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Montavilla Sew & Vac

Marie and I, The Stitching Sisters, are mid-way through our six-city tour. Last week, we spent Friday and Saturday with our host, Montavilla Sew & Vac in Portland, OR. The event was held in the spacious classroom of Fabric Depot (a worthy destination for all sewers). It took a team effort to set up 28 top-of-the-line Baby Lock Ellisimos but we were ready for our 128 guests on Friday morning. The staff at Montavilla was a dream team, each member greeted their guests and escorted them to their assigned seats. They made an effort to treat each embroiderer like a guest in their home.

And the fun we had! Christy and Brett Moore (pictured here) lead the audience in the Baby Lock cheer – Baby Lock, for the love! (Ok, you had to be there to understand but it sure built team spirit.) After we taught how to probably hoop and verify placement with some of the Ellisimo’s unique features such as the camera, the whole room was cheering Baby Lock, for the love! Oh it was fun and educational. Marie and I worked hard and throughout the day our Jersey Girl attitudes came out of the closet! Hey, you can’t control 112 embroiderers in a meek and mild manner. But everyone stayed on track and we finished six hands-on projects on day one and six more on day two. Here’s a glimpse at some wonderful people we had the honor of teaching.

If you bought a machine, you were crowned with a feather boa and your team-mates were awarded a free collection of Kriswell embroidery designs. The whole Montavilla team got in the mood – sporting boas and crowns when one of their team members purchased a machine.

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  • Rhonda Gillette

    I just ran across this old post. I wasn’t a subscriber yet to this blog until just a month or so ago. So I missed this. I’m about 2 hours from Portland and my favorite store of all places Fabric Depot. I wish I had known about this activitey and I would have made the trip to particapate. If your ever heading there again, I’d love to know about it.

  • Judy

    Does anyone know where to buy heavy terry cloth or heavy looped cotten to use for a beach towel?

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