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There’s a Hoop for That!

Tomorrow on Facebook Live and YouTube Live, it’s all about hoops – small to medium to jumbo! I’ll open the box and review the contents so you’ll know how to get started with Snap Hoop Monster.   I’ll share my tips on how to hoop a variety of items in Snap Hoop Monster.  If you’re already familiar with Snap Hoop Monster, bring your questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

I have 10 different items to show you how to hoop and then I’ll move to the machine to share tips on time-saving hooping – right under the needle!

Hope to see you there – it’s always more fun when you join the fun!




  • Elaine

    Hi Eileen, i have the monster hoop for my 10 needle machine, but it does’nt hold a horse numnah very well, any sugestions please .
    i bought it because i thought the magnets would be strong enough to hold as it’s only like a quilted fabric.