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Alignment and Placement

A Closer Look… How to become more centered

Norman felt hopelessly lost as he hiked across the expanse of fabric. He had no point of reference. No guidance or direction.

One day, he discovered a beacon of hope. It was a great beam of light shining forth across the fabric giving him direction—and guidance.

He felt very… centered.

What is the source of this great beam of light? It’s PAL 2! The Perfect Alignment Laser 2!

PAL 2 uses:

  • Quickly locate the center of quilt blocks, pockets, plackets, bags and more
  • Connect continuous embroidery designs
  • Verify design placement on large items such as jacket backs, banners, pants and more


  • Adjustable lamp head
  • Lock-in permanent position
  • Swivel tip allows for proper aiming of the laser crosshair
  • Bright, crisp Non-Gaussian lines show uniform brightness across entire length of beam
  • Reflective 6″ wide and 3″ tall shade protects laser beam
  • Adjustable clamp fits table surfaces up to 2 ¼” thick
  • 28″ arm with flexible elbow joint
  • Adjustable height
  • Weighted base post firmly slips into the adjustable clamp

Once you use PAL 2, you’ll soon discover it makes centering and continuous embroidery so easy to achieve you’ll want to dance!


Here’s your assignment this week:Sewing Spoolie invites you to win a Slimline box of fabulous thread along with the pre-digitized designs to make all seven of the Spoolies in Sulky’s Collection #1. These popular sewing-themed designs, from the imagination of Joyce Drexler, are as fun as they are creative. And if you’ve ever tried to keep your stabilizers organized, you’re going to love Sue Hausmann’s bonus project included with the package. The whole package is a retail value of nearly $150 including 22 – 250 yd. spools of Sulky 40 wt. Rayon Thread, a 475 yd. spool of Bobbin Thread, and a CD with the seven Spoolie designs and bonus project. If you win, it’s all yours from Sulky. Now, go Express Yourself! Leave a comment below on where you would embroider a Spoolie to be entered!blog ad
The winner of last week’s assignment answered the following question:Tell us where would you hang these adorable bird houses? One comment will be chosen to receive a one year subscription to Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine! Click the link below to take advantage of our BEST OFFER EVER – only $19.97* per year for a one year subscription. Good luck and happy stitching!Nancy-Blog-Banner-1997

And the winner is… Kathy – “I would hang these birdhouses in my laundry room. They are so cute!”






  • Donna F

    I would put one on my sewing tote bag. And one on a sweatshirt as well.

    • Lynsey

      I decided to make spoolie the mascot for the door to my sewing studio! She will be in the center of a round hoop with “Lynsey’s Studio” curved along the top and “Creative Messes Allowed!”

  • Mary Hager


  • Ginger

    I would use a spoolie for a table topper or a machine cover in my sewing room! They are adorable!

  • Jeanette Letson

    I would use the designs for craft room decor such as curtains, wall hangings, and machine covers….all things beautiful!

  • Deborah K.

    I think I would embroider a sewing machine cover! What cute designs.

  • Patsy T

    I would put them on a machine cover in my sewing room.

  • Gladys Gardiner

    On totes I take yo quilting class so all can ask, “Where did you get that design?”

  • Terri Wahner

    On a sweatshirt 🙂

  • Debbie Nutter

    I would proudly display them on the sewing machine covers I am going to make for my machines.

  • Janice Thompson

    I would put them on curtains in the sewing room and on the sewing machine cover that I need to make.

  • Betty

    I am really curious about this device. I would love to know more about how it works and individuals who have purchased it to see what they actually think. It looks fantastic. It would make centering so quick if it actually does what it says! Give us more information and I may be more tempted to purchase it! Thanks!!

  • Yvonne Foy

    These would look awesome to put on my valance in the sewing room or a wall border. I am really feeling the wall border is the best!

  • Sandra Plake

    I would make a special tote bag just for these and probably put one on a denim shirt/jacket that I would have embroideries all over and maybe on a pair of jeans to go with it.

  • JudiC

    On a new cover for my serger (sttill using the clear plastic one that came with it)

  • Sue

    I just bought a new machine and I need a new cover for it. These would be darling on a cover for Mz RubyDee!

  • Charlotte Silber

    I have been working on aprons for Christmas gifts, a couple of my daughters and some friends sew and embroider.
    These would look cute on their aprons. I hope I’m picked.

    Thank You, Charlotte

  • Cassandra Hammond

    I would use a spoolie on a cloth to cover my machine.

