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Monogram of the Month – May


Embroidery Library’s Wild Side Alphabet a contemporary font with a bit of an edgy look. I love the nifty filigree background. Its scale sets the stage for the robust serif letter. At first glance, the letter appears to have four colors: the background scroll work, the letter’s fill, the satin accents on the curves and the shading run stitches at the letter’s edge. In reality, the fill and satin accents are the same thread color but they appear to be two shades because of the direction of the fill and the satins’ elements.

As the satin accents curve and taper along the edge of the letter, light plays off those curves and allows the satin stitches to ‘pop’ or separate from the neighboring flat, fill stitches. It’s a modern approach to a traditional design – lettering and displays excellent use of digitizing skills. MayMono2-jpg

Best as a single initial monogram, the font would need some tweaking if you’re determined to use it in a three initial monogram. Let’s take a look.

When arranged in a row to kern the letters as close as possible, the filigree elements overlap unpleasantly. Mono3

When separated to avoid that, the letters are too far apart. Mono4

A logical next step would be to eliminate the filigree on the flanking letters and resize the two outside letters. mono5

This 3-initial monogram works but I like the stand-alone, single-initial best. I think my favorite feature in the font is the shading run stitches – they give the appearance of wood carving – it’s a fun approach to a traditional embroidery application.


Here’s your assignment this week:

How would you use the Wild Side Alphabet? One random comment will be chosen to receive the Perfect Towel Kit. The Perfect Towel Kit will help you produce flawless monograms on towel sets every time!

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The winner of last week’s assignment is:

Look carefully at the image below. Can you help this clown find his beloved dog?


One correct answer will be chosen to receive Handbags 2 Designer Knockoffs by Eileen Roche and Nancy Zieman. Good luck!

Handbags 2 - Designer Knockoffs

And the winner is…Sharyn. “It is on the right side of the collar.”




  • Sandy Stephens

    I would use it as a stand alone monogram. It it beautiful by itself. It would look great on towels or maybe a sweatshirt!

    • betty beller

      7601 N. Lincoln Ave.

    • judy merchant

      I would use it on one of the handbag’s on your handbag dvd’s.

  • Deborah Snyder

    It would look real nice on a pocket of the tote bag I am making.

  • Rhonda Kimbrough

    I would use the Wild Side Alphabet on a scarf.


  • Debra Lankford

    These would be really cute on baby bibs. Shades of pink or blue, maybe yellows and greens for the secrative ones.

  • Phyllis McGuire

    I would use as a single monogram on a purse or tote. Would also look great on a T-shirt. Love, love, love the background.

  • Sandi Cunningham

    I would use this on a lightweight leather tote or purse! Love it

  • Brenda Benfield

    I would use monogram on a tote or purse

  • Doris Van Peeren

    I have just the jacket for the monogram – it was waiting for the perfect design – and the monogram is just the right size. How did you know?

  • mad14kt

    My clothes and gifts would adore them 🙂

  • Susan J

    Actually, I like the edited three-letter monogram, reducing the filigree and adjusting the letter sizes. i can see it on a tote or a set of towels.

  • marianne myrick

    Great font! I think it lends itself to lots of uses – totes, towels, how about a table runner – perfect.

  • Carolyn Goodworth

    I would use it on several things I embroidery.
    It would look great on a jewelry roll or a make-up
    Case. I attended The Stitching Sisters in Salt Lake and
    It was the greatest.

  • Belinda Germain

    Would look nice on a banner to hang on your front door.

  • Betty Allie

    I would use single monagram with filigree on a towel. I am making spa towel wraps for grandchildren and for high schools grads going onto college.

  • Jackie Mackiewicz

    I would use it on pillow shams….how lovely!! ,

  • Kimeran Stevens

    I would monogram anything that wasn’t tied down. I love this type of mono on burlap table runners.

  • Jill Hicks

    I would use the monogram on towels for a wedding gift.

  • Gail Lieberman

    It would look great on the back of a jacket.

  • Brenda Sutton

    Beautiful!!! I have a tote that is perfect for this monogram. I see many more possibilities for it as well.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Jennifer P

    It looks perfect for my new gym bag! or for each end of a table runner for my

  • Linda W

    It would be great on a large tote bag.

  • Ellen

    I would use the font on a pillow and hand towels.

  • Cathy

    Would look great as a single monogram for towels – Wedding gift

  • Donna N.

    The side of a placemat maybe, but best on a tote bag.

  • Sherrie Lilly

    I would use it as stand alone and monogram everything with an L.

