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Alignment and Placement

7 Steps to Improve Your Embroidery

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7 Steps to Improve Your Embroidery

    1. Print a template(s) of your embroidery design so you can plan the embroidery layout. Place it on the item (garment, home décor, craft or quilt) and critique its placement and size.

      Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

    2. Build a test stash. Keep a test polo shirt, stretchy t-shirt, terrycloth towel and common items that you embroider on all the time in your test stash. Use this resource when testing a design for a final project. Fill every available inch with test designs then toss it when there’s no more room for additional tests.If you’re stitching on plain fabric, always buy more than you’ll need so you have material to use for a test stitch-out.So many problems can be avoided by stitching a test of the design with the fabric, stabilizer and thread combo that you’ll be using for the final project.
    3. Press the fabric – use starch and steam to get the fabric to behave. Press the stabilizer if it’s wrinkled so it will lay flat behind the fabric.
    4. Hoop on a flat, sturdy surface, not your lap. Ironing boards work in a pinch but best results are achieved when hooping on a solid surface, such as a cutting table and mat. Use the lines on the mat to square the fabric in the hoop.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

    1. Select the right hoop for the job. The best hold is achieved with the smallest hoop for the design. For instance, a 4” x 4” hoop is the best choice for a 2 ½” x 3” design.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

    1. Insert a fresh needle when starting a new embroidery project.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog


  1. Learn how to use simple embroidery editing software. You probably don’t need a full-blown digitizing system but a simple sizing and editing program can do 75% of daily embroidery tasks. Rotating, merging, mirror imaging and sizing designs are the top four chores I do to almost every design I stitch.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

This week’s assignment:

I need your help! Tell me what color combination of the images shown is your favorite. Keep in mind that you’re not looking at actual fabric swatches, these are just thumbnails of colors. Your answers will help me when I’m shopping for fabrics and will place your name in a random drawing for a $25.00 gift certificate to Designs website. I can’t wait to see what you choose.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

The FOUR winners of last week’s assignment answered the following question:

We LOVE bling and we want to hear from all of you that also LOVE bling!  This week we will give away FOUR Crystal Eye Candy kits courtesy of Design by Dawn. Tell us what you would embellish with your own set of crystals. Four random winners will be drawn and will win one Kit listed below.

Prizes include:
Tropical Kit
Light Kit
Winter Kit
Sweet Kit

Each kit includes 480 crystals– all neatly organized in a handy container. Talk about beautiful, sparkly eye-candy!  Plus, you’re getting nothing but the best!  All crystals are Crystallized™ Swarovski Elements.

The FOUR winners are….

   Tropical Kit:  Michelle Rasmussen:

“I just bought my first tiny bag of crystals and a heat wand yesterday! I am adding them to my embroidered can koozies for an up coming bachelorette party! I didn’t think they would be so easy to use. I love adding a little or aLOTof bling to my embroidery. My next project will be on an embroidered top that I am making for my mom for mother’s day. Would love to add some bling to that!”

Light Kit:  Linda Lynch

“I like to use bling on cosmetic bags I make and fill for women’s shelters.”

Winter Kit:  Lila Smith

“I like the tee shirt, hadn’t thought about doing a design on an angle. Lorraine, you are missed!  It was always a pleasure to talk with you.  Hope your new location is wonderful.

Eileen, congratulations.  I wish you happiness and only the best in the years to come.  I look forward to receiving your magazine and can hardly wait for a new one to arrive.

I want to make some purses with bling on them.”

Sweet Kit:  Judy Wentz

“I would put bling on the tiaras I embroidered with metallic thread for my friends to wear at quilt retreat.  we all look so good in our pajamas and tiaras!”

Thank you everyone for participating!  Congrats to our four lucky winners and thank you Design by Dawn!  If you weren’t one of the four winners, stop by the Design by Dawn website to browse the colorful assortment of crystal goodies.

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  • Christine Everitt

    Love Group e.

    • Bonnie Readie

      I’m a Jewel tone girl. Group D

    • Peggy

      I like group c. This is the first time I’ve read your blog but I really enjoyed it.

    • Pat

      Love Group e

    • Deb

      Group E please.

