit in the hoop. Simply print the letters on Print & Stick Target Paper and adhere to the ribbon or fabric using the beam to line up the bottom of the lettering. Place ribbon or fabric on hoop and attach to machine.

Use the PAL3 attached to the Totally Tubular Hooping Station for hooping many embroidery projects, such as bags and baby onesies.  Listen in as Eileen Roche and Deborah Jones share how they precisely hoop the onesie.

There are numerous ways to use the PAL3, including attaching Pressure Adhesive Vinyl to a project, cutting a straight line on fabric with rotary cutter, and hanging a picture on the wall.

For more information using the PAL3, then watch Eileen Roche and Deborah Jones on Facebook Live from September 15, 2022. Enjoy!