  • MaryAnne Hoffman

    I would love to put one of these Spoolie designs on a cover I plan to make for my new Baby Lock Serger.


    On a sweatshirt

  • Beverly Murphy

    I would use it in my sewing room . Just got a seger and it needs a cover also will put it on my tote bags. Love it !! ^j^

  • Marilynne Kulpa

    Oh my gosh….my Sewing Fairies are going to love these Spoolies….let the sewing room games begin!

  • Pamela Black

    I would embroidery Spoolie and her six friends on six different flags to hang in my Sewing room.

  • Mitzi

    on the carrying case for my sewing machine, on my sewing tool pouch

  • Alice Coddington

    On the cover of a round spool table in my sewing room

  • Alice Coddington

    On the round spool table in my sewing room (on the cover)

  • Randy case

    On various baby bags and accessories for our new grandchild

  • Denise Rowland

    I think it would be adorable on a sewing tote bag or embroidery machine cover.

  • Carol Seavitt

    On the pocket of blue jeans. Or a shirt mom could wear to her sewing club:). Love the design and love my PAL.

  • Jill T

    I would embellish a demin jacket with Spoolie and her friends.

  • Rebecca Pratt

    I would love to use Spoolie and her friends to decorate my sewing room! So happy and cheerful!

  • Heidi

    those spoolies could live all over the house, the car, my clothes, sneak one onto my hubby’s underwear, well, maybe she wouldn’t like it there!!!

  • Cathy

    I took down a bed to make room for all my sewing but had no where to store the mattresses, so I would put them on the cover over the mattresses then would blend in with the rest of the room.

  • Tamra Botkin

    I believe that the “Spoolie Family” could live in my sewing world! The curtains, chair cover, cushions, waste basket, sewing machine cover, sewing tool caddie, hand embroidery bag, ….They could live anywhere! Move on in!

  • Martha Shores

    I’d use the Spoolies to decorate canvas tote bags which I would use to bring home purchases from the quilt shop or other fabric store!!!

  • Florence Daly

    I would sew them on a long piece of fabric and frame it for my sewing room.

  • Cathy Van Daalwyk

    I would put them in my sewing room and on that stabilizer holder!

  • Shirley Clark

    I would love to use it on a sewing machine cover! Perfect!

  • Linda W

    Each Spoolie is so cute. They would look great in a collage in my Sewing Room.

  • Liz Fergus

    One would just have to go on a tee shirt for my 6 year old granddaughter. She comes to my house to learn to sew on my old Featherweight. And then I would also have to have a matching tee for myself for those days when we sew together. Not to mention a cover for our machines…..

  • Sherry Hoover

    I would put one on my white baseball cap!

  • Brenda Sutton

    So very cute! I would make items to outfit my sewing area. Machine covers~~tread catcher

  • Mary S

    I have a denim shirt that needs a touch of embroidery. Voila, Spoolie.

  • Pam

    The “Pal” has changed my life. Would love the spoolie! It would be. There!

  • Beverly

    I have a round shoe rack that spins and hangs from the ceiling for my stabilizer. They would be cute on the pockets. I also need to make a machine cover and would one on there.

  • donna

    I would put them along the bottom edge of the curtains I am making for my sewing studio. Would also be cute to frame a couple.

  • Wende Gennardo

    I would have to put one or two on a quilt for my granddaughter….as she is just learning the aet of sewing. Then again I might have to put one on a sweatshirt jacket for myself.

  • Gayle

    Spoolie would do double duty on my most loved denims to cover and strengthen the thin threadbare area and look good whilst doing it. Thus effectively changing it from a near toss out, to an exclusive conversation starter piece of clothing.

  • Donna G.

    On covers for my sewing machine, serger and embroidery machine. They’re so cute!

  • Becky3580

    Spoolies would be great on a name tag pin for an embroidery club; with each member having a spoolie of her choice with her name on it. A cute way to introduce each other.
    I think they would look cute on a pair of socks or on a pillowcase border.

  • Lynn P

    I would put them on a wall hanging for my sewing room. I watched Sue Hausmann make the Stabilizer Tote on TV and have wanted to make one since I recently purchased an embroidery machine and have a new and growing collection of stabilizers!

  • Paula Lund

    I would love to have them all over the sewing room and on clothes to wear to quilting guild. They would also make darling dish towels for Christmas gifts. Just too many possibilities.