    • Cathy

      I pick group A for value change and contrast. Group E has some nice movement, and I would keep that in mind when looking for fabric in the group A color range. Then it will keep your eye moving within the quilt. The colors in B, C and D all appear to have the same values.

    • joni

      I love group D and would embellish everything – I am a bling girl. I even blinged my school shirt.

    • Kathleen

      I like view E. Great color combination.

    • Deborah Ervin

      Group D

    • Karen

      I prefer C as I like the subtle pastel colours – reminds me of spring. I’ve just enjoyed reading your hints and tips. I’ll be reading your future issues.

  • Terrie Underwood

    I love the yellow, green, brown colorway. It reminds me of cool summer treats of ice cream cones topped with lemon and lime sorbet. Fresh and tangy and oh so cool!

  • Debbie Cossins

    luv D

  • Diana Casparian

    Hi, this was hard for me on the above assignment. I originally chose group C, but upon squinting, I felt that it was all too similar and nothing popped. So my final answer is group A because I like the color combo and it has some visual interest with the 2 colors next to each other.

  • Brenda McNeil

    It’s group C for me. Bright and cheerful and with Easter this weekend, reminds me I need to color some eggs!

  • Carol

    Gotta vote for C, fits the season

  • Sheryl Matthews

    Group E. It is soothing to me. The two belong together.

  • linda j

    I love D, reminds me of the sea.

  • Paula Roney

    They are all pretty, but I love group D. Nice and bright!

  • Kathy

    Group D. Love that combination!

  • Pat

    Group C is my first choice because I just like the colors–they’re happy and versitle. But Group E has real possibilities for some elegant items.

  • Lori W

    I love D, it reminds me of the ocean!

  • Marlene caprinolo

    I chose group E. It just looks so elegant. I love the light and the dark, they really compliment each other. I think it would make a great color block pillow..

  • Anne Marie Reilly

    I like group E, but I love group D. Those are the colors that I wear.

  • rosalee

    Group A, I love the nature colors! rosalee

  • Mitzi

    Group A – blue summer skies and mountains!

  • Carol Jenks

    Group D. Love the color combination – my two favorite colors.

  • Jean Maumenee

    I like the bright colors of Group B. It makes an eye popping statement.

  • karin

    Group D makes me think I’m at the beach – and I loooove the beach!!

  • Kathy

    I like combination D. It is a bright combination

  • Jean Fehl

    Group C caught my eye first. Looks like Spring.

  • Angi

    Group D Ilove that combination.

  • Cathy grace

    Groping A. Love blues and browns!

  • Susan J

    I think Group E, but I like D almost as well.

  • Paule-Marie

    I like D the best.

  • Linda Sorensen

    My favorite is Group D

  • Clem

    I love group E. I love the swirl in the dark fabric. Very elegant.

  • Hazal T

    Group E, light and dark contrast always makes an eye catching quilt, always prefer tone on tone as it softens the overall effect.

  • Susan Burns

    Not my usual colors, but group C looks so refreshing!

  • Tina Williams

    My favorite is group B, I love group d also though but B is fav

  • Barb Miller

    I like “A” best.

  • Bev Morrow

    Group D–always makes me feel good!

  • Donna J

    I love the contrast in Group E. I think the colors go to well good and they are like day and night.

  • Cathie Paski

    I like Group A the best. I can just see a nice home decor project using these colors. Very popular color combination’

  • Elaine

    I like color – – almost all colors. But if I have to choose it will be A. Love that blue!

  • Pat Silvernell

    I would go with D as they are two of my best colors.

  • Gail Beam

    I like group D and E equally. They both have so many possibilities.

  • Judy G

    Difficult to choose, but I finally settled on Group E. It reminds me of a Spring storm; one minute clear blue sky, the next a gray sky filled with thunderhead clouds. Of course, the fabric I’d choose greatly depends on the project planned for it.

  • Chris Thiessen

    Love Group A!!

  • Mary Catherine

    Congrats Eileen.
    I would embellish my granddaughter’s new Denim Jacket. I have put an embroidery design on the back and would complete it with some bling. She’s a girly girl and would love this. Thanks

  • Barbara Rowlan Wong

    Group A reallly attracts me. Perhaps because those are the colors I’ve been using a lot lately. A happy combination that really pops! ~barbara

  • LeAnne L

    Group E is nice.

