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Multi-needle Monday: Create Professional Looking Embroidery

As I have mentioned before, it is so important to plan your embroidery. As a business owner, I really stress over the execution of my embroidery. The moment I accept a job, the planning begins. If you are a machine embroidery hobbyist, I am sure the same situation comes into play. Although I try to avoid embroidering on customer supplied items, there are exceptions.

The most challenging jobs I have handled are always the property of interior designers. The semi-finished item (usually a pillow sham, chair back fabric etc) are sent to me with a specified thread color, monogram size and a short deadline. I like to tackle the difficult jobs early in the morning and use the proper tools to precisely place my embroidery.

For example, silk pennant style window treatments arrived a few days ago. There are four pennants which will have an “S” in the Sydney font, embroidered in black thread. The pennants were sewn in a tubular style. Right away, I planned my hooping technique. The size of the initial is 3 inches tall, therefore my 5×7 Monster Snap Hoop will have to be used.

Measure the pennant front with the large Target Ruler, place the target sticker inside the hole on the target ruler.pennant 1BLpennant 2BLpennant 3BL The placement of the initial was discussed with the designer ahead of time. Follow the same steps for the remaining pennants. The silk fabric can have a bit of stretch to it so I selected to use poly mesh cut away stabilizer inside the pennant.pennant 4BLpennant 5BL The teal frame of Monster Snap Hoop is inserted into the pennant with the magnets facing up(New MSH have covered magnets). Place the metal frame on top and align with the target sticker’s crosshair.pennant 6BLpennant 7BL

Carefully place the hoop on to the embroidery machine with the silk fabric fitting over the bobbin throat. For this particular job a multi-needle embroidery machine must be used.pennant 8BLpennant 9BL Always check the orientation of the embroidery design at the touch screen along with the thread color before removing the target sticker.pennant 10BL

Repeat the same steps for remaining pennants; turn the fabric wrong side out to trim the excess stabilizer.

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  • Carolyn

    I have the “old” Monster Hoop set. I find it easy to use with my new BabyLock Enterprise camera!!

  • Bruce

    I love reading your post. Keep sharing.