  • Gail Beam

    The sewing spoolies would be adorable to sew on sweatshirts for the whole family! I think a spoolie kitty and puppy would be cute additions to the spoolie family. Thanks for the chance to win this spectacular prize!

  • Paula Close

    I am going to recover my chair in my sewing room. That would be a great design to put on the back where everyone could see it when they walk on.

  • Karen Poole

    Oh my gosh!! These are so cute!!! I would stitch them onto a bunch of tote bags that I have that I use for various different things, one is my Quilt Guild bag, one is my Crochet project bag, another has hand embroidery squares that I bring with me while waiting at various appointments, and so on. Plus, how could I resist putting a few of them on a sweatshirt or two!!! Ohhh I hope I won this one!!

  • Charlotte Ramirez

    Would sew them on the curtain hanging over my fabric stash. Happy, Happy, Happy

  • Laura Batchelor

    I would put them on my tote bags. So cute!

  • Ginny Guistina

    I would put them all over my walls leading into my sewing room. I would then make a giant one to put on my one and only blank wall space in my sewing room overlooking my birdfeeder.

  • Cathy Ford

    I would use them to make some gifts for friends, perhaps placemats or mug rugs.

  • Stella Penalver

    I would embroider them on gifts to my machine embroidery friends. I enjoy making gifts for special occasions and birthdays.

  • Brenda McNeil

    My daughter just gave birth to her 1st child on Monday! She loves all things embroidered but does not have a machine so I do any embroidering she needs. They live 2 hrs away and I’m staying with them until they no longer need/want me here. So when I get back home to my machine I think I would get right in my sewing room and go to stitching. The Spoolie pushing the baby carriage would be so cute for her in a frame for her craft room. I’m going to so love sewing and embroidering for Adison Marie!
    Love, Nana

  • Linda lee

    In march i will become the grandma of TWINS…i am so excited and just want to embroidery everything i get my hands on. Thank you Sulky and DIME.

  • Yvonne Carrington-Buss

    So adorable you can’t pick one so I’d put several along the hem of some curtains.

  • Gail sabramsky

    I would put a spool is on my sewing accessories that I give as gifts to my quilt friends at Christmas. So cute!

  • Brenda Benfield

    I would embroider pictures to put on my wall in my sewing room

  • Diane Cockman

    I would use them on my machine covers. Then I would put them on a tote and a shirt and jacket and on anything else where people could see them. That way they would ask about them and I could tell them where they came from.

  • Darlene Gerber

    I have been wanting to do a stabilizer organizer and the Spoolie designs would be perfect!!

  • Nancy Weber

    I am in the process of making covers for my machines and valances for the sewing room windows. These sewing Spoolies would be perfect for on them. Then I think I would add them to a fleece jacket that is calling for some decoration! Hugs. Nan

  • Patty

    My first project would be a sewing tote to take to class. I think I would also do a sewing machine cover next.

  • Delia Sosa

    I would use spoolie on allmy projects I embroider. Centering my projects would be a lot easier to do.

  • Valerie Gwara

    Everywhere! On the pocket of my denim jacket would be perfect tho.

  • Kathy

    Everywhere! Would be so cute on bags!

  • Linda Eiden

    On a cover for my threads, back of ny sewing chair, the possibilities are endless really

  • Royce Zook

    Great to put onto organizer covers as well as house aprons. Don’t see putting onto machine covers because the covers would never be seen . . . our machines are in use too much to cover.

  • Christina

    Spoolie and her friends would be nice on a colorful fabric and then framed. They could be used to decorate a sewing room. Putting her on a tote bag would be nice also. The creativity is endless.

  • Leora B

    I would put this on my sewing bags, or plain fabric and decorate my sewing room with them.. I really like the stabilizer project.

  • Robyn Morris

    First place I would place a Spoolie would be on my traveling iron tote bag…what great fun they would have traveling all around with me.

  • Lori Vale

    On a banner for my sewing room

  • Mary

    One on my thread trim (garbage) box would be really cute!

  • Carolyn

    I would embroider a Spoolie as a welcome banner to my new sewing room.

  • Kimmy

    I think a machine cover would be a great place for a Spoolie.

  • Dawn

    Anything to decorate my sewing room

  • Kim

    I have a niece who has recently discovered sewing in Home-Ec I think a book bag with a spoolie on it and the phrase Back to Spool might be in order.

  • Lynsey

    Sorry, Brenda! I hit Reply and didn’t realize I needed to scroll down to post my own Reply.

