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A Tiny Canvas

I’m intrigued by color, more specifically, embroiderers use of color. My initial thoughts regarding an embroidery project are to choose traditional color combinations. When I first designed the gift tag for the machine give-away contest, I saw variations of red and green. Red fabric, green or gold thread, gold fabric, red thread, etc. But once I started digging in my stash, I saw lots of new options. But it wasn’t my intent to ENTER the contest, I just had to provide the design and a sample or two. Good thing because it’s humbling to see what others have come up with.

So far there are some traditional color combinations that have arrived but we’ve spotted warm, autumn shades paired with free standing leaves, deep purple with mauve thread and silver, white and blue. Of course, many have added bling, confetti, beads, crystals and trims to make their entry stand out. What’s fun about this contest is the entry – it’s a tiny canvas that you can create in 10 minutes. Or you can stitch multiples in one hooping and just play to your heart’s content. And the bonus – you keep the gift tag and use it this holiday season! So you’re ahead of the game. And oh yeah, there’s another bonus, every entry gets a $5.00 coupon for product on our website. So basically, we reward you for entering – it’s our way to say thank you, we appreciate your time and effort. Here’s wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

This week we’re giving away The Denim Fashion Guide!  The Denim Fashion Guide includes 30 fantastic embroidery designs from my personal collection and Designer Denim, a step-by-step guide to embroider on denim. 

What do you want the Embroidery Santa to bring you this year?  Are you hoping for a new machine…or maybe more time to spend on your hobby?  Post your comment and you’ll be entered to win!

Last week we asked what your most memorable gift-making story is.  The winner of the one year subscription to Designs in Machine Embroidy Magazine is…Jean Hollis!

My most memorable gift was probably the reason I bought my first embroidery machine. My son and daughter-in-law were expecting our first grandchild, and I had wandered into my local sewing machine store to have some machine repairs/maintenance done. A Bernina Deco was running as I passed through and that was all it took to reel me in. I decided to start a baby quilt from embroidered fleece blocks as my first project and a gift for the new baby. By the time I had finished the initial planned embroidered blocks, a second grandchild had been born, and the first had graduated to a twin bed. Did I mention all the other gifts that interrupted the work on this initial project? Another 30 blocks had to be made to add to the outside of the quilt to make it large enough, which were alphabet blocks and personalization blocks in each corner. As I now have five grandchildren, ages 3 through almost 11, I cannot give one what I cannot give the others. Blanket #2 is started, blocks are cut for #3, with a list of what to sew, and #4 and #5 are only a dream!”

Congratulations, Jean! 




  • Bernie Webre

    Santa, please bring me an organized sewing room! We have just painted and recarpeted the room and it’s time to start moving everything back in. A professional organizer with a plan for efficient use of space. Bins, shelving, better lighting, filing storage, an ironing station – all would be greatly appreciated and would make the room functional. Sewing and embroidery would be SO much more fun and relaxing!
    Bernie Webre

    • Denise Holguin

      Hi Bernie,
      Oh how I can relate! I’m always asking for just one office supply– a bulldozer– to clear off my desk at the office. I keep waiting anxiously!

      Happy Stitching!

      Denise Holguin
      Managing Editor

  • penny kitzmiller

    I would give anything if Santa would bring me a new embroidery machine this year. One with a larger sewing field than my current 5×7. More fabric too!

  • VickiT

    I would love to get up on Christmas morning to see Santa brought me tons of fabrics from all the wonderful designers like Patyy Young, Sandi Henderson, Kate Spain, etc so that I could combine their gorgeous fabrics with my embroideries to make some fabulous quilts. If Santa was feeling even more generous, I’d LOVE a new embroidery machine since mine is now technically outdated and not being made any longer. OR even being supported anymore.

  • carroll

    For christmas I would love more time to sew. I can always use a gift card to spend at the fabric store. And another thing I want is to upgrade my software. I wish I could take more classes.

  • Lila W Smith

    The first quilt I made was for our only son. He was in his early 40’s and was so pleased with his over sized queen quilt. That was perhaps the best Christmas present ever. I had pictures of the 1 square from a fabric store and some measurements to go by and no written instructions. I can’t believe that I mitered all those corners and stitched in the ditch for quilting. I just didn’t know any better. It took me several months to do it and the next year I was dumb enough to make another one for my husband but used sashing. Got a little smarter. I had it commercially quilted with stippling – got even a little more smarter. I’m in the process of making a crazy quilt for myself and then I have 3 more to make for my daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren. I just need “Jeanie in a bottle” to keep the house work done so that I can sew and sew and sew.

  • Myrna Leard

    I would love for Santa to bring me lots of things, of course. But when I think about it, I have lots of things already and what I would really, really like is for Santa to give to the homeless, a shelter; to the hungry, three meals a day; to the suffering, some relief and to the war torn countries, some peace. You see, I have many things for which I am greatful and I look at the less fortunate of this world and I want to cry. If every quilter/sewer took the money they usually spend on a quilt and gave to the poor people in their area, it would make for a much happier season.

  • Susan Spiers

    Absolutey more time! There’s never enough & the fun things get put on the back burner-bringing them to the front is what I would LUV for XMAS!

  • Rose

    I would like Santa to give me more time to finish the projects I have started. Maybe an additonal hand or two and maybe 48 hours in a day. A magic portion to keep me awake and go, go, going till I complete all my projects. Yes, that woud be grand!

  • Jacqui

    Dear Santa,
    I would really like one of those “fancy” embroidery machines so that I can do all the creative things I see in the DME magazine. I have an “entry level” machine which is nice, but I need to broaden my embroidery horizons! I need to feed my obsession. I will leave you some cookies and milk!

  • Carol Seavitt

    Thread….I LOVE THREAD….and if Santa would be so kind to give me a complete set of embroidery thread….what a blessing this would be.

    • Denise Holguin

      Yes, I love thread too! It’s like an artist’s paint palette or a new box of crayons– full of possibility for creative expression.

      Denise Holguin
      Managing Editor

  • Marsha

    I just can’t get enough fabric!! So I’m hoping for some gift certificates to some of my favorite quilt shops so I can add to my stash. Not that I need more fabric, but the colors and the feel of the cloth just makes me happy. If I’m down in the dumps I just go look at the fabric and touch it. The blues are gone. So please Santa, gift certificates. Marsha

  • melissa

    I have picked out a bunch of thread that Santa could bring me and I would LOVE!!

  • Gail Beam

    I need Santa to bring me more space and organizing skills for my sewing area! Of course a new embroidery/sewing machine with a bigger hoop capability would be nice too!!

  • Starr Kanikeberg

    For Christmas I would love to be able to spend a day with all the women of my family before me (and my Grandfather, the tailor too). As with most past generations my family sewed out of necessity and love. Through lives in other countries, immigration to America, wars, depressions, and the good times the women of my family have sewed on.
    They would see that many of the items they’ve lovingly sewn in the past, such as Christmas stockings and quilts, have been carefully passed down through the family. They would see their old sewing machines (4) in my home, though not in use. My Mother would see that I still use her pinking shears,(1951), and my Grandmother’s pincushion. My new sewing/embroidery machine and serger would awe and delight them.
    Sometimes as I’ve sewn, I think of what hours of great joy sewing has brought me and and know that all the women of my family would approve.