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Alignment and Placement Continuous Embroidery

Continuous machine embroidery using alignment marks

Now that you’re all excited about stitching continuous designs on your embroidery machines, here’s a few of my favorite methods that we’ve discussed in the past: Continuous Applique with Stipple Seashells.

And: Continuous Embroidery – Simple Steps for all Embroiderers

Or my latest easy method is to add Alignment Marks in our new software program, Perfect Alignment. I just open my design, click on the Alignment Mark icon and add the marks where I need them. I save the edited design and send it to the embroidery machine.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Then when I’m at the embroidery machine, I just stitch the first design. Then move the fabric to the next area and position the needle at the top corner of the design.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

If the needle is not exactly lined up with the Alignment Mark on the fabric, then I just move the design in the machine or move the fabric (so easy to do when using Snap-Hoop).

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

I find that alignments give me the confidence to stitch multiple designs and know that they will connect. Since they are stitched on the fabric, I don’t have to worry about them getting dislodged (like adhesive target stickers) during the rehooping process. And I can walk away from the project and come to it at anytime and know exactly where to stitch the next design.

I used this technique in my latest book, Machine Embroidered Quilting & Applique.  I found that adding the alignment marks to the designs that are included in the accompanying CD really helped simplify the process of continuous borders and quilt designs. I’m really excited about this new book – it’s been over a year in the making! The big reveal will be next week at Quality Sewing in Puyallup, WA where my Stitching Sister and I are tackling our largest event ever! We’re so excited to meet, connect and share with over 150 embroiderers in this two-day hands-on event. Attendees will see many gorgeous samples from the pages of Designs and my new book!

Our friends at Quality Sewing are pretty excited about this event too – in fact, they’ve been digging around for some trivia information about Marie & I. Click here to see what they’ve uncovered!

(Stitching Sisters Image Gallery – see past events)

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Want to win a copy of Perfect Alignment software? Just leave a comment telling me what embroidery machine you own and you’ll be entered to win this week’s contest.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Achieve perfect sizing & placement with Perfect Alignment Software: Using your favorite embroidery hoops—like Magna-Hoop, Quick-Snap and Snap-Hoop just got easier!

•Auto fit embroidery designs to fit most hoops with just a click of a button.
•Now you can size, place and align embroidery designs for custom embroidery layouts quickly and easily.

View the video demo for Perfect Alignment.

Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Last week we asked you what your favorite home decor blank was to stitch on.  The winner of the $100 shopping spree to Urban Threads is…Rachel Phillips who said:

“I love to embroider on towels (my sons bathroom is done in all sorts of rubber duckies from urban threads). I also embroidered on his sheets, curtains and framed a couple of designs for his pirate bedroom. His friends all love it and I get ‘orders’ from the all the time to embroider stuff for them!”

Happy Stitching!

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  • Gina

    I would LOVE to win this! I have a Brother PE770 and it’s so difficult for me to line borders up between being a beginner, having clumsy hands, and the 5×7 hoop, lol! (Btw, will you ppllleeeaaassse make a Snap Hoop for the PE770?) I dream of making sheets and a matching bedskirt but I know I’d ruin them. I really think I could do it with this product. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Eileen Roche

      Gina, you’re in luck! I just approved the prototype of Snap Hoop for the Brother PE770. Look for it in a few months!

    • norma buzzell

      are talking about the snap hoop, they have been out for a while and sold for 139.00 up to 179.00, all depends what size you want, i found them on ebay last night and listed for the brother pe770, i have the same machine

    • Mary Hodgkinson

      My matchine is a singer LX420

  • Margaret Pepper

    I have the Brother 4500D Duetta. I really love this machine. Compared to my old ULT2003D It is a dream! I have trouble with borders, so this would really help me if I were to win it.
    Thanks for giving your readers the opportunity.

