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Multi-Needle Monday: Error Message Screen Solutions

If you are new to a multi-needle embroidery machine, (primarily the Brother/Babylock 6 or 10 needle machines), you might encounter a common screen error display. When planning the embroidery layout, you have measured the design, selected the appropriate size hoop and inserted the hoop to the machine. You have followed the correct steps, taken the time to actually check the measurement of your design. All systems go, right? Wrong.  The screen says “change to a larger embroidery frame”.error3

You have re-attached the hoop checking to make sure the arms were clicked into the grooves. Ok, now what is the problem?

You double check the embroidery design again. The embroidery design measures 3.83 inches wide.

The item you are planning to stitch is a polo shirt with a left chest logo. The appropriate size hoop for the project is the 4×4 standard hoop. The hoop sizes are highlighted at the top of the screen showing which hoop is suggested to fit the embroidery design.error1

Back to the machine, what is the problem? I know the suspense is killing you. It is so simple and annoying! Double check the two screws that hold the A frame arms in place.


Yes, the two screws can become loose when embroidering. The screws can loosen when stitching heavy items such as towels, blankets and bags. Anytime the screen error says “change to a larger embroidery frame” double check the two left screws on the arm frame before re-hooping or altering your design.

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