  • Sue Anderson

    I like the contrast and interest in group A the best. They would look great with designs embroidered with the other color ( brown thread on the blue & vice versa). Group E could be interesting with some bright colors of thread embroidered on them, the fabrics would almost be neutral.

  • Shirley R

    Group E, with A as a second.

  • Sharon Blaylock

    Group D

  • Doris Van Peeren

    I love Group D. Would look so cute for a baby quilt – not boring.

  • Bonnie C

    Group C would be my first choice with group D a close second.

  • Jo of So TX

    I like Group E best. And great 7 tips, thanks!

  • Judyc

    Group A is my choice. I liked how those two colors play off each

  • Bernie Webre

    Group C gets my vote. I’m actually working on a project with those colors.

  • Lila Smith

    Group A is a favorite, the brown makes the blue a star. B is nice, just am not an orange color person, C has so many possibilities and looks cool, D”s blue is nice but that shade of green doesn’t do anything for me, and E is such a nice contrast. Use the orange in B and add the green in D would make some one happy as they are so bright. I actually like them all and would enjoy them. Have a nice shopping trip. Lila

  • Lila Smith

    Thank you so very much for the Winter Bling crystals. I’m looking forward to receiving them. It was a pleasant surprise to see that I’d won them. Now I can put them to use on a purse or jacket.
    Again, many thanks. Lila

  • Rita Dougherty

    D for me.

  • Jean Eason

    Group C So summery and reminds me of citrus!

  • Doree Shandera

    I would pick group E. I love seeing black tones with bright colors.
    In January I won the coupon for designs from What fabulous designs. It took quite a while to decide whick ones I would pick, there is such an array of designs. They sew out beautifully. A huge thank you to Ashlea Stoodley from Bunnycup, she not only donated the prizes, but also was sure to tell me about a great sale they were having so that I could really capitalize on the prize. Great company, hope you will all take a look.

  • Linda Coleman

    I love group E

  • sheila

    I love the group D I think about everything I wear is in the blue or earthtone family.

  • Amy Vining

    Group c looks very refreshing and inviting!

  • Nancy N

    I like the lightness of group D- it looks like the freshness of my garden

  • Nancy Borger

    I love group B. I also notice these are very popular for the Spring Fashions coming out!

  • Bobbie23nc

    My favorite is group C but then yellow is my favorite color!

  • Barbara

    I like B and E — one to energize, one to calm!

  • Colleen Bell

    Eileen, congratulations on your marriage! May God bless you with a wonderful marriage.

    Only one week away from us. Even if you weren’t on your honeymoon, you could have stayed away longer. We all need some time away and I am sure you are exhausted from all that earlier wedding planning. Enjoy your new week.

    It was such a hard choice, but I think A would be my decision.

  • Chris

    Group A is my choice. I’ve loved that combination since I was a little girl, and I guess I still do. I like the others, too, but my eye went to A first!

  • claudine

    Since pink is my favorite color I have to go with group B. But several other combos were also good.

  • Sandy Sanger

    I was drawn to C, they seem to belong together

  • Mary Anne K

    Group A for me–but love them all!

  • Judy Parker

    I would choose Combo A…I have never done a brown and blue quilt yet but love stepping out of the box in color…if I needed 3 colors I would probably go with the more traditional Combo C although it is so very tradition in color….I love color and I am not afraid to use it…heheheh…blessings

  • Donna

    I like group C but my eye keeps coming back to group A. So I guess that means Group A!

  • Leann McClain

    I love how lively the green and blue are in group D. They neary jumped off the screen. My second choice is A.

  • Jani

    Group E. Cool but distinctive colors.

  • Regina Wigger

    I am picking Group D. It reminds me of being out in the middle of a field on a beautiful clear day having a picnic. Summer is my favorite season and bright colors. Group D covers both!.

  • Leann McClain

    Group D jumps off the screen. The lively colors play with each other beautifully.

  • Darlene Jacolik

    I love Group E. Thanks for the tips to improve my embroidery.