    I wrote that I’ve created a sign for my sewing room, hooped in a circular hoop. Spoolie is in the center and “Lynsey’s Studio” curved above and “Creative Messes Allowed!” curved below.

  • Pam

    I would love to put in frames in my sewing room!

  • Sharon Wardlaw

    I love love love the spoolies. I think I would put them on everything in my sewing room and on tea towels and anything else I could think of. I think they are so cute. love them

  • Cynthia S

    The possibilities are endless for the spoolies! Shirts, totes, machine covers, jackets, pants, blankets, bags, purses, etc!!!

  • Pat Black

    Clever spoolie designs would look great on any of my sew-themed projects, but I would be proud to wear them on my favorite denim shirt!

  • Sandra Konczak

    I would embroidery a Spoolie on my sewing retreat shirt for everyone to uh and ah over.

  • Sandra Konczak

    I would embroidery as Spoolie on my ASG shirt for everyone to uh and ah over.

  • Karen

    In frames in my fitting room and guest towels for starters.

  • Rita

    A stabilizer holder as shown on the Spoolie site.

  • Fay Rawls

    They would be great to use on gifts for all my quilting and machine embroidery friends. I enjoy making them special gifts.

  • Maga

    I would make sewing machine covers for my girls and put designs on a new caddy for myself to take with me when we have our sewcial week-ends together.
    Thank you very much for the chance of winning!

  • Colleen

    I would make pillow for my chair in my sewing studio. The designs are precious.

  • Diana Rose

    Love Ms. Spoolie, she will accompany me on my new sewing carry all bag that I’m making to take to my sewing classes.

  • Judy Abbott

    I would make a small wall hanging/sign to put on the door to my storage closet that holds all my supplies, especially many spools of thread.

  • Theresa Kresge

    I would use it to embroider lettering on aprons for our local volunteer fire company’s auxiliary.

  • Emma L

    I’m in need of new sewing machine covers! These will be a most beautiful choice to set off my new covers.


    I would embroidery in a canvas and make a wall hanger and put in in my sewing room . Also I embroidery in my tote bags for my sewing and embroidery class. So cute.

  • Barb Gustafson

    I would use the designs to make the stabilizer organizer shown on the sulky website.

  • Jeannie Garcia

    I would put one on my sewing socks! The keep my feet warm while I am sewing on those cold winter nights.

  • Julienne Burns

    I would put them on the sign to my “creative lair.”

  • Polly

    I would put them on a tote to take to class, or maybe a machine cover, or ???

  • LeAnne L

    I think Spoolies would look great on a sewing machine cover.

  • Mary Haggenmaker

    Just the right thing to put on the T-shirts I bought but keep staring at.

  • Kathy Schmidt

    On the curtains in my sewing room as well as on some new covers for may machines

  • Linda Burwick

    I have been telling myself I am going to make covers for the machines in my sewing room. These would be perfect on the front of the covers. Before I do something for myself, I would put one on a gift totebag for a cousin who is a serious sewer. She would love it!

  • Paule-Marie

    I’d use them on a curtain for the French doors into my sewing room. That way I’d have something cute to look at and I could hide the sewing room mess when I had to.

  • Joan Luiz

    I have already made Sue Hausmann’s stabilizer wall hanging where they used all of the Spoolies, but I used the Stipple Cats (from of the Spoolies. There so many places they could be used it’s hard to pick one. Most have been referenced in previous posts.

  • Nancy Johnson

    I have a new sewing machine and would use the Spoolies on the cover that I am going to make for the machine and the embroidery unit.

  • Berenice

    On my thread bag that goes with me when I take my machine on trips.

  • Pat Oishi

    I can see these Spoolies running wild all over my sewing room: a new machine cover, dancing on the curtains, the stabilizer project. Everywhere!

  • Brenda Payne

    I love to combine embroidery designs into my quilts. This would be a fun design to put into a lap quilt.


    I would like them on a valance in my sewing room. I need a new one in there, and this would be a great project. I also have to check out that website for more info on this gizmo.

  • Mary B

    I would use these Spoolies all over my sewing room:
    On my thread catcher ,the stabilizer project, as a framed work of art.

  • Judy Goshy

    These are absolutely darling! I would use in so many places but I do like the idea of using some of them on my thread catcher/utility hanging bag. Gifts for those special friends. I can’t wait.

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  • Jacquelyn Richardson

    I made a machine cover for my MC11000SE and placed different “spoolies” all around the boarder…it turned out really really cute