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Simple Steps Great Results

Open a new file in Inspirations’ Word Art in Stitches lettering program. Word Art in Stitches is only available at Inspirations brick and mortar dealers.


Click on the Bubble Text icon – just hover the mouse over an icon to quickly identify the icon’s function. blog22

A menu appears with several options for quick customization. blog44

  1. Select the artwork outline. I clicked on the plus sign next to Objects, then clicked on Frames. I opted for Scallop 2.
  2. Select how you want the border to appear: run, steil stitch or no visible outline.
  3. Type in the words. Skip prepositions and punctuation, just insert a few words. I typed in Faith Family Friends after removing the default My Text.
  4. Select the font. You can choose one or create custom combinations. The software forces a mini font into the list. This is a very helpful safety net as the words can get quite small.
  5. Select a thread palette. There are a dozen to choose from and you can create custom palettes.
  6. Select from several small designs to add additional embellishment. I select Love from the list.
  7. Apply is where the magic happens. Click Apply to view your work. Continue to click to see random creations. Once you see one you like, click Ok because you won’t see it again!

The menu will dissolve and you’ll find your new embroidery design on the screen. blog33

At first glance, a few things are bugging me.  I don’t like the large lips and the areas circled in red look very crowded. No worries, just select the whole design, right click and select Ungroup from the drop down menu.

Select the large lips and delete them.  Select the heart at the top of the frame, copy and paste it in the open space.  Rotate and enlarge it to fill the area.

In the crowded areas, select a word and delete it. If the area becomes too sparse, enlarge one of the remaining words.  Of course, you can change the color of any word to balance the color throughout the design.

It’s really that easy to fill a frame.  blogedit11




  • Cheryl Wilton-Clark

    Just wanted to say what a treat it was to meet you today. Hope to see you again.

    • eileenroche

      I agree, Cheryl! It was fun chatting in the grocery store! Lucky me, running into you. I’ll be on the lookout for you.

  • Shirley Clark

    This is neat! Gives me an idea!

  • Maga

    I’m really sad that this fun software is not available to buy online. I have no chance of getting to a bricks and mortar shop. I hope that whoever has made the decision not to sell online will reconsider this. Please?

    • Dori

      Come to the helpdesk. We will try to help you locate a dealer in your vicinity.