  • Irene Clark

    I love Group E. I seem to gravitate to the blues in fabric stores.

  • Betsy

    Normally I’d be drawn to A or E but group C looks more “put together” since it has 3 colors…so have to say C.

  • Karen R

    I love A. I think I could make something for men and women and this combination would look great for everyone. I have to admit for me I am usually drawn to pastels–I must be feeling wild today.

  • Tricia Kemp

    I love E for its elegance.

  • Sandy Rockwell

    I like combination E. The darker color enhances the lighter. The lighter brings out the details in the darker fabric.

  • Claudia Wade

    1st choice: Group E
    2nd choice: Group B

  • Scheryl

    1st choice E I always go towards anything blue. The darker fabric gives a great balance to the brighter hues.

    2nd choice D I love the bright colors of both swatches. Anything made with those will look like spring and just pop.

  • Carol Morrow

    I like group C as they are really springy looking and cool.

  • Nancy Owens

    Hard choice but I think group D is my first choice, but group E is a very close second.

  • Patty Seevers

    i like combo b those are colors that just make me happy

  • JoAnn Ruby

    I like the aqua and gray combo – group e – with group A being a close second.

  • Bernice Keller

    Group C is by far my choice. Someone else said they are citrus colors and I agree. Would look great on any summer projects.

  • Julie Berry

    I love Group D.

  • judy williamson

    Group C. Maybe it is just the season that makes me like it.

  • Lillian Moser

    Not too many agree with me, but I like Group B. Love colors opposite on the color wheel, they really pop!

  • Bettie Papajohn

    I like Group A.

  • Pat

    Love group E, it is soothing yet elegant and reminds me of the ocean near my home.

  • Martine

    I like them all depending on what it’s for. But choosing just one it would be D.

  • Carol Seavitt

    Love group B and I would probably combine these with group D — fun fun fun.

    • Carol Seavitt

      By the way — congratulations on your marriage Eileen!

  • MargaretAnnB

    Group D – the blues and greens have always been favorites of mine! That said, I like working with almost all colors. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Kathy Schmidt

    They are all nice, but I really like Group E, the soft blue combined with the Grey/Black is a really nice contrast.

  • Evelyn McGAvin

    Group E is my favorite. Group D was a close second. I guess I just like blue!

  • Ann Eckert

    I like C best, the bright colors are clear and crisp.

  • Jacque

    Group B – Love it.


    Group E…These are “classy” colors and can always get some pop
    with tone on tone embroidery and/or bling.

  • DianeB

    I love group E the colours just grab me.And it reminds me of our summer storms ,blue sky one minute – grey the next.

  • Elaine T

    I would say Group B. Fresh and lively.

  • Anita P

    Without a doubt… it’s group A. Brown fits any situation and
    is complemented with the beautiful blue.

  • Penny Kitzmiller

    Group B is my choice!! They all are pretty tho!!!

  • Carol S

    I vote for C. More versatile and different combinations.

  • Kathy

    I like group E. This is so elegant. A little color with a neutral, enlivened with a tone on tone print. Whenever I wear aqua everyone says that I look great. I definitely like to hear that!

  • Jean

    I like group D – bright and bold colors are my favorite.

  • Karen

    All are nice but group B with the hot pink is number 1.

  • Shari

    I really C, but D is a close second choice. C is so summery, but D is so rich.

  • linda

    I love combination B. My favorite colors are in the pinks and reds.

  • Sharon

    I just love the Group D colors – makes me think of summer.

  • Doreen

    Group E

  • Anna Cameron

    Hi there, put a check mark by group E for me please.

  • Linda Turner

    I selected Group A. The colors look great together. They are bright and intense colors plus that shade of blue is my favorite!

  • Judy Wentz

    I like Group E because I like High contrast. I hate to go through the effort and time it takes to embroider to find that it doesn’t show up much when you get a little ways away.

  • Lynda Ward

    Group A

  • Cy Swendsen

    I vote for group D…. Bright colors for Spring!

  • Robin Mundell

    I love the classic elegance of group E

  • Linda Ladd

    I really like C. It is fresh and will have many combinations.

  • Penny Martin-Holly

    I really like group E

  • Gwen Holt

    I like group D. I like the boldness of the blue and green

  • Babsie Muller

    I prefer Group E.

