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Check Your Bobbin Case

I’m sure you know the drill – you’re stitching away trying to finish a project during this busy holiday season.   And the thread breaks.  You notice it is actually shredding. Hmmm.  So you rethread. And it still shreds.  So you change the needle.  It still shreds.  Argghh!  So frustrating, right?

Well, before you pull your hair out, check your bobbin case.  Take it out of the machine and examine it closely.   Run your fingers over its surface.  It is smooth?  Really, really smooth?  If it isn’t, you have a problem.  Take a look at my bobbin.  Notice the white spot where the arrow is pointing?  That’s a burr.

I don’t know when it happened or why but the evidence is there.  I tried sanding it with very fine grit sandpaper to smooth away the burr from the plastic surface but that didn’t do the trick. After rethreading, I realized the case was beyond repair.

Time to replace it. Off I went to the dealer to buy a new one, in fact, I bought two.  Just in case something like this happens in the future:

That’s not my bobbin case, in fact, in happened in a recent class.  I have no idea how or why it the needle got stuck in the bobbin case.  I was so impressed I had to grab a photo.  Have you ever seen a needle do this?






  • Ennis A

    Had the same problem today. Even after changing thread and needles. Still shredding. Will check my bobbin case tomorrow!!! Thanks!! and just in time!!

  • Belle Gray

    Sadly, I think it would go through a finger the same way.

    • eileenroche

      Makes me cringe to think about it!

  • We all had the same problem at some stage. Thanks for sharing such blogs.

  • Sharon

    I have seen a needle stuck in a bobbin case! It has only happened once. I also keep an extra bobbin case for larger threads. I do need to get a couple more for my other machines.

  • Maureen Angers

    It only has to happen to you once after hours that’s when you have that “lightbulb “ moment and you buy two bobbin cases

  • Angie Butterworth

    Yes, I’ve seen it–that’s actually my bobbin case!! I was so happy the sponsoring dealer had a spare bobbin case on hand so I could continue with the great class you and Ashley were putting in. Definitely makes investing in a spare bobbin case a good thing.

    • eileenroche

      Hello Angie! I was not going to throw you under the bus, Mrs. Butterworth! Thanks for the kinds words, happy holidays to you and your family!

  • JD

    These new machines sew so fast and furious that almost anything can happen. Thanks for sharing. I am going to order extra bobbin cases from my dealer so I have at least one extra one on hand. Saw a picture of a needle in the edge of a hoop the other day also. No wonder they have a phone message system set up to warn you if something goes wrong. I personally don’t like leaving my machine alone when it is stitching. Not that I can stop it from doing all these crazy things but hopefully I can minimize damage.
    Happy Holidays to everyone. Love all the sharing we can do here in these posts.


    I have had this happen repeatedly with one of my machines. Discovered I cannot sew at the fastest speed on the bar or the bobbin case jumps out of alignment (the arrows) & the needle nicks the bobbin case. When I ordered a bobbin case that said compatible with that machine I was told by dealer that it was China made -not brand name -as the reason it reoccurred immediately with the knockoff. I haven’t had a problem at medium speed but will keep a brand name part on standby!

  • Thanks for sharing such nice info

  • Agilemania

    Great post, thank you for sharing with us.