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Multi-Needle Monday: Quick Snap Hoops and the Scanner Function

We get many questions regarding a variety of topics for our Multi-needle Monday blog. Last week a customer wrote to ask about using the scanning feature on the 10 needle Baby Lock and Brother embroidery machines. She wanted to scan her Monster Quick Snap hoop and received a message screen that said “ This embroidery frame cannot be used”.

When using the Monster Quick Snap Hoops, the “arms” of the embroidery machine are removed in order to attach the quick snap attachment. Therefore the embroidery machine cannot “read” what type of hoop is in place. Remember, you need to embroider responsibly when using generic hoops. When we say “generic” we mean hoops not manufactured by Baby Lock or Brother. The hoops are perfectly acceptable and will not harm your machine but you do have to remember what tools you can use for each type of generic hoops.

For example: I photographed my Monster Quick Snap hoop with the pink fabric as shown.msh 1 I attached a target sticker and tried to scan the frame. I received the following message.msh 2 Next I attached the positioning sticker provided by my brand of machine and tried to scan I received the same message.msh 5

I received the same message. The proper function to use in this situation is the live camera if you are trying to line up the cross hair on a target sticker or other placement mark. Use a template to locate the exact position for the embroidery and mark it with a target sticker. Touch the camera icon and the camera will show you exactly where the target sticker is. Use the jog keys to move the design as needed within the hooped area and to line up with the cross hair. The scanning feature cannot be used with the hat hoop either.



There are other types of generic hoops that do not require the arms to be removed. Always use caution when using the scanning feature and tubular items. The embroidery machine cannot scan properly if the hoop has a tubular item such as a tote bag, pant leg, sleeve or other narrow tubular item in place. The machine usually thinks a large hoop is being used and will drag the bag or other tubular item from side to side which can cause damage to your machine depending on what is hooped.


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  • Elizabeth

    I have the Dime magnetic frames that I use on my Brother 10 Needle, ( love them!) I had the issue with the machine not reading the target stickers, I took the frame into my dealer and he slightly bent the frame that connects to the machine, that worked, target sticker and video function work!

  • jane moffitt

    where do i find the magnetic hoops for my 10 needle brother

  • Bruce

    Great post. Thanks for sharing.


  • Happy

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