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Multi-Needle Monday: Personalized Baby Bloomer

This week on the Multi-needle Monday blog we will discover how easy it is to hoop a pair of baby bloomers or diaper covers. The standard 4×4 embroidery hoop is used along with the Children’s Perfect Placement Kit to guide you as to where to place the embroidery.bloomer1bl


Step 1. Press the bloomers and place the template labeled Bloomer/Diaper Cover on the back portion of the bloomer. Align the stitched seam within the center of the template. Slide a target sticker in the center hole opening and remove the template.bloomer2bl


Step 2. Place the bottom section of the hoop into the bloomers with a piece of tear away stabilizer; position the top section of embroidery hoop on top bloomers. Keep the target sticker centered in the hoop frame.bloomer4bl



Step 3. Attach the hoop to the embroidery machine with the bloomer opening at top of frame. Use the jog keys to line up the target sticker’s crosshair with the needle bar.bloomer7bl

Step 4. Embroider the name or monogram. The font shown is the Dot Font which is included in Children’s Perfect Placement Kit.bloomer8bl

  • Tear away stabilizer is used unless the diaper cover/bloomers have some type of stretch fabric content. Use a poly mesh cutaway if the fabric contains some stretch.

Children’s Perfect Placement Kit contains two complete alphabets, 16 templates and target stickers along with helpful stabilizer and embroidery size recommendations.

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  • Kris

    OK, how did you keep the stitching from sewing both layers? On my embroidery machine I would have to somehow get the bottom layer out from under the hoop. With the elastic on the opening that may be quite a challenge

    • marie zinno

      Remember this project is for the multi-needle machine, which has a tubular ability. The bloomers slide over the bobbin throat.

  • Gandara

    That’s a pleasure to see your post and finally clarify myself.

  • Magen

    What kind of embroidery machine is best to buy for embroidering baby bloomers? I’m a stay at home mom and would love to do something like this to make extra money. 🙂