  • Whitney

    I would put this on a crisp white shirt.

  • Karen Moore

    We buy king size pillow cases, and use standard size pillows, so there would be plenty of room on the pillow case for this beautiful design. Then I would also put it on the top center of the king size sheet. When the bed is not made, it would still look great.

  • Jeannette

    I love putting monograms on tote bags and towels.

  • Sue C

    I would use it on a front bodice sash of my granddaughter’s dress – the bodice and skirt are flowered, and the sash is a solid dark blue. I would use a single initial in the middle. The sash would have raised “pin tucks” on the diagonal – using matching thread, so you would not see the thread.

  • Linda Myers

    I would use it on the ring pillow for my Daughter’s wedding!

  • Lori Erickson

    I could see it used in so many ways, but 1st would be on towels.

  • Heidi

    on a bathrobe.

  • Jeanne Raffaele

    I would use it on cotton no pile kitchen towels.

  • Frances Powell

    Towels, canvas bags, throws, and so much more.

  • Rita Wahl

    I would have a monogram on every towel I own….actually, I am almost there!LOL

  • Anne Hartley

    I would put it on a banner that I would hang outside my house. The background letters make it an interesting design.

  • Terri Bradford

    This would look great on the cuffs of. Long sleeve shirt.

  • CarolKE

    I would use it on mug rugs or on tote bags.

  • Dottie

    I would try all three. I don’t think the overlapping filigree looks that bad. I was thinking tone on tone on a towel, with the filigree being just a shade darker than the towel andd the letters in a different color.

  • Dottie

    I would try all three in a row. I don’t think the overlapping filigree looks that bad. I was thinking tone on tone on a towel, with the filigree being just a shade darker than the towel andd the letters in a different color.

  • Pam

    The point of a napkin. It can be dressed up or down depending on the thread colors.

  • Secret Burkheiser

    I would surprise my 93 year old grandmother with a set of monogrammed towels to make her smile.

  • Carol N.

    I think it would be great on towels and pillows for the sofa.

  • Mary Ann Genre

    I would love to embellish some big terry towels for summer fun.

  • Diana Darie

    I would love to embellish an handkerchiefs for bride or groom.

  • Christine

    I would use the alphabet on a purse front. Love the shading that is created.

  • carolyn williams

    So many, many uses for this Monogram. Towels, bedding, shirts, soda pillows. On and on. It’s beautiful and would love to have it!

  • Donna G.

    I’d use it to embellish a purse. Love the font!

  • Mary S

    A single on the pocket of a jacket (sporty look)

  • Christina

    The alphabet would look nice on some sheets, pillowcase or napkins. I can see it as a tone on tone embroidery to give the monogram a more dynamic effect.

  • Karen Poole

    I would use it on a set of pillows for a wedding gift for my son and his fiance who are getting married at the end of this month!

  • Rosemary Miller

    I would use it on a quilt, especially on squares for a kid’s quilt, in bold, bright colors.

  • Sue R

    I would use it on bags/totes – the single or 3 monogram 🙂

  • Ellen Perry

    Love it
    I would use it on pillowcases, shirts and table runners

  • Linda Coletta

    I would use a single monogram for a ring bearer pillow I need to make for a friend’s wedding, simple and very elegant!

  • Terri

    I think the monogram used singly would look great on home dec items like towels, sheets, tablecloths…even blankets!

  • Kate

    It would be ever so wonderful to give embroidering on a towel another chance.

  • Nancy

    I would use it on a cosmetic bag.

  • Loreen Bogdan

    I think it would be nice on a small block worked into a quilt to make it an extra personal gift.

  • Illyse Sheaffer

    I truly appreciate reading your process and how/why you eliminated and enlarged the letters to find the perfect fit. I struggled to figure this out at times. The kit will help me place, size and arrange monograms in a quicker manner saving time and making my efforts more enjoyable. And better results. Positive all the way!!

  • Orvalee Roe

    I think it would look nice on a purse or tote.

  • Patricia Lennon

    As a large single letter this would be great to cut out and apply to a suitcase. Would be a quick way to know you own at the airport baggage pickup.

  • Aurore Stubbs

    I would use the monogram, as a stand alone, on burlap pillow cases for the patio furniture. The filigree would look great on black, as a reminder of the rod iron patio furniture.
    Thank you for this font.

  • judit z

    would be elegant as a tone on tone for a linen Jacket. Maybe even a faux suede
    evening bag.
    Love to play with it.

  • Evangeline Prince

    I would use letter on tote bags that we make in our Vacation Bible
    School craft classes!

