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Multi-Needle Monday: My Favorite Feature on My Multi-needle Embroidery Machine

Everyone makes a mishap at one time or another in machine embroidery. Fortunately for me, I am an owner of a super sophisticated embroidery machine. Have you ever had the pleasure of showing your embroidery machine to a friend who has no idea what you do in your sewing room? If you are confident to take friends into your sewing room (quickly straighten up and hide the stabilizer mess) I’m certain they are amazed when they see your high tech multi-needle embroidery machine. Am I right? I always show off the live camera and scanning feature that my multi-needle machine has. To me, these features have paid for themselves many times over. It really is a must if you own a machine embroidery business.

One of my customers ordered two navy blue bath sheets with his last name embroidered. He has ordered from me many times but for some reason I did not have him sign off on the order form. To my memory his last name was “Kaiser” but at delivery time he notified me it was actually “Keiser”. Removing one letter is not a huge deal, but lining up the single letter definitely can be.

Let me share my latest mistake and how it was fixed by using the scanner on my embroidery machine.

blue towel1BL

Step One: Remove the stitching (letter A) from the back of towel carefully. blue towel2BLSend the correct letter “E” to the embroidery machine from your embroidery software or save it on a USB towel3BL

Step Two: Hoop the towel in Monster Snap Hoop for multi-needle machines (5×7), make sure the towel is taut and centered in the hoop. Assign the correct colors to the design and touch the “scan” icon on the touch towel5BLblue towel6BLblue towel7BL

Step Three: Adjust the “E” as needed to line up perfectly in the text using the jog keys as towel8BL

Another embroidery miracle!blue towel9BL

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  • Sharon R

    That is a trick I hope I don’t ever need to use, but good to know in a pinch!

  • Helen Bishop

    I have a Brother PR 620 but I don’t have this feature. What machine is this please? It looks amazing and really useful!

    • marie zinno

      The Brother Entrepreneur and the Baby Lock Enterprise both have this feature. It is worth every penny!(10 needles on each)
      Thanks for writing.

  • Gail Beam

    You have an extremely impressive machine to show off your impressive knowledge!

  • Karen Roop

    Oh Marie I am so impressed! I have this machine and would not have a clue how to do this, I have to save this article and practice it. I need your class!

    Thank you.

    • marie zinno

      Really the machine features speak for themselves. Thanks for writing.

  • Anne Henry

    Morning Eileen,
    Sorry to ask this but can you tell me where to buy the “Football style” pattern from please.. Planning to make cushions for my grandchildren with their initials and names.

  • Joanne Dillon

    Thank you for sharing your expertise, Marie. I want you to know that I enrolled in your class – Starting and Embroidery Business – and it gave me the confidence to take the plunge. Sew Lady Embroidery Works has been launched.

    • marie zinno

      Thank you Joanne! I am so happy for you, good luck with your business. I’m glad you are enjoying my class too.

  • Karen S

    I had to replace the last letter on a knit Christmas Stocking one time on my single needle without a camera the customer had made the error. I now have the 10 needle.I did your class. I am not coming up with a name.I already do lots of sewing and alterations mostly weddings.

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for that example, I am the Very proud owner of that machine and I have not used that function yet, very excited to try!

  • Brenda Melahn

    Would love your method of “removing the letter from the back of the towel carefully”

    • marie zinno

      I use the Peggy Stitch eraser to remove from the back of fabric for the thick or dense stitches, and a extra sharp seam ripper, tweezers for the fine stitches,good lighting and my cheater eyeglasses. (Ha ha)
      I will put on a good tv show or catch up on my Downton Abby episodes.

  • Barbara Grant

    I only embroider on my DSM and I love it! I am so impressed with your letter fix on the towel! I’ve learned not to give up on my mistakes!

  • Sandi Cunningham

    If only MY machine had a camera…sigh! I did this as well and because of kerning I cannot get the E to fit in the A space. I’ve done it 3 times. It now just sits. I am considering putting a lower case “e” in its place and tilting it, so it looks like I did that on purpose. Any other suggestions?

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  • Clem

    Did you do the E from the back? If you flip it, is it still on track? I have the Enterprise and love love love it. I use the camera a lot, but never did it from the back. Thanks

    • Clem

      Never mind..(slap to the head) I see it is upside down, not backwards…duh to me!

  • Bruce

    Very impressive! Thanks for sharing.