  • Shannon Margaret

    I would so love it if you made a snap hoop for the Brother Innovis 2800D and the Janome MC200E. I have major major problems when doing borders…in fact, I avoid them. It upsets me that there are so many wonderful things that have borders I could be making but don’t. But I have these two machines and I would love to be able to have snap hoops and this program to help me create wonderful things. Thanks….Shannon Margaret

    • Eileen Roche

      Hi Shannon, we’ll have a 5″ x 7″ Snap-Hoop available for the 2800D in a few months. You’ll love how easy it is to stitch borders with this new hoop!

  • Carole Corn

    I would like to have the ‘Perfect Alignment software’ I own a Viking Designer Ruby, and it has pretty good alignment things on it, but having a useful addition is always helpful! I am a newbie and need all the help I can get.
    Carole Corn

  • Martha Hubbard

    I have a Baby Lock Esante ESE2. I bought it used as a treat to myself. I learn more each time I have a project, whether embroidery or straight sewing. I also appreciate getting Eileen’s Blog as an email — keeps me up to date and is a reminder to keep informed about all that is new in this industry. Thanks so much…Martha

  • Kathy Schmidt

    I am the very proud owner of the Viking Diamond machine…
    it was my Christmas present to myself just over a year+ ago and have never regretted it!!! I previously owned a Designer 1, which I am teaching my dear sister-in-law how to use. We have had a few funny & wonderful sewing days together & are looking forward to many more.

  • Sue Anderson

    I have a beautiful Brother Innovis 4000D and a Brother 300.

  • Dorothy Reitsma

    I have a Pfaff 7570 and would love to have this software since my hoops are small and everything needs to be aligned. I see many things I would love to make but haven’t dared try. Thanks so much.

  • Linda

    I have a Brother Quattro 6000D. I was fortunate, and took advantage of the opportunity to buy it when I attended your two-day event in Atlanta this past January. I love my machine, and hardly a day goes by that I’m not using it on a project. I’ve come a long way since January…with much credit going to your lessons. Thanks!

    • Eileen Roche

      Hello Linda! You’re stitching everyday! That’s awesome!

  • Shirley R

    A Babylock Ellegante BLG, updated to V4. I love Babylock machines. They are beautiful machines and a dream to operate.

  • Paule-Marie

    I have a Babylock Ellisimo – love it. (and I still have my Pfaff 7570 – It lives in my car so I am all ready for classes and open sew days)

  • Sandi Voeltz

    It would be great to win this software! I own a Brother Innovis 4000D.

  • Jackie

    I have a Designer SELE and Designer 1 and even though I’ve been embroidering for the last 5 years I have never done a continous machine embroidery design because of fear of not getting it lined up correctly. I’ve been purchasing these designs, look at them often but still haven’t tried it. The new software looks like it would be so easy to use.

  • Suzanne

    Hi I own a Babylock Elissimo and I do a lot of continues boardersn on things such as pillow cases and sheet edges. They take a lot of planning and setting up to get the correct. I think this software would make it a lot easier to do. Hopefull I have a chance to win it. Thank you Suzanne

  • Gail Beam

    I have a Designer 1 and would love to win this software! I have never been able to do continuous designs so that they match up!! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your alignment software!

  • Nancy

    I have the Singer Futura. Would love to win the perfect alinment software. Will it work on my machine?

  • Katrina H

    Hi Eileen,
    I won last week’s Machine Embroidery on Difficult Materials but haven’t gotten an email confirming this. My email is katrina_hertzer2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com thank you! Katrina

  • Mary Anne

    I sew on a Babylock Ellageo. This is the third one I’ve owned. I was “gifted” with a Bernina 440, but I don’t sew on it. My Ellageo is a trooper!

    I’m sure I would learn alot if I won the Perfect Alignment Tool!

  • Betsy

    I own a Viking Diamond but have always had difficulty with alignment. Your software sounds so easy to use….especially with the Snap Hoop. Is the Snap Hoop available for the Diamond?

