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Have you read the interviews of the Texas Sew Down speakers in the latest issue of Designs (March/April 2009)? I had so much fun reading the answers. You know, writing the questions was a pretty easy endeavor. I wrote a first draft and then sent those questions to my partner in crime, Denise Holguin. She cleaned them up and off we sent them to the speakers – Nancy Zieman, Mary Mulari, Deborah Jones and my sister, Marie Zinno. I didn’t really give it much thought until the answers started to arrive.

One by one they came in and I savored every one! I learned many things about each of these fine ladies and some of the comments made me laugh out loud while other responses brought tears to my eyes.

Let’s look at Nancy first – she was quite brave revealing that under those gorgeous blond locks lies a headful of gray hair. And she’s going to be a grandma! Wow – that’s a big milestone in her life. Her favorite mid-afternoon snack – popcorn! How upper Midwestern, don’tcha you know? Gotta keep those Wisconsin farmers in business.

The next time I have to clear a driveway, I’ll call Mary Mulari and tell her to bring her Toro Power Max snowblower. Apparently, she’s a pro at handling this big tough machine and good thing because her hometown of Aurora, MN gets 52″ of snow every year. In the middle of the afternoon, you’ll find Mary munching on one of America’s favorite snacks – chocolate chip cookies and milk.

Okay, truth be told, I am a huge Oprah fan. And I have eaten lunch with Deborah Jones once a week for EIGHT years and never heard this story. I had to read her interview to learn she embroidered letterman-style jackets for guests on Oprah’s show. Now that’s a really well-kept secret! Her afternoon snack – a bowl of Cheerios. Oh for heaven’s sake Deborah, at least wash the Cheerios down with chocolate milk.

Now I know Marie Zinno very well. After all, we’re sisters. Although she often tells me she’s proud of that she did happily reveal in the interview “she’s the ‘younger, more fun sister.” I laughed when I read that and then wept when I read her answer to the next question, “Describe your perfect vacation day”. She responded, “sitting on a beach on a tropical island holding my husband’s hand.” How sweet is that? I was her maid of honor, 17 years ago (okay, MATRON of honor), and the Zinnos are still quietly, madly in love. What she didn’t say was that if it was in the afternoon, her other hand would be holding a Double Stuf Oreo®!

So let’s see, if it snows on April 3-4, we’ll be in good shape because Mary can clear the parking lot. If MY gray hair starts peeking through, I can have Nancy make it magically disappear so I look my best for the Texas Sew Down. And to make sure the event gets the coverage it deserves, I’ll have Deborah Jones call Oprah and get us ALL on the Oprah show! And if I am too exhausted to go on stage, I can always count on Marie to entertain the troops since she’s the YOUNGER, MORE FUN SISTER!
I hope you’ll join us in Grapevine, April 3-4, ’cause we are planning on having one heck of a good time! There’s still time to make arrangements, just click here for more information or call the office at 888-739-0555.



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