  • Kathy Heath

    I would love this on all kinds of things. Totes, towels, pillows, napkins.

  • Kathleen Fox

    I would use one letter on my go to the gym bag.

  • Bonnie Gray

    Perfect for towels ad totes, would look into re-sizing for a contemporary look on napkins too.

  • Donna

    I would use the single initial on the corner of a nice dinner napkin.

  • Dell Mitravich

    I am starting to make Christmas gifts. I have some towels and totes to monogram.

  • Judy Reves

    I would use the single monogram to personalize towels I am going to be giving to my 3 young nephews when I go to visit in a couple of months.

  • corky

    I would us it for pillow cases on the hemmed border & on the top sheet hemmed edge for shower/wedding gifts.

  • Paula Balch

    would be beautiful on a hand towel as a hostess gift for a trip I’m taking later this month. Thanks for the article!

  • Alice

    I want it!

    Thanks for highlighting and sharing your expertise with this design.
    I do not think I would have given it at second look otherwise.
    Your trained eye saw what I did not!

    It is good to have a alphabet that is distinctive.

  • janice

    I would use the font on a baby bubble I have. Just waiting for the right font to use.

  • joan

    I would use the single letter on a set of pillowcases. Are there raw edges on this monogram? If so, may not work on pillowcases that are used daily.

  • Doree shandera

    It is really a fun font

  • Marilyn Weiss

    Framed. 3 initials framed separately to hang vertically or horizontally.

  • Valerie Brown

    I’d love this on some towels to give as wedding gifts. It’s got a look I think the younger generation would like.

  • Colleen

    I love the monogram. I would use it alone on a pillow, but adding it to personalize a purse would also be great.

  • Susan Burns

    I would use the monogram on the outside of a cover for my Kindle Fire.

  • Pat Cook

    Gift pillows for all my Christmas gifts, individualized for each of my sibling’s families. The single initial monogram with the filigree element in the background will go in each of their homes

  • Brenda McNeil

    I make pocket books and would use it on them. Also, I make nursing shawls for new mothers and would use it there as well.

  • Donna Legat

    Been looking for a monogram set that really drew me in. And this is it.

  • Lori Vale

    On a tshirt stand

  • Paula Watson

    I would use this design as a “stand alone”. I see it being used on pillows, tote bags, or even on the back of a denim jacket or vest. A beautiful letter design!

  • Lynn Harris

    Shades of brown on oatmeal aida cloth.

  • Linda Burwick

    I can easily envision the monogram as a single letter on the outer pocket of a tote which I am planning to make.

  • Lindae

    I would use this on burlap pillows

  • Karin Callander

    Our dear friend’s daughter graduated from college in just 2 weeks, then she’ll be heading to Mexico to practice her Spanish. I think this font fits her perfectly, and I’d love to embroider a carry-all tote for her to use while she’s there and away from home for the very first time ever. Then, once she returns, I’d make her a set of towels for her new first apartment. Thanks for the chance to win a Perfect Towel Kit – it would sure come in handy!

  • Donna Fecteau

    i think it would nice on either a tote bag or a tablet or ipad cover.

  • Cynthia Marrs

    I can visualize this monogram on shirts or jackets. It’s neutral gender design lends to a lot of versatility.

  • Terri

    I would use it on totes, pillows, or iPad cover.

  • Judy van Kalken

    I would stitch that lovely design into a quilt for my granddaughter

  • Valerie

    I would stitch the single monogram and place it in a square frame to hang on the wall.
    Or stitch it on burlap/linen and glue it to a ceramic tile or plate.
    Or ooh, how about making coasters – either on tiles or fabric with overlay of vinyl.


    I would use this lovely design as a stand-alone monogram on a large bag. Specifically a beach bag that I have on my to-do list.

  • Veronica Siegel

    I like them on the towels. Elegant. I might try and run them diagonally, they may run a nice chain.

  • Linda Machado

    I would make some decorator towels with the monogram and scroll work for friends that have a B&B here in Alaska on the River.

  • Rosana Trinidad

    I would use it to embroider a gift for the newlyweds A “monogrammed” large beautiful Decorator’s pillow for their bed.

  • Jo Crump

    This is a perfect alphabet for pillows, purses, pillowcases, shirts, jackets, bibs and baby blankets. Oh yes, burp cloths too!

  • paula ange

    I loved the look…I would use it on a plush bath mat to match the plush towels as a shower gift. I also think a duffel bag I’ve been wanting to make would where the look beautifully. I also need a new cover for my Bible..I would attempt that too.