    • Eileen Roche

      Hi Betsy, there are two Snap-Hoops available for the Designer Diamond: 120×120 and a 260×200.

  • Kathi Miller

    I have two embroidery machines. Both are Bernina’s – a 440QE and an 830LE. Would love to win the Perfect Placement software!

  • Mitzi

    I have a Bernina 730E, and a Snap Hoop and a Magna-Hoop, but still lack confidence in putting it all together on the kind of larger projects I dream about. Would love to win the perfect alignment software to take the mystery out of making things line up right.

  • Valerie Usowicz

    I have a Pfaff 2170 and would really enjoy having the Perfect Alignment software. It would be wonderful to have the Snap Hoop for this machine also, but I don’ think one is made for it yet. I’m learning about embroidery a little at a time and love the tips you share with everyon. Thanks.

  • Cecilia

    I own a Bernina 440QE and I love it. I haven’t done very much embroidery work with it yet. I’m not very confident about my ability to do continuous embroidery yet. Thanks for the chance to win this software. It would help me to gain the confidence I need.

  • Alice M

    I have a pfaff creative vision and would love to win this.

  • Michelle Farque

    I have a Janome 10001. This is my first embroidery machine and I love it!!! I am learning so much!!!! I would love to win this software to conitue learning and creating!

  • SJ

    I have an old D1 and an Ellegante that I inheirited.

  • Cindy McCord

    Hi Eileen. I hope you and Marie are doing well. I have a Bernina 730. Believe it or not, I’ve just finished embroidering 22 hand towels for Christmas presents…..yes, Christmas presents!! I want to have my Christmas presents done early this year so I can enjoy the holidays and not be stressed out trying to get everything done at the last minute. I used some of the fonts from your Monograms for the Home and your Perfect Towel Kit and they turned out beautiful!! Keep up the great work and congratulations on your new book. I love your products because they make embroidery so much fun!

    • Eileen Roche

      Hi Cindy! Christmas towels! Are you kidding me? Very impressive. I think we should contact your family and tell them this year’s celebration has been to…July! Because you’ll be ready!

  • Diana

    I’m a newbie but have two machines now, a Babylock Ellageo Plus and a Singer Futera SES2000. Yes sometimes I have them both going at the same time. I keep telling my husband I need to retire so I can finish all my projects in time for Christmas. Love your Magazine and website, they keep my project list growing and growing.

  • Lovelle

    I have a Janome 350E machine. I am still learning and still learning to get the design straight. I measure and measure and still some designs are not straight…but my two older girls will say it is nice…they are so sweet.

  • Carol Seavitt

    Designer Diamond is my machine (love it love it love it) and I still consider myself a novice with alignment. Completed my daughter’s prom dress and was off just a bit with the design on the bodice — no one noticed but me. Alignment is always just a bit tricky for me.

  • Emma P

    The Pfaff CV is the machine I have; as well as an older Bernina
    330 embroidery only. Endless embroidery is a favorite; any help would be an improvement for my stitch-outs.

  • Donna G.

    What a great giveaway! I have a Babylock Elissimo and would love to win this! Design alignment is such an art.

  • Celeste

    I’ve got a Janome 350e that is currently being used to make summer patches for my 4 year old nephew. We’re going to a cabin by Yellowstone National Park this year and I’ve been putting patch outline stitches around cowbow themed designs by eye using hoop hash marks. I’d love to have the software and learn to control the stitchout for perfect alignment. Happy Memorial Day, and take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices our troops have gone through to keep us safe and free.

  • Cheryl

    I have a Designer SE and would love to win this. I’m never confident of my ability to line things up “just so” and this sounds as if it would be a huge help. Love your magazine and all the extras! Keep it coming.

