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New Hoop and July Door Revealed !

Hey Embroidery Friends!

Wow-what an awesome live we had today! We introduced a Brand New line of hoops-and no they are NOT magnetic! You’ll love them for their flat surface and how easy they are to use. We also revealed the July Door-reminiscent of Eileen’s vacation memories during her childhood. Find out what one of Eileen’s favorite places on earth is by watching the rebroadcast below-we hope it brings you as much joy as it did to us.

Try out the hoop-free, hoop sideless, hoop sticky by CLICKING HERE. Designed with your ease in mind! Use code FSSTKHOOP for free shipping up to $10 in the U.S.!


Happy Stitching !





  • Bonnie Gray

    Wanted to leave a comment saying I hope you come out with the Bernina version soon!
    Looks like it would be so much easier to embroider tough items!

  • Lois

    Love the Doors