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Multi-Needle Monday: Changing the Background Display on Brother/Babylock Multi-Needle Machines

If you are a lucky multi-needle embroidery machine owner, you probably took your time reading the manual about how to change the needles and setting the thread color display among other instructions. As you gained confidence the manual has been pushed aside to make room for projects, hoops and stabilizers. Occasionally I like to experiment with the background grid options on my display screen. I also have started to change the background color display to help me visualize the way my final project will look. The Babylock Enterprise and Brother Entrepreneur machines are shipped from the factory with the default setting of a gray background color for the display screen. You can easily follow the steps in your manual for changing the background color but I will show you with my step by step photos how quick and easy it is. Check your manual if you are using a different model of embroidery machine for display screen options.

For example: My current project is a black tote bag with a tennis ball design and a handful of accent colors stitched on the pocket. I appreciate the ability to change thread colors at the machine if I change my mind (which is more often than not). Using the background color display quickly shows how the color changes will look on the finished product.

At the bottom left corner on the home screen, touch the paper icon.  display1BL

You will notice 7 pages of setting options.


Look at the bottom of page 1 and touch select “Background Color”.


Scroll through the color display area (there are 66 color display options). For my tote bag I changed my background color to black. Touch the desired color and touch “Close”.


Your background screen display will now always remain the color you selected, and can easily be altered as needed for different embroidery jobs.


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  • Angie Fynn

    Thanks for the little tip. I had forgotten all about that background change. I do it on my computer with the digitizing software but never thought to play with it on the multi needle.

    • marie zinno

      It is a helpful tool to have at your fingertips. Thanks for reading the blog.

  • Gail Beam

    What a neat feature that you have on your multi needle machine. Wish I had this ability.

  • Elaine

    Thank you for reminding us of this. I look forward to your tutorial’s..Please keep them coming.

    • marie zinno

      I’m glad you are reading the blog and like our topics.

  • Leslie

    So true. There are great software tips that I forget about because I’m so anxious to get my projects done. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Sharon R

    I’ve changed the background colors a few times, but mostly change the color on the desktop design software. I’ll have to remember this the next time my colors don’t seem to pop right.

  • Carolyn

    Gee, why didn’t I think of that! Sometimes the simplest things are most overlooked. Thanks!

  • Ruth Dailey

    This is my first time on the blog page. I have a brother Quattro 6000 which I bought 3 years ago. I only had one class a year after purchase. Now using machine a lot and I find documentation hard to use. I do understand technology but wish someone could tell me where I could get a real good book on getting to know my machine.

  • Marsha D.Gainer

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  • Julia Tedesco

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