  • Cassie

    Oh this sounds just like what I need! This actually makes me think I might could accomplish this on my Brother PE-770. I am a newbie in the embroidery world, have learned so much from your blog and I am hoping to upgrade to a bigger machine by Christmas. I recently tried to do a border on a project and this did not turn out as well as I hoped. It was very frustrating so I think this would really help me. I am excited, will look into this regardless if I am win or not. Thanks for sharing your knowledge again.

  • sharon

    Being a newbie to ME, I sure have a lot to learn and this blog is a wonderful tool. Continuous borders is a dream of mine. So far my PE 770 and I have not had any success. One way or another I will get this software. 🙂

  • Jan Sanders

    I have the brother Innoves 4500D and love it but this continuous borders would be a great help with borders. Sure would love to have this!!!!

  • Marcia

    With Perfect Alignment software, I could finally do continuous borders on my Babylock Ellisimo.

  • Jennie Nix

    I have the Designer Diamond. and have a horrible time with it. I got it new for Christmas in 2009, it has really made me wonder why I didn’t get an industrial machine for the amount of cost.. I love it but it is an like an unruly child. DD just will not do her best, most of the time. The cutter does not work properly ( and has been worked on by the HV store tech) and the back of the embroidery always looks like a rats nest with the loops and uglies underneath. It shreds the thread really bad, also. I am very disappointed with my DD… anyway she is mine and I guess I will have to deal with it. I like the idea of the Perfect Alignment software. I have a little trouble aligning my designs. so hopefully I could learn to align endless embroidery and give it a try.

  • annette hartley

    i would love to win this Alignment Software just purchased Ruby last week never had a colour screen etc to work on and would really love to nail this endless embroidery.

  • Sharon Folkestad

    I don’t know what I would do without my embroidery machines. I have a Husqvarna/Viking Rose and a Husqvarna/Viking Platinum 30. I love both of them. I use them for making gifts and sewing for my 3-year-old grandaughter. I would love to win the alignment software.

  • Suzanne Thebeau

    I have the Viking Platinum Plus emb/sew – LOVE IT! and would LOVE the Perfect Alignment software too!

  • Janet

    I have the Brother Quattro 6000 and love it, but I’ve shied away from continuous borders in the past!

  • Calla

    I have the Brother PE770. I don’t have any software yet that will help with continuous embroidery. Trying to get things lined up without the placement marks is taking a shot in the dark!!
    You may get it close, but not “perfect”.

  • Anna

    Hi there, I hope I am not too late to enter, I have the Janome 9700. I am thinking of trying to add my own alignment marks through my software. I think this will take some practise though, nothing I really want to keep when I start. Thanks Anna

  • Claudia Pence

    I have a Babylock Ellegante BLG, which has been upgraded. This is the fourth embroidery machine I have purchased and I absolutely love it. I have been embroidering for some time now,but would love to try continuous embroidery. Your designs are so wonderful. The blog has helped a lot also because you always have GREAT tips.

  • Dyane Frig

    I just got an Ellisimo Gold. Love the tips on your blog. Would love to work on continuous embroidery.

  • Judy Young

    I am really interested in learning about registration lines because I want to do continuous line embroidery that looks good. J

  • Sandy Shanahan

    I have a Babylock Ellure. I would love to be able to learn how to do continuous embroidery. I love your website, you have so many great ideas. Thank you!!!

  • Marie Wagenaar

    I have a Brother PC-8500 (5×7 hoop) is there a Snap Hoop for my machine?

  • Trish Keefer-Higdon

    I have tried many times to do the continuous embroidery without great success so this would be a great item for me to win. I own the BabyLock EMP6 – a little old but surely can’t afford a new one since this one works so well. I embroider only for family and nothing for which I charge. This is a hobby, NOT a business for me, but I love it when I am wearing something and get comments like “Where did you buy that?”