  • Pam

    None of them really rings my bell just from the photos, which means nothing since I’m not a quilter, but based on the selection, I like C.

  • Maria Nickler

    My choice is Group E ….Just lovely..M

  • Kari

    Group D is what is calling me today (of course that could change tomorrow 🙂 ).

  • Carole P.

    All are great color combinations. Normally I would prefer the blues & greens of D, but since this is Easter weekend, I’m going with C – it feels so “Spring-y”!

  • Susan Cave

    I like E it has a contrast and it is something different.

  • Carolyn Nutter

    Group E. I could visualize with the right embroidery threads enhancing the background swirl onto the pastel color with maybe a touch of silver metallic thread.

  • terri m.

    I love group C. Reminds me of summertime… sunny….citrus….outside fun kind of mood.

  • Pamela Hess

    Group D – vibrant and refreshing!

  • Connie

    I love group D

    And the crystals to embellish my Tops and Jeans

  • charlotte S.

    I really like group C.

  • Laurine Elton

    Group E captures my fancy…love the contrast but not too harsh

  • Kim

    I like group D.

  • Margie F.

    I choose group E — looks very rich and classy.

  • Loren McCoy

    I chose Group D, love the colors!!!

  • MizPat

    I’d choose group A because the teal blue is one of my favorite colors

  • Debra Wilson

    I vote for group C though I have all these color combo in my stash

  • Jan Driscoll

    Group D–blue and green are always my favorite colors

  • Jane Anderson

    I choose D. Bold and bright are the colors I love working with the most. I do use other combinations but when I get color-tired, I am back to the basic 8 crayons…

  • Debbie Glynn

    I think Group E is the nicest combination that would be beautiful for so many creations – I can see it as a smart corporate outfit with grey suit and aqua ruffle shirt or an aqua satin evening dress with embroidery & black diamond crystals or a carry bag in dark grey with aqua flowers stitched over it!!

  • Vickie LeBlanc

    I like group E.

  • Betsy

    My first pick is group A with group B coming in a close second.

  • Sue Carr

    I love group c…very clean and bright…love the spring is in the air colors! I would like them as a summer dress with layers of ruffles for my 3 year old granddaughter Surenity. She would look so beautiful with her long blonde curls and big blue eyes, and

  • Kate Carnegie

    I like group C the best, it’s very refreshing. Thanks for all the great advice.

  • Donna G.

    My favorite is “A”. I love the combination of brown and turquoise!

  • Cheryl

    I love group B! So vibrant.

  • Betsy

    Group D reminds me of a beautiful blue sky above a plush green lawn provided by a loving God providing much needed rain!

  • Alyse

    I vote for A – natural and clean for spring!

  • Patty Sack

    My first choice is group E with A being a very close second!

  • Margo Walrath

    I would have to say that I like C … I really prefer when stitching is done on a plain lighter shaded fabric as it enables seeing the detail of the embroidery better. Patterned fabric and dark colors are a bit more difficult to view the simple beauty of the work done.

  • Michelle Rasmussen

    Group E.
    Although, at first glance, sort of an unusual choice, but 2 contrasting colors. They could be paired with alot of combinations. And the dark grey, could be used for alot of men’s/boys items. 🙂

  • Leslie Lotspeich

    My favorite is A. Just my colors!

  • Carolyn Hintz

    I like Group E. I like some of the other colors but not together.

  • Lynn

    Love the colours in E. That is my choice.

  • Sandra

    Group E is my choice as well. Love the muted tones.

  • Janice Henderson

    I like group C. The colors are earth colors that blend so well with so much.

  • Linda Lynch

    I love Group A. The brown is soft and quiet and the blue really presents a palette for some VERY interesting embroideries. This combination could work on any age. Lucky Linda

    ps. Looking forward to receiving the light crystal set I won. I have several bags just waiting for their “bling”. Your generosity will reach many women who need something to smile about.
    Thanks for all your hard work!!

  • Janice Poda

    I like group d. Have fun shopping

  • Mary Beth

    Absolutely love your blog. I have learned so much from you. Can’t thank you enough.
    I love the combination C fabrics. They just call to me.

