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Totally Over the Top


I just have to share this article I saw online last weekend on both Yahoo and Huffington Post.  This gown made my heart swoon.  Bride Kresha Bajaj Zaveri always dreamed of designing her own wedding garments. When the time arrived, she rose to the task.  Mrs. Zaveri stitched a love story, chronicling her and husband’s matrimonial journey in metallic thread. The stitches tell how they met, dates they enjoyed and the marriage proposal.

Imagine the hours that went into this gown – the design phase, the digitizing process and finally the stitching.  The article doesn’t say if the gown is hand or machine embroidered but I’m guessing it’s a combination of both.   Imagine trying to artistically portray a story into seven panels that complement each other yet blend across the skirt.  From a distance, it looks delicate and intricate. It’s only upon close inspection that the stories behind the panels begin to unfold.


Imagine finalizing the designs and then…stitching them in metallic thread! Gold and white are traditional Indian wedding colors but wow – there are miles of metallic thread on that skirt. Obviously, it’s not Kresha’s first design attempt, she’s a fashion designer by trade,,  so I’m sure she knows the secrets to stitching success.

She intends on framing the gown as artwork to display in their home. Thank heavens it’s not going to wind up in a box in a closet!

Please click on the links below to read the whole story and see the dress in detail.


More details on Huffington Post:

Last week’s assignment was:  Achieving a goal is often easier to complete if you write it down. Who is the next person you are going to embroider a project for?  What will you make? Post your comments and 4 random people will receive a $25 gift certificate for use at Baby Kay’s Appliques!

Here are the winners from last week’s assignment ….

Virginia: A sunhat to protect my bald little granddaughter’s head.

PatO: A fun summer t-shirt for my brother and his boys.

Karen W:  What a lovely thought to help a grieving family.

 Fay Williams: Will be doing things for my 6,4,and 2 year olds grandkids and for the new one due in August. Love my embroidery machine.




  • Kim

    I am going to be redoing some in the hoop bookmarks that I had made for my
    father for Fathers Day. They unfortunately got lost in the mail. I will also make
    something for my brother and sister in law who hosted a wonderful family weekend over the fourth. Just have to come up with an idea.

  • Susan DeWitt

    Had a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with my little 6-1/2 yr old grandaughter last month. My son is career military and I had not seen her for 5 years. She was so sweet and really beautiful plus she is expecting a new baby sister in October. I want to make t-shirts for them both and hopefully, special dresses for the holiday season. (I need to plan ahead in order to get projects completed timely )

  • Ennis A

    I will be doing several decor items to display in my sewing room once I complete painting re-do. Then items for grandchildren
    returning or beginning school. Then Christmas!!!!! Busy busy!!!!

  • Sandi Cunningham

    I’m going to do some Gators themed towels for my grandson…

  • Dede

    Applique a Elsa t shirt for my granddaughter’s birthday.

  • Lynn Mooney

    I am making a flannel rag quilt with embroidery for a dear friend that we will visit in the fall of this year. Have been missing her hugs for a little over 4 years and can hardly wait til fall.

  • Kelly Sas

    I will be making a dress with an embroidered bodice for my granddaughter to wear at her 2 year old birthday party.

  • Fonda Baus

    Going to make a quilt with hot air balloons appliqued for a Great-Gran daughter that is due to arrive in November…

  • Ellen Osten

    I’m excited about my first great-granddaughter and her quilt. We have five generations living right now. So I want to include all of us in some way on her quilt. I have 2 monogram Birthday Towels to get ready for Saturday. Plus, put the finishing touches on the Christmas-in-July card holder. And, my fireman son-in-law wants a new certification badge added to his cover-all. Lots of good stuff always happening. YAY!

  • Sharon R

    Right now I’m working on items for a craft show, but my granddaughter should be visiting soon and I’m planning to send her home with multiple monogrammed items.

  • jocelyn

    Something for my daughter wedding Oct.1!

  • Barbara Biehl

    Thru PEP I designed a N Y Mets lap quilt for my sewing sister’s husband who has just been diagnosed with brain cancer. Hopefully this will warm his heart and his body.

  • Linda Lynch

    I like the idea of writing it down. For me as my brain ages!, I tend to forget if I don’t. I think I am going to finish one of my projects I started for me. It is a quilted kitchen casserole carrier made in the hoop. Finishing this would be a lovely gift for myself.