  • Jill Metcalf

    I just purchased the magna hoop D for my Designer 1 sewing machine and can’t wait to use it. I’d dearly love the alignnment software because I’m wanting to learn how to do continuous designs and could use the extra help in placing my designs correctly. I’m very disappointed that I do NOT have the opportunity to buy the bigger hoops that are offered for other machines because you don’t have one made for Viking Designer 1 sewing machines. I’d buy one in a heartbeat if I could! I use 3D Professional software for my embroidery sewing machine.

  • Delories Still

    I have a babylock Ellegante 2 and the continues hoop but haven’t had the nerve to try it.

  • Norma

    I have a PR620 and Babylock Ellisimo. I appreciate and enjoy all the awesome work that you do.

  • Jane

    I have a Bernina 440. I haven’t done much embroidery on it yet, but I have a project that includes a large border. I’m really looking forward to reading your posts now that I have found you! I’ve been looking for ways to get into the machine embroidery, and I think your just the ticket! Thanks!

  • Francine R Mollica

    Hi Eileen,
    I’m a big fan of your products and have purchased so many, including most recently your new snap hoop for the Bernina – I have a 730E. I also got the Perfect Alignment software, and am confused though about how to get it to work properly on my computer. Seems that I can’t get alignment marks on individual designs and then line up the inner corners as shown in one of the examples. When I have two designs/repeats on the screen and hit the alignment mark feature, it treats the design as one whole design, not two individual ones, and places marks on the outer sides only. Do you have any further training information beyond what comes with the software that might help me, as well as further written info for the snap-hoop? I was advised that I could not return software, so I’m trying hard to figure out the Perfect Alignment software. Also recently ordered Deborah Jones new book and looking forward to receiving it!
    Thanks very much,
    Fran Mollica

  • Martha Mauhar

    I would Like to know if you have videos on some of these subjects?
    I have the Ellisimo and I bought the 4 disc tutorial pack with Pam Meshei. I do not like them for they goway to fast for beginners and you can’t learn anything.I bought the Elieen and Nancy CD and was very showed more of them then what they were trying to teach in the cd.
    I just want to get some good info on things and haveing to pay good money we should get good videos.
    I’m like Fran, you keep buying paoples products that will actually want to show you how to do something besides sale their product, for us who can’t go to the SEWING EXPOS

  • Martha Mauhar

    I would Like to know if you have videos on some of these subjects?
    I have the Ellisimo and I bought the 4 disc tutorial pack with Pam Meshei. I do not like them for they goway to fast for beginners and you can’t learn anything.I bought the Elieen and Nancy CD and was very showed more of them then what they were trying to teach in the cd.
    I just want to get some good info on things and haveing to pay good money we should get good videos.
    I’m like Fran, you keep buying peoples products that will actually want to show you how to do something besides sale their product, for us who can’t go to the SEWING EXPOS.

  • Christine Raya

    Just started a new adventure in sewing, embroidery. I have hand embroidered, but now I have a Brother Innovis Duetta 4500d and I need to learn how to use it. I feel confident that I will succeed, but it is wonderful to have a blog to help me out when I get stuck or have a question.

  • Juney Cole

    I have a Brother PR-620 as of 3/14/12. I am a NEWBEE to this industry as an actual Embroidery Artest. I have alway LOVED Embroidery, but am a TECKIE and have always wanted a high tech machine. Now I have one and I would love to win this! I have been researching digitizing software and see that the trend of continous embroidery is essential. Also, what is your favorite digitizing software?

  • gayle Hill

    I would love this continuous embroidery software as I have a Brother 750D embroidery machine with a 5 x 7 field. It would be really great to have this software to help me get the right placement of the design. Thank you for the chance to win such a great giveaway.

  • bonnie fullmer


    Could the perfect alignment software be used with the Brother Ult. The only beginning needle positions is allows are in the center and lower left hand corner. Thanks

  • Sarita

    I do an old Designer1 updated to USB, Janome 11000, and a Brother ULT 3, but will love to win the software, it will make my life much easier to have the designs aligned!

  • betty malicoat

    I have a bernina deco 650.will the software perfect alignment work on this machine?