  • Raewyn

    I luv the D colours. My favs!!!!!!

  • Rosie

    If I were sewing for my 2 granddaughters I would pick group B. Those bright colors remind me of cheerful girls clothes. But, for myself, the colors in group D make me happy. I love the jewel tones of that group.

  • Judy V

    Group A is my favorite – I’ve always liked that color combination!

  • Lucy

    I like the group E. Love the swirl in the second fabric

  • Clarice

    I like group C.

  • karen trott

    I like them all. Today I would pick E with D my second choice

    Thanks for all you do for all of us.

  • Sandy L

    I like Group A best.

  • Jean Golestaneh

    Group C. It is spring and everything is new. Foliage is light and newly emerged. Lighter colors fit this season.

  • Sharon Y.

    I love D it reminds me of tropical things. and I also like the light kit for bling. Thanks for the tips

  • Martha

    I like group D best!

  • Sue Duisenberg

    I find group C most soothing.

  • Patricia :Levick

    I love group B. It gives me ideas for colour washing since there are so many tones in the two fabrics

  • Suzanne Cholet Hughes

    I LOVE the Bs! Just found your blog and signed up. I’ve never been interested in blogs (besides my niece’s who just moved to Singapore)and can’t wait to learn more new tidbits about my embroidery addiction. Suzanne

  • Kathy Corns

    I love group E

  • Shannon M Hart

    This is my first time on your blog, but will be revisiting often. Thanks for sharing your helpful tips so open-heartedly! Must opt for A today due to its classic versatility, soothing earth tones, and complimentary contrast, but am more personally attuned to slightly darker tones of the colors in C (rustier oranges, more golden yellows, and more olive shadings of green).

  • Rachel D

    I like Group D, works for anyone, young or not so young, boys, girls, furbabies, anyone.

  • Group E Would make great totes/designer bags/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  • Group E Would make great totes/designer bags/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  • Cherrylmaree

    I would choose Group D.

  • Elaine Hughes

    I like colors E. (Not just because it is my first initial) They are peaceful and restful but would be great contrast in a quilt.

  • Beulah Caswell

    Group D is my choice!! I love bright colors!

  • Michele B

    I like “D”. Love the blues and greens. But all are nice combinations.

  • Gerry Barrett

    I love D. Two of my favorite colors!!

  • Pat

    Group D

  • Vicki Batty

    group D – strong beautiful colours

  • Dale

    I choose Group B…hot and sizzling for summer.

  • Pamela Blackman

    Definitely group E. It is a nice soft and modern combination.

  • Charlet Barker

    Group B is my choice, the bright summer colors compliment each other.

  • Sandra Wilkinson

    Group B would be on my shopping list. I go for the bright colors.

  • Sandra Wilkinson

    Group “B” would be on my shopping list. I like bright colors.

  • valarie

    I tend to gravitate towards group E, , but then I went back to group C. It reminds me of citrus, or sherbet on a hot day. It’s a relaxing combination

  • Nancy

    My favorite group is group C. But I have a question about #7 on your post. You mention a simple embroidery editing software. I am wondering what software you recommend.
    Thank you!

  • Nora Ellis

    Difficult to chose, but love the subtlety of the colours of E

  • Paula Balch

    Group D is my favorite. I like the mix of solid and pattern.

  • Terri L

    Group D for me with a pop of bright yellow if an accent color is needed.

  • Janet K

    I select Group B. These color combos are so in style this year. I would have never put them together, but , this spring I like them.

  • Mary Anne

    My choice is Group D. I like the contrast and if used in embroidery would be complementary to each other. Thank you so much for the embroidery tips, your help goes a long way towards helping all of us be more successful!

  • andrea christ

    Group E is me!

  • Jackie Martin

    I like group D

  • Marylynn Lorenson

    Love all the combos but Group A really appeals to me the most!

  • Leanna

    Group B~

  • Julie GLenn

    Group E!!! I like the contrast. The tips are great.

  • Carmen

    Group E: you have the calm of the sky in one moment and in the next you can have the movement of the wind. the two actions go hand-in-hand when you are quilting/embroidering. i want both the calm and the movement in whatever i create. i always want a piece to “speak” to me. and the best way to do that is with these two components.

