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Video Debut

On October 24th, I was on the road with my sister, Marie Zinno leading a Stitching Sisters event in Springfield, MO at BSew Inn. Back at the ranch (the office of Designs in Dallas), my assistant (okay the woman who makes many things happen here at Designs) was taping a video about my new Stipple! Collection, Ho Ho Holiday. She did this entirely on her own. Set up the tripod, pushed record and then flawlessly stepped in front of the camera and let loose with perfect diction and a thorough understanding of the Stipple! process (she doesn’t even embroider).

She managed to commandeer a technical professional, Roy Garland, to edit her masterpiece. And then showed the final cut to me – via YouTube. I was blown away. I had no idea she was capable of producing a video with such enthusiasm. Or that she even had the desire to do it. She’s watched me on camera countless times – and I imagine bored beyond tears – in her editing responsibilities. But to have the gumption and guts to do it on her own, well, I couldn’t be more impressed.

And I’m enjoying watching the views climb daily – today, her video is over the 4000 mark! That’s awesome – and it’s her first! Check it out by clicking on the video above. Denise has been here at Designs for over 8 years and has mastered many skills – but I never would have predicted this one! Good for her – and great for Designs to have her.

So this week when I’m in Tampa at another Stitching Sisters event, I wonder what she’ll do. Maybe I should put a padlock on the sewing studio…or maybe, I should put a trail of M&Ms leading into the sewing studio. And then she’ll start to embroider! And I can stay in Florida for a few extra days of sun and fun. Nah, I guess I’ll be back in the saddle on Monday!

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  • Mary Gordon

    She did a fabulous job!! I like the way she arranged the samples going down one continuous cloth instead of flipping samples around, it looked so logical and organized. Very nice presentation.


  • Mary ann Grubb

    I am going to fix the elastic in my dress slacks.. it was put in wrong and needs to be adjusted,, I have turned them up to where they won’t be to long,, gonna fix that also.