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Did you miss the Live session today?  No worries, just click on the video to watch on YouTube.

Deborah Jones gave us a tour of her home sewing studio and discussed some interesting information concerning face masks.  During the Live session, I promised to share some technical information of CDC-approved face masks. This link was provided to me by a member of the medical profession.  You can read the entire document here:

You’ll find the CDC’s updated guidelines for mask usage,  how surgical masks are made, the required testing for masks and the steps needed to become a manufacturer.

With all that being said, the medical community is asking for our help to make masks – even though they won’t meet CDC requirements. And I know how generous the sewing community is when it comes to needs such as this. I suggest looking for patterns provided by your local hospital. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, consider using a stabilizer made of polypropylene – the same substrate required by the CDC. Poly Pro Performance stabilizer is made of polypropylene.  You can learn about it by clicking here.

Thanks for joining us today  and mark your calendars for next Thursday at 1:00 PM CDT.






  • Wanda Leffingwell

    I love your Blog I love the doors

    • eileenroche

      Thank you!

  • Amy Ali

    I am a firm believer in the use of fabric masks to protect others from possible infection by you – but you must stress the proper use of these masks – wash your hands before putting a clean mask on – do not touch your face at any time while wearing – wash your hands before removing the masks – mask must then be washed – they must not be put on and taken off multiple times – one use only -then wash. Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands, everything you touch is a possible contaminant. And please please stress that these masks do not protect you from infection, they prevent you from infecting others.

    • eileenroche

      Great advice Amy! Thanks for sharing.

  • dee lowe

    My 2 favorite embroidery ladies.