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What Did You Make Today?

When someone asks me, “What did you make today?”, I always want to reply, “something beautiful”.  Some days I can confidently say that.  And other days, all I can say is, “Mistakes!”

Like when the needle falls out during the stitching.

Or when I stitch over a white target sticker.

Or even better, a yellow target sticker.

Or when I catch the fabric on the back of the hoop and end up with something like this:

Or pull this mess out of the bobbin case.

When any of these mistakes, accidents, nightmares, blunders, gaffes, etc. occur, I’m always so grateful to have an arsenal of tools to get me out of my jam. 

I don’t know what I would do without my Bird’s Nest tool, tweezers and screw driver!

How about you? What did you make today?




  • Shirley Clark

    I totally get this! I have extra long tweezers by every machine! Plus two of those thread cutters! LOL Just when I think something is stitching just perfect – wham!

  • Sis

    And it always happens when we are in a hurry ;-D

  • Clem

    I am glad to see it is not just my needle that comes out. Of course a fixable one is when you walk away from a stitchout that will take 30 minutes, come back and find that you ran out of bobbin thread at minute 4…. When I use the cardboard bobbins the “eye” cannot see that I am almost out…

  • Pattie Otto

    Oh My Gosh!!! Love it. Had many a day like that and it’s always when I have a deadline looming overhead.

  • Brenda Melahn

    I tell you what else you made today — made me laugh — been there; done that 🙂 Thanks for the laugh!!


    This made me laugh out loud! Hilarious. Loved the stitching over the targets! I think I have done each and every one.

  • Elle

    If misery loves company, I feel so much better now! I will remember this post when my next disaster happens. Thanks!

  • Sara Redner

    I like the something beautiful days so much better than the mistakes days! My machine has been in the shop for nearly a month so I haven’t done either one in awhile!

  • Denise Trepagnier Murph

    Hi Eileen. I have bought your products Designer Handbags and Handbags 2 Designer Knockoffs, however I haven’t stitched either out. I am a fan. When I heard the announcement of Nancy’s transition, I lost a family member and friend. However my question at this time is regarding a little disc like screwdriver. My 10 needle embroidery machine came with a “Z” type screwdriver to be able to get into that tight place.Where can I get the disc type screwdriver. Nancy’s Notions used to sell these but at the time I didn’t need this tool. I appreciate your help.

  • Sandy Porto

    I love my bird nest tool had to use it several times today. I’m so glad I’m not the only one that has those days.