  • Jill C

    I have a Janome Horizon MC12000. Always struggle with alignment. Would love a sure fire way of obtaining accuracy. Your instructions/education are always right on target.

  • Ruby White

    I have a Designer 1. Would love to win the Perfect Aligment software.

  • Linda Blankenship

    I have a Brother Duetta 4500 and I’m having lots of fun with this machine. I do not have software for the computor but would love to find a program that’s affordable. I am now retired and doing some of the things that I put off while I was working.

  • Lori Hernandez

    I own a Brother 2500D. I traded up from a Brother 950D. Hopefully I will be able to trade up again in the fall.I love my macine, I makes sewing a dream. I’m teaching myself how to sew, and have so much fun with the embroidery. I just wish I would have paid more attention to my mom all those years ago.

  • Barbara

    I have a Brother Elegante. I would love the alignment software. I got the machine last year and really love it every time I use it.

  • Inge Spang

    I have a Pfaff Creative Sensation and have found the alignment marks great for combining continuous border designs to create new designs not necessarily creating an border. Think out of the box.

  • Louise Mitchell

    I have a Brother 780D.It’s my first embroidery machine and I’m having fun learning about it. I do not have software for the computor but would love to find a program that’s affordable. I’m retired and spend lot’s of time in my

  • Barbara Arnold

    I have a Brother SE400, this machine is great for its price. I learned a lot on this machine and I am trying to learn about software/digitizing. My hoop is 4×4 and I quickly learned about the need for a larger hoop. I really enjoy new challenges and trilled at the outcome of what I have accomplished.

  • Linda Evans

    That would be an alsome gift to win, I have PFAFF Creative 4.0.

  • Michelle James

    Brother pe770. I am in love and very addicted to embroidery, I hope I win!

    michelle (aka Mikki)

  • annette bogle

    I have a brother pe425, lol not a 400 or 550 but a new 425, i think it has maybe 12 more designs on a cd.

    I am a beginner mechine embroiderist, but have been sewing for many many years, i ordered a bigger hoop, a lot off 100 spools of embroidery thread, and would really love to win this software, from what ive seen, i believe that i could really benefit from this software.

    I have enjoyed looking at your website and have learned a few things so keep up the good work and thanks!

  • LaNae

    I am new to embroidery, and have the Brother SE-400, since I can only use the 4×5 hoop this program would be awesome. I would love to do bigger designs but am scared I will mess them up.

  • Irma Clements

    I would love to have the alignment guide as I am getting older and find it harder to align embroidery.It would be wonderful to have some help.I love my embroidery and hope old age does not stop me.I love your column and look forward to reading it.

  • Nancy Hamersky

    I would love to have this software! My machine is a Baby Lock Ellegante 2.

    • Irma Clements

      I would love to win this, I have a Janome 350e and have difficulty keeping things straight ,I sometimes think how good it would be to have a device like that.

  • Rena

    I would definitely not recommend these as ways to break the ice however.
    Celebrity impersonations, musical gags, and the use of props are just some of the things that
    you could do in your routine. After you do
    all this, you are ready to start performing in front of people for money.

    • Barbara Arnold

      I have a Brother SE 400, in search of advancement. Want to learn more about software, alignments, larger hooping. I have been practicing embroidery on my sewing machine and I am ready for the next steps. Ready to move up in my skills. I appreciate any information available to assist me. Ready for Action.

  • Laurie Beaulieu


    I have a Brother 780D and I know that this is just a beginner machine but I hope this software will work and that I can purchase the hoop that was discussed in your article (Snap Hoop). If this specialty hoop does fit on my machine please let me know and where I can purchase it.

    Thank you

  • Dennis Howard Kyne

    Brother PR1000E

  • Susan Ashcraft

    ult 2003d

  • Sarita

    Would love, from the bottom of my heart, winning the Perfect Alignment Software, it will help me a lot on making embroideries to fit, especially that all the products from DIME are great, ask me how I know it. Also thanks for the opportunity of having one of them free, even though might or not win.