  • Kathy C

    I would use the single monogram on place mats for a wedding gift. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • becky3580

    I think it would be great in a dining room on some dining room chairs; either on the seat or on a chair back or chair back cover. It would also be nice on a set of seat covers for a car. It would be nice on a shower curtain, on an apron bib or a bib for an adult or child. So many uses…

  • Carol Myers

    I would use monogram on beach towels and tote for cute gifts, and this would look great on spa wrap also

  • Jenifer Jackson

    If you are referring to the PE machine, it’s super easy to learn! I taught myself with little to no embroidery knowledge!

  • Dorset Boronia

    Sebastian is my 2 year old grandson’s name. The lovely Wild Side S monogram would exactly suit a wall hanging I am planning for him.
    Love Love Love this. Dorrie

  • Doreen

    I would use it as a single initial on my grand-daughter’s back pack.

  • Sandi Roberts

    I think this would look great on a pillow by itself. It is my first initial in my name.

  • Evelyn Henderson

    I think it would look great to cover an art canvas for the wall or matted and placed in a picture frame.

  • Agnes Dotson

    I like the stand alone monogram, and I would like to try it on an umbrella. Using a tone on tone or really wild bright neon pink on a black umbrella.

  • Agent Yellow

    I would use it on the back of a hood on a hoodie for my teenaged grand daughters.

  • Carina Hansen

    I have been struggling to find a monogram to put on matching dresses for my two little girls aged 1 and 3 years. I would use it on the front of the dresses.

  • Karen

    Would be great on towels for a wedding gift. I would also use on a bath mat.

  • Patty Fiske

    Love the textures. Would use on a bag

  • Liz Fergsu

    This monogram set would look super on a wide-bimmed straw hat to wear in the sun this summer. I can see them done in white or deep pink on a soft pink sunhat.

  • maria elena blecha

    Am going to Punta Cana on vacation and the monogram would be great on a combination of hat, tote and towel!!!

  • Becky Taylor

    I would put it on just anything I wanted to!!!

  • Jodie Taylor Hickman

    I would use this monogram for my daughter. She is getting married in 2015 and I think it would be gorgeous on a towel set!

  • Mindy Mehl

    I think it would look great on a bag from your Handbags 2 Designer Knockoffs. I recently bought this book and need to buy fabric to try it out.

  • Valerie Gwara

    I’d like it on a tote bag or the corner of a beach blanket

  • Sharon Tarpinian

    I love this design and it’s variations. I would use it endlessly. First I would put it on an apron for my daughter and then re-size it for a matching apron for my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter. I would also use it to make an annual gift that I make for my 12 friends in my bridge group, possibly on casserole carriers! LOve it, love it, love it.

  • Linda Alford

    I would use it on the back of a sweatshirt jacket. I don’t care for hoodies so I think the 3 letter monogram with the center filigree would be outstanding.

  • Penny Kitzmiller

    I could and would use this on many projects. Not just one certain thing. It is very elegant making it amazingly beautiful. Thank you

  • Paula McClure

    I would use this beautiful monogram as a stand-alone stitched in basic white on burlap and then framed as a gorgeous wedding gift.

    • Paula Watson

      I love love love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Pat S. Black

    14705 Fair Havens Lane
    Creative Colors
    The 3 letter monogram at the end of a scarf would be my choice, especially with the filagree. Pat

  • Posy Havens

    I’d use the single embroidery on my beach towels! think I’ll
    go buy the set now…

  • VickiT

    This Monogram would be an awesome one to use on towels for wedding and/or shower gifts.

  • Donna Long

    I would use it on a white baseball cap. I would use a vivid color such as a neon or “hot” bright letter with a coordinating multicolor or metallic thread for the filigree.

  • Emily Maybank

    I think it could be used in many places. Southern-Linens has it as a possible font for people to choose for any kind of linen we create. I could see it on a pillow sham. It would be a bold monogram that would really catch your eye.

  • Susan Ashcraft

    we have been making banners on burlap and I think this font would look fabulous on those


    I am looking for a cute monogram for beach towels and this one looks wonderful for this project.

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  • Victoria Hannah

    I have a 6 needle and rarely need more than 6 needles to complete an applique! There are nice features of the 10 needle, but I don’t think you’ll hate a 6 needle if you don’t want to spend the extra $4,000. I’m content w/ my 6 needle!

  • hena

    Wow! I love the unfinished chalk marks and stains!

  • Jenna Saras

    Thanks for the wonderful and insightful post.