  • Teresa Moffitt

    I instantly chose Group B. Summer colors! Bright, hot, jazzy, cheerful! A, D and E all have blues and not everyone can wear blue, nor does it fit in with an existing color scheme in a house. The pop of brights can always be used with any nuetral. And besides…..they are my favorite colors!

  • Helen Harris

    I like Group A. They are all very nice.

  • Whitney H

    If Group A is brown and turquoise, then Group A!

  • Lydia Vedder

    I gravitate toward the eye popping colors of groups A,B,& D.
    I can’t wear the other muted colors.Plus they would look
    great for summer dresses for my four grand daughters.

  • Carol Spaly

    Group D I love bright clear colors with lots of contrast

  • Virginia

    I like A, looks like reproduction colors, my favorite.

  • Sandy Smith

    I love the Blue and Green combo of D but the Blue in E is my favorite color, and paired with the grey feels cool and calm, like a mountains stream.

  • Gail Laub

    I like Group E. THe softness of the blue and gray could be used on almost any project.

  • Marie Scharf

    I like Group C. I reminds me of spring and summer. I lean to these cause they suit my coloring.

  • Francis Kelley

    I like choice E

  • Diane Paneiko

    I like group A

  • Averil Styles

    I like Group C. I trend to like colours that blend.

  • Linda Hartwick

    I love group E, It gets my mind thinking of what I would do with it. To me it is very calming.

  • jan salstrom

    I love the a combinations I ve used this in handbags and quilts before i love they way they look togeter

  • Natalia Martinez

    I like D best

  • kitty sciotto

    Group E..with D coming in second….

  • judi memering

    I was drawn to group B.

  • Leahrae Newell

    I like D, B second.

  • Judy

    I may be to late but I like C, it is so bright & fresh with Spring “almost” here

  • Janice Young

    I like Group C for a spring or summer look.

  • ISOBEL Prindable


  • Glenda

    My favorite is Group C. Very pretty!

  • Ellen

    My favorite is Group D. Don’t much care for greens but with this blue is really is quite pretty.

  • Marilyn Kirschen

    I like the contrast in group E

  • Rita Turner

    Group C is my choice… The Blue in Group A is too dark–otherwise I love blue and brown together.

  • Rita Turner

    Group C is my top choice. The Blue in Group A is too dark–otherwise I love blue and brown together. Group A shouldn’t work–but it does!

  • Beve

    I like group E, beautiful contrast

  • Judith Davis

    Group C is my top choice…the colors are calm and flow nicely together.

  • Christine

    I like group C. Those colors look best on me.

  • MJ

    Group D
    Green and Blue are always an excellent choice.

  • Susan

    I love E and don’t know why since the blue is too much a mid tone for me. (I love the extreems.) The fact that they are tonal prints is probably what made me happy

  • Kathleen

    I like the view E color combination.

  • Julia Ussery

    Group B. Love those hot colors.

  • Norma

    Group A is my very favorite.

  • Brenda Jager-Long

    Group C is my favorite because they are springy colors…and pleasing to the eyes…

  • Tammy Fincher

    I think Group B – the colors are so bright and cheerful that they would be uplifting, even on a cool, dreary day. I would love to see this made into matching outfits for my beautiful grandaughters, ages 20 months and 1 month. But in turn it would also work on an adult sailing off on a cruise to the Bahamas.

  • Anne

    group c

  • Kathy Plourde

    Group C is my favorite

  • Judy Zumbahlen

    group D is my favorite

  • Georgia Hall

    group a

  • Patricia Thomas

    This is really a new arena for me, just began machine embroidery this past year. Since it is so new, I’m not quite sure what I am looking for. But, view “B” catches my eye when I look at all of them together. So, for that reason alone, I would say “B”.

  • Rinda

    Group A. Love blues and browns together!

  • Clearly Young

    I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or
    did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to construct my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. kudos

  • Marilyn

    I like group C. It has more options.

  • Tiny

    I love E. I can add bling/gems or even fancy stitches after I use the fabric to make a beautiful blouse or tee. I’m a beginner so I have lots of ideas for the future.

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