  • Irma Clements

    I would love to have the Perfect Alignment software, I have a Brother 1250D which has a border hoop with it.I am now in my 70’s and have difficulty keeping things straight.

  • Christy

    Eileen, I have the Bernina 200E. The Perfect Alignment software would be a great addition and would help perfect my embroidery projects. I haven’t been very successful in the past, pretty much a hit or miss but the software video I watched the other day seems to simplify the process, maybe I can finally achieve great results using it.
    Love your magazine, videos, and tips and tricks. Every little bit I can learn gets me closer to becoming a better embroiderer. Keep up the great work!

  • Kathy Poole

    I’d love to have this perfect alignment. It would be a wonderful addition to my sewing studio.

  • Meena

    Hello, I have brother’s PE 770. I have a design of spiral but when I converted that to stitches and send to the machine using USB. my spiral is not symmeterical…Please help me and guide me how can I improve this. Plllleeeaaassseee help me. If you want I can my design in .jpg or . png or .dst or .pes…any format,,,where you can be able to help me…Thanks in advance…

  • 18x24 poster printing

    Hi! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. You have done a extraordinary job!


    I own a Bernina and took your monster snap hoop class at BU in Nashville, I so enjoyed your class and using the snap hoop was wonderful, everyone should have one, if you need to do any kind of rehooping projects EASY,EASY
    Keep the Great Ideas Coming!

  • Rita Williams

    I have a brother se-400, I recently ordered this item & I am having trouble trying to load it. Is my machine to small or is there a way to get it to work that I am missing. HELP

  • Paula Hendrickson

    I own a Bernina 730 Artista
    I would love to win the perfect placement, I’m about ready to embroider a continuous design around the hem of a dress for my niece. I have not been embroidering long and have no idea how to do this. I think this software would be a godsend

  • Rhonda Wade

    I am new at machine embroidery. I have enquired about perfect placement hooping at the store that I purchased my machine through. The only time they have those classes are in the day time and I work days and am not able to attend. I have a granddaughter and a new great niece that I would like to embroidery clothes for put need help on placement. I would love to win this perfect placement program to help me get started. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment, Rhonda Wade

  • Rhonda Wade

    I am so sorry, I forgot to mention that I have the Elegant 3 Embroidery Machine.

  • Irma Clements

    371 Adelaide Park Rd
    Box 566 Yeppoon . I love your articles, they are so informative and clear .
    I have a Brother 1250D and as I am getting older find it harder to align patterns. I would love the alignment software. Irma

  • Jan

    I would love to win a copy of Perfect Alignment. I have a Brother Dreamweaver XE (Innovis VM6200D.) I am just learning how to do continuous embroidery. This software would be wonderful to have.

  • Linda Williams-Jasper

    I have a Brother PE770; winning this software would be a dream come true!!!! I am new at this and I can’t express my frustration with trying to align designs by hand. Please, please, please pick me!

  • May Lesko

    I sure would love to win the Perfect Alignment. I have the Baby Lock Destiny.

  • Carolyn Brown

    I have a Brother PE770 and would love to win Perfect Alignment..I am new to embroidery and LOVE IT . 🙂

  • judy

    I have an innovis 2800d and would love to learn how to do larger designs when it involves rehooping. I have the large hoop for my machine, but no extra software. I am looking at some digitizing software, made by Brother, but have no idea what is in my best interest, using the PES format, of course.

  • Daniel Shingleur

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    I have a Janome 500 that I have really put to the test! I embroider towels for Craft Shows as a supplement to my income (I am retired). I would love to be able to do a continuous pattern for other projects as well.

    • Debbie

      This software sounds great!
      I have a Brother Pr 1000. It’s a great machine but I need help with alignment! The snap hoops are on my wish list!

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